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Did you miss TEDxGreatPacificGarbagePatch? Watch it all now!

Posted By Beth Terry On December 20, 2010 @ 8:00 am In Discussion Questions,Personal Musings,Videos | 12 Comments

[1] Finally!  The videos from the TEDx conference in L.A. last month [2] have been posted.   Here is my talk on living la vida sin plástico, as well as links to/descriptions of all the speakers and performers that day.  Learn how plastic affects people  across the globe, animals on land and sea, and what individuals, businesses, and communities can do about the problem.

(Video link: TEDxGreatPacificGarbagePatch – Beth Terry – Living Plastic Free [3]. Please click link to visit Youtube and view/rate/share this video with others.)

Topic 1: Plastic Pollution and Ocean Health

Captain Charles Moore: Ten Years Later, the Gyre is All Around Us [4]

Dianna Cohen (filmed at TED Mission Blue Voyage):  Tough Truths About Plastic Pollution [5]

Fabien Cousteau: Ocean Animals and Plastic Pollution [6]

Ben Lear: song performance [7]

Topic 2: Plastic Pollution and Terrestrial Animals

Bharati Chaturvedi: Not Just the Ocean — A Report from India (pre-recorded video not posted yet)

David Wernery: In The Desert – A Report from the United Arab Emirates (pre-recorded video not posted yet, but read the article about camels eating plastic in the desert [8] here.)

Topic 3: Plastic Pollution and Environmental Justice

Van Jones: Environmental Justice [9] (One of my favorite talks! I wrote this blog post about Van’s talk [10] the week I got home from the event.)

Suja Lowenthal, Vice Mayor of Long Beach: Growing Costs of Collection and Disposal [11] (Long Beach just passed its own plastic bag ban [12] less than two weeks ago!)

Monica Wilson: Waste, Justice, and Livelihoods [13]

Victoria Sloan Jordan: poetry performance [14]

Topic 4: Plastic Pollution and Public Health

Arlene Blum: Plastic Pollution in Our Homes [15] (Focusing on flame retardants)

Ken Cook:  Plastic Pollution in Our Bodies [16]

Jeanne Rizzo: The Breast Cancer Connection [17]

Stacy Malkan: Plastics Industry Makeover [18]

Topic 5: The Real Problem: Our Attitude

JD Russo: Awareness is Not Enough [19]

Chris Jordan: We Must Be The Change [20]

Fernando Pullum Jazz Band: musical performance [21]

Charlotte Weir:  Let’s Work for Solutions [22]

Topic 6: Awareness and Outreach:Leading by Example

Lila Roo: dance performance [23]

David de Rothschild: Tackling our Nature Deficiency Disorder [24]

Beth Terry: My Plastic-Free Life [3]

Jordan Howard: Organizing for Change [25]

Ed Begley, Jr: Living in a Sustainable Way [26]

Topic 7: Getting Business on Board

Andy Behar: Engaging Business Through Shareholders [27]

Andy Keller: Business and Industry – Part of the Solution [28]

Topic 8: Global Policy Initiatives

Lisa Boyle: Around the Globe — Policies That Work [29]

H.E. John Dramani Mahama: Ghana — A Success Story (pre-recorded video not posted yet)

Rose Mukankomeje: Rwanda’s Ban on Plastic [30]

Topic 9: Investing in the Future: Science, Research, & Technology

Aimee Christensen: Design for the Future [31]

Patrick Kenney: Stopping the Flow of Toxic Plastic [32]

Ellyn Maybe: poetry performance [33]

Announcing the Crapola Islands Project [34]

Ferris Thompson: Innovation through Entrpreneurship [35]

Closing Session: Four Challenges to Humanity

Daniella Russo: Global Policy Initiatives Introduction [36]

Erica Williams: To Individuals and Businesses: REFUSE disposable plastics [37].

Wallace J. Nichols: To Plastic Manufacturers: Take responsibility for your products; [38] develop alternatives; voluntarily cap non-biodegradable virgin resin products.

Leslie Taminen: To Policymakers: Develop policies that curb the irresponsible use of plastic; [39] protect the weak.

H.E. Stuart Beck, Ambassador of the Republic of Palau to the United Nations: To Plastic Manufacturers from the Ocean Nations [40]

Sylvia Earle: The Ocean is Connected to Everything [41]

Jackson Browne:   New song about plastic pollution [42].

12/21/2010 Update: You can now also watch the videos in the Plastic Pollution Coalition’s TEDx Talks video gallery [43].

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