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September 9, 2013

Aquarian Bath Handmade Personal Care Gift Set



I met Cory from Aquarian Bath two years ago when I was trying to figure out plastic-free toothpaste options.  Her store blew me away because of all the cool, handmade products packaged without plastic: tooth powder, shampoo bars, lip balm, deodorant, soap, and more.

Since then, Aquarian Bath has become an advertiser on this blog (I am very, very picky about what advertisers I will accept), and a few months ago, she and I were interviewed back to back on the Air Occupy radio show on reducing plastic.

This week, Cory is offering to give away one of her new personal care gift sets to a  reader of this blog.  Here’s her description:

10/05/2013 Update:  Thank you for all your comments.  The contest is closed and we have a winner.  Congratulations to Megan!

Aquarian Bath has been getting ready for the holiday gift giving season.  Three new plastic-free bath and body gift sets are now available.  One is a Lavender Bath and Body set which includes a soap, deodorant, shampoo bar, lip balm and 2 cedar soap decks.


The second is a Hemp Soap and Shampoo bar set with 2 soap decks.


The third is a  Whimsical Cookie Cutter Styled Soap Set also with 2 wooden soap decks.


The products are packaged in kraft paper boxes with krinkle kraft paper filling.  Aquarian Bath ships all products with plastic free packing materials, there is a dedicated plastic-free section in the store.

The winner gets to choose one of these options. This contest is open to U.S. residents only.

To enter, please leave a comment with:

1) Your name
2) Your email address (in the email address field, not the body of the comment. It will only be visible to me and Cory.)
3) Your favorite plastic-free personal care tip.
4) Bonus: you can get one extra entry by tweeting this give away.  Be sure and tag both @Plasticfreebeth and @Aquarianbath and include the link to this post.

The winner will be chosen at random, so be as open and honest with your tip suggestions as possible.

I’ll select a winner by the end of next week.


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I take old sweatpants and other similar materials (towels work too) and cut them in small squares to use instead of cotton pads. There will never be a reason why a cotton pad, and the excess waste it generates, is needed.

I’m Jessica! My plastic free beauty solution is making my own deodorant, shampoo, etc and storing them in mason jars :) Thanks for the chance to win!

Thank you :)

Diana, can you please e-mail me your recipe? I am gathering as much information as I can about home made tooth paste. Thank you.

Plastic-Free Ericka Moderator

ParastooParsa BethTerryHi there! The next time Beth is giving a talk in the Bay Area will be November 4th in Los Altos. You can check Beth’s upcoming events on her blog at

BethTerry Sure. Here is the link to it and sorry about the delay. Please let me know if you want me to e-mail it to you as well. Thank you Beth. I also just moved to Alameda and would love to meet you or attentd one of your speeches. I would appreciate it if you would let me know when is your next speech.

Yes, please do send me the recipe!

I’ve really enjoyed reading all the comments, and I’ve learned some awesome tips! Thank you!  At work,  my garbage can at my desk consists of only a brown paper bag from the grocery store.  One day a co-worked asked me if I need a can and I said no and told her why!   If I have liquids to dispose of I take them to the kitchen which is also a good way to get exercise. My 2 grown daughters and I share healthy tips with each other.  It is so much fun.  I look for glass storage containers everywhere I… Read more »
I think the main tip I would give people for plastic free personal care is don’t be afraid to experiment!  I was amazed how easy it was to switch to apple cider vinegar from conditioner but the transition from traditional bottled shampoo has been harder for me.  I’ve tried to no poo method, then the shampoo/baking soda, now a shampoo bar but its still a work in progress.  It also took a couple attempts to get a body scrub that I liked.  I like that people posted about reuseable cotton rounds.  I’m going to look into those because I’m almost… Read more »

I’m Jessie, and for gift giving, I like to wrap presents in colorful cloth rather than in paper or gift bags. Sometimes I make a bow using recycled newspaper or a map: Also, I’m trying to be better about remembering to call online vendors ahead and ask if they have a packaging option that does not involve plastic. I’m guilty of forgetting to do this and being disappointed when a box that’s full of 80% plastic stuff and 20% of the thing I ordered >.<

