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Good-Bye Toshiba Laptop. Hello Secondhand Sony Vaio.

Posted By Beth Terry On November 29, 2010 @ 4:05 pm In Acquire Secondhand,Buy Refurbished,Electronics | 22 Comments

Toshiba satellite laptop computerDear Toshiba Satellite S105 Laptop Computer:

I’m sorry I never gave you a better name in the 9 years that we were together. I was so sad last week when I traded you in at CeX in Berkeley [1] for a bigger, faster, more powerful computer. For a second, I thought I might jump across the counter and grab you back from that sales dude who was checking all your buttons and parts to make sure you worked okay. I don’t think anyone else has had their hands on you except for Michael maybe and that computer doctor I brought you to a few times when you crashed. See? I loved you. I didn’t toss you away like most people would after two years.

With you, I learned to blog and create web sites and little Flash videos. Remember that stupid animation we made back in 2003 where we knocked off the Governator’s head with a baseball bat [2]? Good times. And better — you were there when Michael and I got married. You helped me make the DVDs we inflicted on our friends and relatives afterwards. But even then, the work was slow-going.

Toshiba, I need more from a computer now. Programs are bigger. File sizes are massive. Remember what a hard time we had at the BlogHer conference this past summer? It took an hour to upload pictures from my camera. Your memory isn’t what it used to be, even with the upgrades I gave you, and neither are your processing skills. But don’t worry. This is not the end of the road for you, my friend. Because instead of tossing you away as just more e-waste, I have sold you back to CeX to be refurbished and resold to someone who will appreciate what you have to offer. You’re still great for email and web browsing and other basic tasks.

Goodbye little friend.



P.S. I can’t believe I’m crying over a stupid computer. I must be hormonal. Or materialistic in a good way [3]?

Sony Vaio laptop computerDear secondhand Sony Vaio Laptop:

If I didn’t give the Toshiba a better name, I’m certainly not going to give you one.

It took a long time to find you. Why? Because I refuse to buy a brand new computer and add to the toxic waste stream resulting from our thoughtless over-consumption of electronics. Over the years, I upgraded my Toshiba and got the most use out of it I could.  Nine years is ancient in techno time. Then, I waited until I found the right secondhand computer. I searched Craigslist for months and never found what I wanted. Then, last week, walking past CeX, I saw you in the window. I couldn’t believe it. Your price was right. Your features were awesome. CeX paid me cash for the Toshiba so that you cost even less. And best of all: no plastic packaging waste. I took you home in my backpack. No padding necessary.

But you’ll have to prove yourself to me. Yes, we’re having fun now. But this is just the honeymoon stage. Are you going to hold up? One thing I notice is that you don’t get as hot as the Toshiba. That’s a good sign. Also? You don’t crash as much. Is that because of Windows 7?

Well, for better or for worse, you and I are a team. Are you ready to blog about plastic? Get ready to do a lot of that.  We’re writing a book on the subject, too!  (Oh, don’t feel bad. I know you are made from plastic. But you’re not brand new plastic, and secondhand is okay, according to the rules [4] of my No New Plastic game.)  You will be my only computer from here on out.  I’m giving my desktop computer to Michael.  His beat up Compaq is even older and slower than my Toshiba, and sadly, I don’t think he’ll get money for that one.  We’ll have to find an e-Steward recycler [5].

Technology is a beautiful and scary thing.  I’m trying to be responsible with it.  Sony Vaio, I hope you’ll hold up your end of the bargain.


Beth Terry (That’s Mistress Beth to you.)

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