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April 17, 2012

Earth Day Lunchbox Action


What are you doing this Friday, the Friday before Earth Day?  Wherever you are, you’ll need to eat lunch, right?  Why not participate in the Lunchbox Project Day of Action?  The action is centered in San Francisco, but I am extending it to anyone anywhere who wants join in. What’s more, LunchBots has offered to give away a free LunchBots stainless steel container to a random participant to encourage participation in this unprecedented event.  Depending on where you work or live, there are two ways to participate:

Lunchbox Project Flash Mob at Crocker Galleria

In coordination with the City of San Francisco’s Department of Environment, The Lunchbox Project will hold an action and rally on April 20 at the Crocker Galleria food court in downtown San Francisco near the Montgomery BART station.  Come at noon with your reusable container.  Join others all ordering lunch in our own containers and stay for some inspirational talks and surprises.  I’ll be there.  I may even wear the plastic sea monster costume if enough of you say you will come!  Let’s show downtown SF how to eat lunch the truly sustainable way.  After all, while SF has gone a long way to ensure take-out ware is either compostable or recyclable, no disposable packaging at all is better than either of those options!

Join the Lunchbox Project wherever you live!

If you don’t live or work near downtown San Francisco, bring your own container wherever you happen to be.  Encourage friends and co-workers to do it with you.  Send your kids to school with reusable containers.  If you don’t want to eat out, you can pack your own lunch in your own container, but the idea is to be seen and make an impact, so don’t hide in your cubicle to eat your PB&J.  Let others see you!


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I am ridding my kitchen of plastic due to the overwhelming evidence that it disrupts hormone function. Here in Hawaii it is hard to find non plastic alternatives (go figure) . SO -I’m shopping online!

 Whenever we visit im suprised at the lack of recycling Isis1. Good for you!! What Island are you on? We always stay in honolulu at the Hale Koa.

I don’t take a lunch to work, but my husband does and he uses a re-usable container everyday.  This would be great for him.

sent you a picture, well you already knew that!

ALready liked plastic-free 

liked lunchbots

Liked the lunchbox project

I “Like” My Plastic-Free Life Facebook Page

I “Like” the LunchBots Facebook Page  

I “Like” The Lunchbox Project Facebook Page

I emailed a picture of my daughters lunchbots for preschool along with her penquin lunchbox. ALL plastic free!

Beth, I’m in Bozeman, MT. I haven’t checked with other restaurants as I wind up eating mostly at our food co-op (and then it is usually eat-in and not take-out). But I appreciate your information and shall pursue this with them. Thanks!

Hi Amy. I have dealt with this at various places around the Bay Area, as a matter of fact, but no one has been able to actually show me where in the code it is prohibited, so I have a feeling that stores make their own rules often. Can you ask them what the actual code section is that prohibits it? Also, have you asked at other restaurants? Where are you located?

I brought my kids “planet box” at Those are great for kids!

I love this, but am stuck on the fact that there are places where the Health Dept. does not allow this. Even though my local food co-op is awesome, tries to do things in an environmentally way, and at which I reuse my own bags and containers to buy in bulk, the Health Dept. does not allow customers to use their own containers for any of their prepared foods. Anyone else dealt with this issue?

I’ll be biking to the local market tomorrow and buying food that I’ll bring home in a fabric backpack — a plastic-free outing!!

I live on a small island, and there actually are very few places where you can get take away food. The one that I go to is always happy to refill the containers I bring in to them. On Friday I’ll be bringing my lunch from home in a reusable container.

I’m a high school student and I always reuse glass jars for my lunch, and will friday as well. My friends laugh at times, but I think they’re growing on the idea.

I am a stay at home wife (and mum), so don’t often have lunch in town. However, I wrap my husband’s sandwiches in a cloth napkin, and his biscuits and toast in another. His fruit doesn’t need a wrap. When I am doing the washing, I throw these in with the teatowels, etc. and they come up fresh for next week. NO PLASTIC WRAP!
That’s our normal.

Aw… I am bummed that I won’t be in SF this Friday. I’ll be there in spirit while eating my lunch in reusable containers in Chicago. :)

Ooooh! It would be so nice not to be the only one requesting special treatment because I want my container filled! I’m going to look for an opportunity to do a lunch container flash mob in Toronto!

Have fun!

I wish I was in SF! But I will take a picture of my lunch.

I’m not working on Friday but I’ll bring lunch everyday this week and next week in a glass container. I do this anyways and I hope now I’ll have many others joining me :). Thanks for the inspiration as always.

Beth, Thanks a lot for reminding me about Lush. I like their concern about packaging and will use one of their bar shampoos and deoderants for traveling.

I read a Kindle sample of your book and was struck by your description of the albatross chick full of plastic because I had a similarly powerful reaction to it. Plastic has been at the top of my ‘don’t ‘ list ever since, although I didn’t commit to a total boycott like you have. Still time to do so, though.


Katie, feel free to send me a pic of your son’s lunch!

I love this idea! I’m a stay-at- home mom (in PA), so I don’t have the opportunity to pack my own lunch much these days. But my son packs his everyday with a reusable container, and will be on Friday as well. Hope the SF event is great!

Looking forward to seeing you, Deb.

And Alyssa, bring your container for leftovers and take a pic! And good luck with the PhD defense. I know you’ll do great!

I bring my own lunch in glass containers every day. BUT Friday I’m giving my PhD defense and will be going out to a restaurant for a well deserved lunch afterward!!!

Beth, this is a fantastic initiative. I will see you there, and I do expect to dine with a plastic sea monster!!!