1) Jessie  3) For gift giving, wrap presents in colorful cloth rather than wrapping paper or gift bags, and make a bow using recycled newspaper or a map: Also, always remember to call ahead and ask if online vendors have a packaging option that does not involve plastic. I’m guilty of forgetting to do this and being disappointed when a box that’s full of 80% plastic stuff and 20% of the thing I ordered.  4) Bonus: you can get one extra entry by tweeting this give away.  Be sure and tag both @Plasticfreebeth and @Aquarianbath and include the link… Read more »

I reuse everything I can!  I use a Norwex body cloth with just water for cleaning and use argan oil for moisturizing.  I bought essential oils to address future possible needs.  I am trying to get away from my stash of Tupperware and am switching to glass storage.  I would love to try the shampoo bars and natural soaps :)

I mend everything.  Learned that from my mother, many, many years ago.

My name is Alex, and my plastic-free personal care tip relates to our monthly female privilege. I fill an old shirt sleeve with rice, tie on the ends with twine, and heat when I need cramp relief.

I am having so much fun reading everyone’s posts! Such creativity!

Plastic-free personal care tip: be brave, try something different. If it doesn’t work out, try something else!

I tweeted this

My favorite plastic free tip is to use a mug when staying for a long time at a coffee shop.

Would love to win an Aquarian gift pack!!   Favorite plastic free personal care tip- hard to choose but #1 is using coconut oil for skin care, lip care, for DIY deodorant component.  #2 is solid shampoo bars. Have been using LUSH but their fragrances are very strong

Personal care – started using coconut oil for hair, face and body. Baking soda and ACV for most hair washes.

I tweeted.

I use bar soaps to wash hands.  No liquid soap in plastic.

I use cloth bags for shopping. I also use net produce bags. No paper towels are used at home. Mint and basil are grown at home for use as mouth refreshers.

I love Aquarian bath.  Their bar shampoo is amazing especially with an apple cider vinegar rinse.  One of my favorite plastic free personal care tips is to make or buy fabric cotton rounds.  I have a bunch and a zippered laundry bag.  I use them for cleaning my face with toner and then put them in the laundry bag that I hang from the towel rack.  When it’s full I wash it and restock my jar.  No going to the store or buying cotton rounds in plastic packaging.  Also the fabric rounds are in cute colors and designs.

@Sarah Do you have recommended instructions for this? Thanks

I would love to win the gift set – I am new to plastic free living and came about it because as a state legislator for 8 years chairing the Regulatory Rules Committee I was largely unaware of the dangers of plastic until I got a job in the consumer product industry as a regulatory compliance manager.  I am now convinced that plastic is unhealthful for us,  and I do my very best to avoid it for myself and family, and I caution my friends.  They have watched with curiosity as I have gone from plastic commuter coffee mugs to… Read more »

I LOVE using shampoo bars since discovering them this year instead of using shampoo in plastic bottles.  I also make my own hairspray with lemons.

We use bar soap (sold with no wrapper only a narrow paper band) as bath soap, face soap, and shaving cream.

I lived in Japan for a number of years on the JET Programme- I love continuing the Japanese habit of bringing along my own washcloth to dry my hands on at public restrooms!

Making your own lotion and putting it in an old mason jar.

Susan Nelson, , The lightweight lotion you use on your hands can double as hair pomade very well.  You just run your hands through your hair after moisturizing in the morning.

Buying fun glass containers at thrift shops to use for homemade personal care products!

I use cloth bags. To keep them organized (instead of awkwardly bringing lots of bulky cloth bags into grocery store) I fold them in half length-wise, then roll then tightly with the handles at end. Then tie them off with the handles, so they don’t unroll. They’re nice and compact (instead of buying the plastic reusable bags that scrunch up). Then I store several cloth bags in the largest cloth bag I have. Saves space and hassle.

My favorite plastic-free personal care tip:
Baking soda for gentle skin exfoliation, and coconut oil for a moisturizer.  It’s AWESOME not to have to purchase products specifically for personal care, they work great, and I know EXACTLY what is in them! 
I use baking soda for cleaning my face and wash cloths instead of make-up wipes.

