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August 23, 2011

Plastic-Free Discussion Board Restored!

Remember that discussion forum we had two years ago for posting questions and ideas about all things plastic?  Wait. You don’t remember it because you weren’t here then?  Well, you missed out on more fun than I can possibly describe in this blog post.  Sadly, I had to take it down because malicious hackers broke in and caused disruption and gambling spam.  But guess what!  I found a new Discussion Forum plugin that works well and I’ve been able to restore all the old user IDs and posts.

Here’s the link to the discussion board:

Why would you want to post on a message board rather than comment on a blog post?  Well, for one thing, you can start your own posts in the forum about anything you want. Well, anything plastic-related.  You can ask for advice about plastic-free alternatives.  You can share discoveries you’ve made.  You can post useful links, articles, resources. And you can rant to your heart’s content.

Why would you do it there rather than on the MyPlasticfreeLife Facebook page?  Because the forum posts are organized and archived so you can go back later and search for what you want.  Facebook?  Fun in the moment.  Not so useful down the road.  (But please… go ahead and “Like” the Facebook page too!)

If you registered at the old discussion board and posted at least once, your ID has been saved.  You will have to restore and change your password.  Let me know if you have problems either recovering your password or registering for a new account.


Jeanne’s Green Bag Giveaway!

To get the discussion going, I’m offering one lucky message poster a free cotton reusable bag, courtesy of My Plastic-free Life reader Jeanne Bruner, who designed this special bag to fit onto a retail bagging rack.  You can read more about Jeanne’s bags here.  (Note: she only had a few left and was nice enough to send me a box, so expect more giveaways in the future until they’re gone.)

09/10/11 Update:  The contest is over.  The winner of the reusable bag is Eve Stavros. Congratulations!

Feel free to register and create a new discussion topic.  Or respond to this one.  I’m looking for plastic-free toy recommendations.  Reply with your suggestions here:


I’ll choose a random winner from among the message board entries next week.  And seriously, you can post about anything… as long as it’s kinda sorta related to plastic in some way.