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October 22, 2010

Perfect Plastic-Free Wooden Hairbrush

I’m in love with Life Without Plastic’s new plastic-free wooden hairbrush. Bald people, please don’t run away. This post has something for you too.

This is not the perfect hairbrush:

plastic hairbrush

My old beat up plastic brush has served me well for many years. I would continue to use it except that the little plastic balls on the ends of the plastic bristles are coming off, and without those balls, the bristles are murder on my hair. (Don’t worry. I have another use for the old plastic one. And it’s cute, as you’ll see at the end of this post.)

plastic hairbrush

So I went looking for another brush that wasn’t made of plastic and didn’t have little plastic balls to come loose in the environment. About a year ago, I bought this one.

It’s not the perfect brush either.

boar bristle hairbrush

I used that boar bristle brush maybe twice. I wish I could have tried it in the store before bringing it home. In addition to the fact that it’s an animal product, and nowadays I’m trying not to support the exploitation of animals, it just doesn’t work for me. It barely gets through my hair, just kind of grazing the surface.

Other wooden brushes I found came packaged in plastic boxes. Sure, I could ask the companies to send me a brush without the plastic, but most likely that plastic box would simply be tossed out on the seller’s end. So I was excited when Jay from Life Without Plastic contacted me to let me know about his new completely plastic-free hairbrush made from wood and natural rubber. He shipped me one to try out. I didn’t have to ask for no plastic packaging because Jay doesn’t use it.

This is the perfect hairbrush:

natural wood hairbrush with wood bristles

The bristles are made from wood, not plastic or animal sources, embedded in a natural rubber base. The brush is manufactured in Germany, so it comes quite a distance to North America, but I’m planning on having mine for a long time.

natural wood hairbrush with wood bristles

The brush works beautifully and actually feels like a cross between a comb and a brush. The wood bristles detangle well and give your scalp a massage at the same time. In fact, Jay told me that he uses it for just that purpose since he doesn’t have much on his head that needs to be brushed.  (Here is Jay’s round head along with mine at the Green Festival last year.)

Jay Sinha

So, what about that plastic brush that I’m not throwing away? I may not like it, but I know a couple of critters who do. (Only with supervision of course. It’s not food, Arya!)

The Giveaway

Jay is giving away one plastic-free wood hairbrush to a lucky Fake Plastic Fish reader. To enter the contest, please leave a comment with your favorite natural, plastic-free personal care product. I’ll choose a winner next week and announce it on this page.

11/03/2010 Update: Virginia is the winner of the plastic-free wooden hairbrush and Tiffany Norton wins the boar bristle brush. Congratulations!

For those who would like to go ahead and order a brush now, Jay says that he is running low on brushes and expects a shipment in November. But please go ahead and order to add your name to the wait list. You’ll be notified as soon as the brushes arrive.

The Discount

In addition to giving away a brush, Life Without Plastic is offering a 10% discount to Fake Plastic Fish readers now through November 15 for every item on the site. Use coupon code: BETHWITHOUTPLASTIC. Life Without Plastic is one of the few companies that meets the standards for advertising on Fake Plastic Fish because every product they carry is carefully considered for its impact on the planet. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to email Jay and ask.


Do you want the boar bristle brush?  I really have only used it twice.  Let me know in the comments, and I’ll send it to you (or to the randomly drawn winner if multiple people want it.)  I want it to go to a good home, and I’m betting that there are people whose hair does better with boar bristles than mine did.  Maybe people with straight, sleek hair?

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109 Comments on "Perfect Plastic-Free Wooden Hairbrush"

Ms schambach
2 months 24 days ago

Hi where can I get this brush, assuming yours is already taken I am really interested in purchasing one! Love all your posts!

7 months 13 days ago

where can I buy it?

9 months 26 days ago

I have been using the same wood/boar brush (the square men’s kind, I have short hair) since my high school years, over 35 years ago. Still in perfect shape with a nice patina to the wood. Yes,it has boar bristles but these are a by-product after the pig was killed for meat, no one raises or kills hogs for their bristles, so no need to waste them.

10 months 2 days ago

A pity Jay’s one uses beeswax.  I’m looking for a vegan hair brush for thick wavy hair.

10 months 4 days ago

@cassy Hi Cassy.  I don’t have afro American hair, so I really don’t know.  That’s a good question.  Anyone else know the answer to this?

10 months 4 days ago

@sirisha No because I would rather not use animal products.

10 months 4 days ago

Assilem It still works great!

10 months 7 days ago

does a wooden brush work for tightly coiled really fine stranded but thick density afro american hair

1 year 7 months ago

did u consider ivory comb?

1 year 9 months ago

How is your brush holding up? I have a wooden brush (different brand) that needs replacing.

A little help please
2 years 9 months ago

But where can you BUY Jay’s brush? I can’t bloody well find it anywhere!

2 years 9 months ago

Did you click the link in the very first paragraph?  That is where you can buy it.

A little help please
2 years 8 months ago

Thank you! I was wondering if there is a stainless steel version of this, one that I can take in the shower with me? Something that  I can easily wash when it gets dirty… @BethTerry

4 years 6 months ago

Thanks for the feedback, Jay. : )

4 years 6 months ago

I love my wooden combs… by ArtisTree and Sierra Legacy! No thank you to this brush… because the way it’s designed, the ‘bristles’ lift from the base and pull out my hair. Widu Long Bamboo Bristle Brushes work very well!

4 years 6 months ago

I love scrubbing all over with a scrub made from sugar and oil – olive oil, almond oil, whatever is handy. Make a paste, scrub all over, rinse off. Okay, you have to clean the shower out afterwards! but it is worth it – your skin feels super soft and supple. If I have some coffee grounds, I throw them in too.

4 years 7 months ago

I want a wooden brush! My favorite natural product has got to be baking soda – it is one ingredient you can use all over your house as well as your hair and body (as a natural deodorant). I’m totally in love with my baking soda + water shampoo and use it every time I shower. #2 would be soapnuts, for another versatile item. I’m all for multifunctional products!

4 years 7 months ago

I would love this brush. I feel kind of embarassed because I am just starting out on my quest to replace the mass-produced plastic and junk in my life….everyone else seems to be a bit farther….but my fav non-plastic item?

My home-made shopping bags. I made a ton and I love love love going to the store and being able to refuse to take plastic bags for produce or groceries. We just moved to a new area and I finally live close enough to a farmer’s market that I can skip stuff from t he store altogether.

Thanks for helping me to get motivated and for enlightening me!

4 years 7 months ago

JR Liggets shampoo bar FTW! I also am totally in love with baking soda in a cardboard box for a variety of uses.

Oh, and the Lifefactory water bottles are also excellent.

4 years 7 months ago

My favorite plastic free personal care product is baking soda.

4 years 7 months ago

Awesome! I so want one of those brushes! I also need a plastic-free razor! Any ideas?
For me, I use shampoos bars and natural soaps from the farmer’s market. I also use Natracare pads. And I don’t wear make-up, so that eliminates a lot of plastic!