Thank you for the give away. I am just starting to work harder at no plastics. We’d been plastic freeing toys for over a decade as well as no plastic cups but not much more. I now see plastic everywhere! It’s overwhelming to think of replacing it all but I too bought reuse able cotton rounds on etsy, switched to soap it’s for laundry, gave up liquid hand soap for bar (loving the soap dish give away), ditched paper towels…..well and more basic things. Great blog. I’m enjoying your book. Peace.

We use shampoo bars instead of bottles of shampoo.  Lots less packaging, and simpler ingredients.  We also use coconut oil as moisturizer, and it’s great to keep hair smooth!

I switched to reusable cotton rounds which I bought off of Etsy.  They work great and I love the amount of trash it eliminates. My daughter is three and she loves using them to wash her face.  It’s never too early to share eco friendly tips with your little ones.

I use coconut oil or ghee (clarified butter) in a glass jar as makeup remover. It is very gentle for the eyes, in particular. I just apply some of the oil, then use a warm wet cotton handkerchief to wipe it away. Then just rinse the handkerchief with water or a bit of soap and hang to dry. You can use it again the next day and so on, and the washed handkerchief also makes a wonderful exfoliator for the whole face. Just wet with very warm water and gently scrub in circles over your skin. Traces of the coconut… Read more »

Use glass jars for storing items instead of acrylic containers.

we’ve switched to buying soaps locally to avoid packaging at all… and we LOVE it!

Instead of using facial scrubs that contain microbeads of plastic, i use a loofah pad with castile soap.

I make my own toothpaste (coconut oil, mint oil and baking soda), and keep it in a little glass jar.

My favorite tip: getting my daughter involved in all my plastic-free life, so she too can spread the love. We make our own plastic-free home and personal care products and use them together to clean and nourish our environment and our bodies. I hope she has as much fun as I do!

Finding a bulk supply grocery store (Wheatsville) in Austin, TX has allowed us to skip a ton of plastic.  I also think my To Go bamboo utensils and pyrex straw have cut out a lot of plastic use.

I have started the No shampoo routine and it is working out great—when I do wash my hair I use baking soda and an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse!  No plastic purchased with either item!

Cloth diapers x 3 kids ! And buying and refashioning second hand clothes and accessories.

We use homemade soap free of chemicals. Recycle and reuse almost everything,or offer a friend if they need it.

i use the keeper when i’m on my period. much less work than cloth sanitary pads that have to be washed. i love it. i’ve had mine for 6 years and it cost me 30$ and is going to last many more years. made of all natural rubber and nothing else.  another thing i do is that i don’t have multiples in my bathroom. i don’t have three sets of shampoo, conditioner, soap, shower gel, shaving gel, exfoliator, etc in the shower. I only have one of what i use and don’t buy more until it’s finished.  It’s more aesthetic… Read more »

We just reused all the old pickle jars for homemade pickles!

This summer my 3 year old daughter and I have been going to get vegan ice cream cones and bringing our own cloth napkins to hold the cones and also use them in place of paper napkins, to wipe our faces/hands when we are done!

I’ve started using oil from Crunchy Betty to wash my face – love it! My husband has started doing oil pulling to brush his teeth – anyone tried that? Any research on it?

I use aloe vera as a skin toner. I just cut a leaf from one of my few aloe plants. It’s also great for treating sunburns. My toddler daughter has a very dry skin with little white pimples on her shoulders, and freshly cut aloe is the only thing that helps.

Grow mint. Instead of breath mints or mouthwash, just chew some leaves. :)

My favorite plastic free personal care tip is to make your own menstrual pads.  They last forever, use up old scraps sitting around, and are a million times more comfortable then any plastic method you are going to slap on!  And for people who think its too hard/gross to deal with – I’m in my early 20’s, living in dorms/apartments with roommates.  If I can do it you could too!

Thanks for the giveaway! I cut up old t-shirts in various sizes to use in place of plastic-packaged tissues and cotton rounds. Just throw them in with your normal laundry, maybe in one of those net delicates bags if you’ve cut them really small.

