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Another Trader Joe’s Rant. This Time It’s Ice Cream.

Posted By Beth Terry On September 25, 2013 @ 7:30 am In dairy,frozen foods,Rants,sweet treats | 48 Comments

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Okay, before you read my ice cream rant, please sign the petition asking Trader Joe’s to reduce its plastic produce packaging [2]. After my own produce packaging rant [3] last year, I didn’t have time to start a campaign, but luckily others at the Plastic Pollution Coalition did!

Okay… the ice cream…

Usually, my home ice cream consumption looks something like this…

image [4]

Ice cream from Tara’s Organic [5] in either my own container (if I plan ahead) or their compostable bagasse container, which is made from sugarcane waste and is completely plastic-free except for the sticker they slap on it. (Gotta chat with them about that.)

And of course homemade chocolate syrup [6]!

But the other night, it was late, I was tired and frustrated about something (It was a couple weeks ago, so I don’t remember why I was frustrated), and I just wanted ice cream.  I wanted it bad. But Tara’s was closed and Trader Joe’s was open. So I weighed my options, searched my feelings, and after rationalizing like crazy, made the decision to go get a quart of TJ’s ice cream, which I knew came in a plastic-coated cardboard carton with a thin plastic safety seal around the outside of the lid.

You know how you can tell how bad I wanted it? I was willing to walk to TJ’s in the dark and risk being mugged by all the mugging muggers in my neighborhood (It’s bad in Oakland these days [7]. Michael narrowly missed being mugged on his way to work [8] last week. Sorry… I figured while I was ranting, I’d rant about this too.)  So I grabbed a Maglite, tucked my money and ID into my bra, and headed out to that bastion of plastic packaging, Trader Joe’s.

After returning home safely with adrenaline rushing through my body, I tore off the plastic seal and discovered… the quart container now has a hard plastic rim around the lid!

image [9]

The rim used to be cardboard, but suddenly it’s changed. And you know what? The new lid isn’t even easier to use. It’s hard as the dickens to remove and cuts into my fingers. So there’s not even a logical reason for adding extra plastic to the container.

But TJ’s isn’t the only one. I’ve noticed Three Twins Organic ice cream [10] suddenly has a hard plastic rim too. What’s up with the extra plastic, guys?

I’m going to calm down before I write them or tweet them. I just hosted a #holisticmoms Twitter chat tonight about peaceful activism, after all.

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Let’s see… what else can I get off my chest tonight? Oh! I came home from Hawaii with yet another head cold [12] this year.  But at least the mosquito bites [13] are better. When none of the natural remedies would work, I finally gave in and bought this stuff [14] from the drug store in a plastic tube. I’m just full of rants and confessions tonight.

Would any of you care to rant, confess, or both? Go for it.

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