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May 24, 2012

Kicking the Plastic Addiction Video Promo

I’ve gone commercial!  Well, no I didn’t. But I did make a commercial. Okay, not exactly. Filmmaker Alec Bernal, who created last month’s Lunchbox Project video, just finished making me an awesome YouTube video promo for my book Plastic-Free. All I did was show up… and bring along the plastic sea monster.  Check out the transformation…

(Note: Because I had to reduce the dimensions of the video to fit on this blog, Youtube automatically reduces the default resolution, making some of the video look kind of pixelated. If you want to see and hear the better version, either click the little symbol at the bottom that looks like a gear and select 360p, or watch on Youtube directly:

Feel free to share this video and embed on your own website if you want to.

Happy Thursday!

16 Responses to “Kicking the Plastic Addiction Video Promo”

  1. Thanks for the informative writing. Would mind updating some good tips about it. I still wait your next place. ;)

  2. Kanna Jones says:

    Bravo, Beth! Brilliant!!!! You are THE BEST!
    from Trash Zombie

  3. Stephanie Moram says:

    You are so cute, Beth. I love this video! :)

  4. Islem says:

    Beth, My son and I saw the movie Bag it yesterday and it shook us to the core. We are angry and in complete disbelief about how far we’ve gone in being careless about our consumption. My heart is still pounding, so is my son’s who is almost 18 years old.
    I’ve been trying for years to use as little plastic as possible for health reasons (I suffered from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome years ago), mostly with things that had to do with food. But we still used plastic bags for groceries and would reuse to pick up our dogs’ “mess”. In the meanwhile having a ton of wonderful canvas bags in our utility closet and access to old newspapers for our doggy messes. We are taking this all the way… this year had already embarked on a journey to minimalism, and now NO MORE PLASTIC! No more! My husband is on board too!
    If we had seen this documentary earlier, my son, who is about to become and Eagle Scout, would have done an awareness campaign for his required Eagle service. He does have a restoration project at a park in NYC, removing garbage – guess what? – plastic-everything from neglected park grounds. It’s is terrible. While this great, it will get all trashed up again. The solution would have been to bring awareness about our plastic consumption. We’re trying to find a way to incorporate this into his existing project.
    Thank you for all that you are doing! Enjoy your blog a lot, but now I’m going to read it even more!
    I’m considering writing up a blog to talk about our journey to minimalism and trying live plastic free, among many other things we’d like to do. It will also serve to hold us accountable each day to what we do!

    • BethTerry says:

      Islem, please do let us know the web address of your new blog when you create it so I can link to it on the Blog Roll page.

  5. AmberStrocel says:

    I love that video! So great. :)

  6. Nancy Nathan Baldwin says:

    LOVE IT!! Totally sharing!

  7. Suzanne Meyer says:

    Great video, Thanks Beth.

  8. Suzanne Meyer says:

    Great video, Thanks Beth.

  9. MargoS says:

    You totally rocked it !  

  10. abzarndt says:

    Love it!  I’m posting it on my facebook page now!

  11. nancyn says:

    Love it! 

  12. lorialper says:

    Beth you rock. Nough said!

  13. EcoCatLady says:

    OMG – you totally crack me up with the plastic sea monster stuff!


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