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My Un-New Years Resolution — Take the Simple Living Challenge

Posted By Beth Terry On January 5, 2012 @ 3:13 pm In Personal Musings | 21 Comments

Yukon solitaire for mobile phone [1]I sleep with my smartphone.

There, I said it. My virtual life is out of control. I am powerless over my addiction to checking email, Twitter, and Facebook. Listening to podcasts while playing endless rounds of Yukon solitaire. Googling the answer to any question that happens to pop into my head at 3am. I know I’m subjecting myself to radiation, and worse, I am robbing myself of much-needed sleep by staring at a bright screen into the wee hours of the morning. I need help.

As if reading my cluttered mind just in time for New Years Resolution season, Sonya from the Kanelstrand simple living blog sent me an invitation to participate in her Simple Living Challenge [2] beginning in February. I need this. I need it like I need a hole in my head through which I can dump out all the unnecessary crap that makes me feel overwhelmed.

Join Me!

Simple living goes hand in hand with plastic-free living.  The less stuff we buy, the less plastic we generally consume.   And I’ll be contributing to the Simple Living Challenge Discussion by offering tips for weaning off plastic.  But there are other ways to consume, with or without plastic, and I am proof of that.

Please join me by signing up [2] for the 3-week simple living challenge event beginning February 1.  Topics that will be covered are:

- financial life, living debtfree
- frugal living
- how much is enough? reconsidering buying habits
- weaning off plastic, turning to reusable sources
- cosmetics that are killing us, how to use natural sources to beautify ourselves
- re-evaluating commitments, re-evaluating Yes and No
- simplifying your goals
- simplifying your wardrobe
- decluttering your home, mind, emotions
- simplifying your online life
- stop multitasking
- slowing down – talk/walk/eat slowly and learn to enjoy the moment
- free up time to do what you love
- spend time with the people you love
- spend time alone
- connect to your inner self and your needs
- learn to deal with stress
- walk more, drive less
- establish daily routines, plan your daily tasks
- celebrate your success

I got a head start on this back in 2009 when I asked for help decluttering my office [3] and got a ton of responses from you all.  Now I need help organizing my time and my mind.


This is NOT a New Years Resolution, by the way.   I’ve never kept one of those.  :-)

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