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My Morning Zero Waste Green Smoothie

Posted By Beth Terry On August 26, 2013 @ 8:00 am In bulk foods,produce,Recipes | 24 Comments

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Zero Waste Week [2] is coming up September 2 – 8, so this morning I thought I’d take pix of my daily green smoothie making process, sans packaging or plastic waste.

This is also a post about storing greens so they don’t go bad before you can eat them, thus avoiding food waste.  See, about a month or so ago, I realized I wasn’t getting enough fresh produce in my diet. I wanted to eat more kale [3] and other fruits and vegetables.  And I figured blending a whole bunch of things together in a smoothie every morning would be fast, easy, and painless. But despite the Ecology Center’s instructions for storing produce without plastic [4] , I couldn’t manage to keep kale from turn yellow before I could eat the entire bunch.

And then, one morning on the bus, it hit me: I wonder if you could freeze it raw.  I Googled “how to freeze raw kale” and bingo, there were instructions. I just had to figure out how to do it without Ziploc bags.

First, I washed and spun the kale and then cut it into pieces and laid them out on a tray in my freezer to freeze individually so they wouldn’t stick together after I put them all together in a container.

image [5]

But a few days later, talking to Michael’s sister, I found out the individual freezing step is unnecessary. If you chop it up well, you can just break off pieces when you take it out.

My substitute for Ziploc bags? Life Without Plastic’s airtight glass containers [6]. They work great. Pack the kale in pretty tight. As long as you’re eating it within a week or so, you don’t have to worry about freezer burn. I haven’t experimented to see how long it will last this way.  But frozen raw kale is great in a smoothie.

image [7]

So, here’s how I put my smoothie together without packaging waste:

image [8]

*Farmers market fruit without sticker or packaging (apple this morning, but just about any kind of fruit will work)

*Revive kombucha [9] — Revive is a Bay Area company that sells live kombucha in returnable glass bottles that they refill. Kombucha tastes great in the morning and is great for the digestive system.

*Sunflower seeds, chia seeds, and cashews bought from Whole Foods bulk bins in my own glass jars

*Frozen kale

I put the first 5 ingredients in the blender

image [10]

and blend for about 2 minutes.

image [11]

Then I add the kale from the hole in the rubber lid and keep blending for about another 3 minutes so it’s really smooth.

image [12]

image [13]

Then pour and drink it down.

image [14]

Cleaning up is super easy because I have the best blender ever. The glass pitcher and blade mechanism are all one piece, so there’s nothing to unscrew and no plastic in contact with my food. Just rinse it out immediately and its ready for the next day.

What blender is that, you ask? Patience. I’ll write about that in another post.

Visit http://www.zerowasteweek.co.uk [2] to sign up for Zero Waste Week to pledge support, receive helpful emails, and win prizes.

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