ColetteC bella1234  Hi I got lots of books out at the library and read them. Then I watched random videos on youtube. It is actually a very easy process. I found a soap forum and started making Egg soap.  Here is the forum…  

Last year I started making my own toothpowder, which is mostly baking soda.  I tried a few different dispensers, but I settled on a glass bottle with a metal lid usually used for dispensing tamari/soy sauce!  It has one single opening, allowing me to shake it more directly onto my toothbrush.  I’m pretty amazed that I have come to be very happy with this and don’t miss commercial toothpaste at all!

I am lazy and try to be as natural/plastic free as I can with my personal care. So, I have an ‘all-purpose’ salve I use. It works for lotion, hair paste, lip balm, and sooths cuts and scrapes too. Only three ingredients, I use: beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil. You can add essential oils, but I haven’t done that yet. I originally made them in a mold that was silicone, but have now bought metal tins and it can be poured straight into there. The tins I use are small so they are easy to throw in a purse/backpack.… Read more »

My favorite personal care tips are the 2 habits I continue to use over time (they work effectively). Homemade toothpaste made with coconut oil, baking powder, stevia and peppermint oil. Deodorant made with baking powder, coconut oil and lavender oil.

My favorite personal care tips – all the uses of baking soda! I now wash my hair with it and as a deodorant (mixed with coconut oil, tea tree ,lavender), which is the best and cheapest natural deodorant I’ve ever used. I do not like it for teeth, find it too abrasive for my sensitivity.

Wow, so many posts already!
1. Like so many others, I have switched to bar soaps in bulk at Whole Foods.
2. I also make the deoderant that Beth suggested with baking soda and a few drops of tea tree oil.  I have it stored in a small glass jar.  It works!

I love using foods and oils for skin care. A portion one of my favorite foods, avocado, is set aside for an amazing, nourishing facial. My cat also gets a small bit of the avocado in her bowl which she gobbles up. Her solid grey fur body, dull when rescued, is now luminescent.  Sesame oil is my preferred oil for daily skin care.  I can purchase a small glass jar of it, but there is a plastic cap, and then put a little oil in a shallow bowl and add a couple drops of an essential oil like lavender.  A couple times a week, after a… Read more »

I think the easiest tip I have is to reduce what you actually NEED for your personal care routine.  I found a great bar soap with oatmeal made by Sappo Hill (and available at Whole Foods) – zero packaging, only a long cardboard box for the display shelf and a small barcode sticker on each bar.  I use this for my face instead of facewash (in a plastic tube), so no more facewash tube or extra expense.  It’s amazing how many personal care produts there are, especially for women, that aren’t really necessary!

I switched to a wooden com for my hair. I used to use a boar’s hair bristle brush on a wooden handle but even with that I washed my oily hair every 2-3 days. Now the wood does something wonderful to my hair and I only wash it every 5-6 days. Then I found a natural non SLS shampoo (comes in a corn-based plastic-free bottle) and I’m thrilled.

Is it certified organic?

I use a dab of olive oil in the morning as a hair conditioner, put a couple drops of essential oil and it smells great too. My niece was using expensive oil shipped from Africa and we thought we would see which was better. They were the same for shine and defrizzing. cab’t wait to try out deoderant and tooth powder. love this blog so many great ideas.

I have a deodorant stone that I have used for YEARS.  Thanks for all the reminders to think outside the plastic box.

nice giveaway!
i am in canada so dont know if i’m eligible but i have started to make my own toothpaste (powder) and antipersperant!
prob not a big deal to you pro’s but this is EPIC for me…..
over the last year i have managed to eliminate almost all consumer packaging etc etc thanks to your blog
thank YOU!

