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Does Jon Stewart Follow This Blog?

Posted By Beth Terry On March 10, 2011 @ 7:00 am In Radio,Videos | 10 Comments

Over a year ago, we ranted here about the idiocy of plastic-wrapped bananas [1] and then posted them to the Plastic Crap Wall of Shame [2]. Now, it seems, Stewart’s got a Pantry of Shame, and guess what’s in there? Plastic-wrapped bananas, which, he says, “are for people who love bananas but hate their biodegradability.”

I love this man and am wondering if I was too quick to cancel my cable. Nah. I can watch The Daily Show online:

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart [3] Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Intro – Pantry of Shame [4]
www.thedailyshow.com [5]
Daily Show Full Episodes [6] Political Humor & Satire Blog [7] The Daily Show on Facebook [8]

(Click here to view the video on The Daily Show web site [4].  Thanks to Susan Stewart [9] for the heads up.)

Jon Stewart The Daily Show [10]

In other news, I gave a 30 minute interview on Heather Lounsbury’s Live Well Live Natural radio program [11] yesterday, during which I made a few confessions.  Click above link to listen.

(Sorry to those who were subjected to an obnoxious ad when opening the blog this morning. I didn’t realize the player for the Blog Talk Radio program would start automatically. I have removed it. Click the link to hear the program.)

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