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Is it Plastic? Find the Answers, Win a Prize

Posted By Beth Terry On January 29, 2011 @ 7:00 am In Contests and Giveaways,Interviews and Guest Posts | 26 Comments

I’m leaving for the East Coast again, and blogger Ruchi, aka Arduous [1], is filling in with a guest post.  But instead of giving answers, she has questions… for me.  But I’m getting on a plane in a few hours and don’t have time to answer them.  So that’s where you come in.  Read Ruchi’s post and find the answers to her questions. Some of the answers are here on this blog and some might require a bit of external research.  Read to the bottom of the post to find out how to enter the contest.

Ruchi ArduousWhen the Artist Formerly Known as Fake Plastic Fish emailed around asking if people would be willing to contribute a guest post, I was … flummoxed. See, I really wanted to help out. I did. But I had a problem. Anything and everything I know about plastic, avoiding plastic, wasting less plastic, etc, comes from … none other than Beth Terry, plastic-avoider extraordinaire. I mean, I COULD write some post about giving up zip-locs or not wasting plastic produce bags, or some such. But I’ve DONE that. The Artist Formerly Known as Fake Plastic Fish has DONE that. A gazillion times.

I have a lot of plastic problems. Now that I compost, it’s crystal clear just how much plastic I use (because that’s the majority of my trash.) And while it may not be as much as the average American (at least I hope it isn’t), it’s still a lot. Some of this plastic waste reflects conscious choices I have made. But some of it is unconscious.

You see, I think a big problem at hand is that plastic is so ubiquitous, that sometimes, we kind of forget what is and what is not plastic.

Take CDs for instance. They are shiny and look vaguely metallic, and I used to be able to recycle them with my work’s electronic recycling. But I know that they are, in fact, plastic.

Or take this face scrub [2] I once bought. I had no idea that it had hidden plastic in the actual scrub itself. Once I found out, I quickly stopped using it.

So in the end, I decided I wanted to write a post about what is plastic and what is not. I figured I could pose some questions: plastic or no. And then I’d get a very wise plastic zen master to answer my questions.

Except … how many plastic zen masters do I know?

Just one. Slaps Forehead.

Luckily for me, and for you, the honorable Beth Terry has decided that she is willing to answer my inane questions (and probably yours.)

So here we go.

1) Plastic or no? My silicone contact lenses?
2) Plastic or no? The tetra-pak soy milk?
3) Plastic or no? The non-tetra pak lemonade carton?
Side note, I’m assuming that the little spouty thing on the lemonade carton is plastic even if the body isn’t?
Side note two, why do they have the little spouty things on everything these days? Is it because of that Friends episode where Joey couldn’t open a milk carton?
Side note three, according to the not-very-helpful pictures on my compost bin, I’m still allowed to compost the lemonade carton. How am I able to do that if the spouty thing is plastic?
Side note four, why can’t SF recology make better pictures?
4) Plastic or no? My magazines?
5) Plastic or no? The glossy stuff on books?
6) Plastic or no? Confetti?
7) Plastic or no? Glitter?
8) Plastic or no? See the theme here with the confetti and the glitter is we ordered our wedding invitations recently. And they are super beautiful (and cloth). But they also have little doodads on them and I have no idea if they are plastic or not. Probably you have no idea if they are plastic or not either (at least not without looking at them.) How am I supposed to tell if little shiny things on my invitations are plastic or not?!
9) Plastic or no? Meltdowns? (This is more of an existential question.)
10) Plastic or no? Our planet?

I know. I’m heavy. I await your responses, oh Zen Master Terry.

*Sigh* I did promise Ruchi I’d answer her questions, but I just don’t have time. Will you help? You get one contest entry point for each correct answer you leave in the comments. And you get one extra bonus point for clicking the “Like” button on the new My Plastic-free Life facebook page [3]. (Leave a comment here and let me know you did it.) Please click the link even if you think you’ve already done it. What harm can it do?

What’s the prize? It’s a surprise. But I guarantee you it will be good.

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