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HankyBook cleverly replaces disposable tissues like Kleenex

Posted By Beth Terry On February 18, 2011 @ 11:49 am In Medication & Supplements,Uncategorized | 21 Comments

In my last blog post over a week ago (yeah, I’m still sick) I listed my favorite plastic-free cold remedies [1] and pleaded for some cloth hankies to relieve my gushing nose. Thanks to all of you who chimed in. Reader Plastic-Free Citizen [2] left a comment about HankyBooks [3], ingenious little organic cotton hankies bound together like books that are much neater (and cuter) than large handkerchiefs. So I contacted Leslie from HankyBooks to ask for a sample to review.  Of course, I requested no plastic packaging or tape, which she happily complied with.

A HankyBook fits in the palm of your hand.


Its pages are stitched together like a book, which makes it much neater and easier to carry than a single hankie that you unfold and refold, or wad up and stuff in your pocket, as is often the case. And the book system keeps the snot inside instead of all over your stuff.


To use it, you open to a clean page and pinch the middle together to fit around your nose, as you would a regular hanky. When all the pages are used up, you toss the whole thing in the wash. I’m guessing it would be best to pull apart any “stuck” pages before washing, so all the hankies get as clean as possible.


An improvement that I’d like to suggest to Leslie (although it would require more work) is an attached pocket you could pull over the open end of the HankyBook to keep it closed. You know, like plastic baggies used to have before Zip Lock was invented.

HankyBooks are sold in packs of three, and I think you would need quite a few to handle a major cold. In that situation, a big stack of t-shirt rags seems like a more practical solution. But for everyday sniffles, this seems like a great idea.

I realize that many of you crafty people could figure out how to make your own, or you may feel that a regular handkerchief suits you just fine. But I think HankyBooks are a cool option for people who are reluctant to use a regular hanky because of the ick factor. What do you think?

By the way, I’m still sick. What started as a cold has become major flu, which is just now winding down. I apologize to the many people who have uploaded their Show Your Plastic Trash Challenge [4] tallies and have yet to see their hard work reflected on the site. Do keep sending them. I’ll keep putting them up as my health and energy level allow. Thanks for your patience and kindness, everyone.

And don’t forget… Plastic-Free February [5] is still proceeding over at Rodale.com. Check out their progress and do leave your suggestions.

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