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Airtight Glass Food Storage Containers from Life Without Plastic

Posted By Beth Terry On June 10, 2011 @ 4:19 pm In Contests and Giveaways,cutlery & containers | 195 Comments

Life Without Plastic sent me a few of their new airtight glass containers with stainless lids [1] to review a few months ago, and the containers have been sitting in the pile beside my desk along with other cool plastic-free products that companies have sent me to test. So today, I finally unpacked them from their plastic-free mailing box (Jay doesn’t use plastic packaging materials or plastic tape) and gave them a try. My verdict: they are very, very cool.

(Coincidentally, they are 10% off through the end of the month. I guess I have good timing.)

airtight glass food storage container

Now, before I get into my review, I have to say that you don’t have to buy new glass containers to store food without plastic. Repurposed jars from foods like spaghetti sauce or pickles or peanut butter work well. And you can sometimes find secondhand glass containers at thrift stores, yard sales, etc. We do all of that. Our refrigerator is glass jar heaven. But glass jars are not always the right size; they waste refrigerator space since they are not stackable; and sometimes, as much as we try to reduce our impact by buying less new stuff, it’s just nice to spring for well-made, durable, useful, and frankly beautiful things.

Here’s what I love…

The lids. Unlike other glass containers with plastic lids that inevitably crack over time…

cracked plastic container lid

these containers have unbreakable stainless steel lids. Inside the stainless steel is a ring of silicone, which creates the airtight seal, and a silicone button in the middle which adjusts the pressure, allowing the lid to seal and unseal easily. Silicone, while still a polymer, is more resilient than plastic.

airtight glass food storage container

airtight glass food storage container

I love that the container fits well in my freezer. As you may recall, we use Anchor glass refrigerator containers [2] for our homemade cat food because they are the right size, stack well, and both container and lid are made from only glass with no other materials. But those containers are not airtight and not appropriate for storing foods long-term.

I also use Life Without Plastic’s airtight stainless steel containers [3] in the freezer, but it will be nice to be able to identify the contents through the glass. I’m thinking they will work well for storing my garden veggies [4] if and when that time comes.

Note about freezing: Yes, you can freeze glass containers.  BUT allow the contents to thaw gently.  I wouldn’t put them directly from the freezer into the microwave.  And leave some room at the top for expansion.

airtight glass food storage container

Airtight glass containers are also useful for transporting lunch to work since the container can go directly in the microwave, sans metal lid, of course. And oh! Ice cream! I’m going to take one of these with me the next time I pick up ice cream [5] at Tara’s!

The Giveaway

Jay has offered to give away one large square glass container [6] to a My Plastic-free Life reader. But I’m having a failure of creativity right now and can’t think of what I would like to ask you to do to enter the drawing. So how about this? Leave me a comment with an interesting fact you think most people might not know. It doesn’t have to be about plastic. Anything in the world. Seriously. Anything. I’ll choose the winner… oh, you know, when I get around to it.

By the way, Life Without Plastic is a Canadian company, so all you Canadians — please go ahead and enter!

07/07/2011 Update:  The contest is over.  The random winner of the glass container is Green Girl in Wisconsin [7].  Congratulations!

Happy Weekend!

Disclosure: Life Without Plastic is an advertiser on this site and provided me with containers to review and another container to give away. However, they have not compensated me for doing this review, and my opinions here are my own.

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