I can’t wait to learn more about getting plastic out and glass in. :) I no longer buy any plastic bottles and only use plastic bags for garbage cans. But I would love to do more. Thanks for having such a great blog to help us along. :)
Anderson Upcycle

I’m with everyone about using solid soaps & shampoos, which I’ve been doing for years. In the last year or two I’ve also gotten into using solid lotions by Lush, and the massage bars work great as solid lotions, but from my experience I advise against the one with azuki beans if you’re only using the bars for lotion, because the beans don’t do anything for your hands and they get everywhere. Otherwise I’m highly satisfied and so glad I found these. I’m one of those people who really can’t go without lotion or my skin will crack and bleed.… Read more »

Beth, its been over a year since I stumbled upon your TED talk and blog and it has inspired me to make my life plastic free. I am having so much fun discovering ways to reduce my plastic and waste footprint. Thank you for doing what you do! :)
Tip: Switch to solid bars (soap, shampoo, conditioner). In general my mantra is Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I make our own soap from my great grandmothers recipe. I don’t use plastic body scrubbies, I use real sponge and loofa. I therefore don’t need shopping bags made of plastic to bring them home since they’re made at home :-)

No paper products, found great substitutes on Etsy. Make shampoo, etc with castile soap, baking soda, etc. Cider vinegar (available in bulk) is great for rinsing hair.

Cloth napkins and cloth instead of paper towel. I would luv to try a package free shampoo bar! That would be fantastic to add to my new lifestyle!

I have discovered a great economical package free soap company. Sappo Hill. Sells at Sprouts Market. Just the bar. Nice natural

A lot of my bath habits have gone plastic-free (or less-plastic) over the past few years. Homemade toothpaste, bar shampoo and soap, and a cream deodorant in a glass jar are all examples, as is the washable cotton shower curtain (no liner needed–all the water sticks to the curtain and drips into the tub).

Lunapads! I haven’t purchased feminine care products in many years thanks to these well-made, durable, and pretty alternatives to plastic and throw-aways.

Solid shampoos are luxurious and last a really long time.  Not only is there a reduction in plastic packaging, the amount of fossil fuels consumed in the shipping and delivering of these products is also reduced. Why? Water!  Why waste that precious resource on creating diluted, liquid products, when solids work just fine?  Also, don’t wash your hair every day.  Three times a week is plenty. Your shampoo will last even longer, and your scalp will thank you for it!  Solid soaps and shampoos creating a scummy tub? Make a paste with baking soda and water and scrub it away–elbow… Read more »

I have recently started using solid soap and solid shampoo instead of shower gel and shampoo in plastic bottles. I love the solid shampoo. Until reading your book, I had no idea you could buy it that way and it works great. I used soap for years and don’t even remember why I switched to shower gel in bottles. Now I’m back to bars of soap.

I guess my favorite non plastic tip is to reduce… A lot of the items i used to buy in plastic containers, i no longer buy. Saving money by not consuming!

These products are so attractive to me.  Having survived breast cancer I am always looking for ‘plastic’ free, organic, natural choices for a healthier lifestyle.  The soaps, deodorant,… look absolutely wonderful.  I can smell the relaxing aroma now!!

I make my own toothpaste and put it in a little glass jar.  The lid I use is unfortunately plastic, but it doesn’t come in contact with the paste.  I also use ACV for conditioner and it comes in a glass bottle (with a plastic top, unfortunately).

I switched to bar soap and bar shampoo and switched to toner in a glass jar with washable cotton rounds. Etsy is a great resource for finding re-usable anything!

Our small Alaskan town banished plastic bag use by the stores. It was fun to find a huge canvas tote at Salvation Army for seventy-five cents to use. It’s great not having bags full of plastic bags to take to the recycling center. And I love my recycled tote!

These products look (and I’m sure smell) great! My favorite plastic free tip is making my own deodorant. I’m at a genetically high predisposed risk of developing breast and/or ovarian cancer, so I have been making my own deodorant for several years to avoid the toxic components found in most commercially manufactured deos. I have been using the same metal tin to store my deodorant, and I change the fragrance using essential oils as the seasons change.

New to the site & merchandise but this looks incredible! I think my favorite, and most practical tip, is using solid soup & shampoos instead of their watered down and cheaply made body wash counterparts.

My favorite personal plastic free tip is to buy all produce without the little plastic baggies that they offer. I just pop it into the cart and wash it at home. : )
I also try to take a shower every other day, save on shampoo, water, and energy.

Love your blog and i just bought your book! My favorite plastic free advice is bring your own water! Using a metal container can save tons of plastic from your home and landfills!
Ps i will be trying the bamboo tooth brush!

Hi all. This is Cory from Aquarian Bath. Thanks again Beth for hosting this giveaway. To answer your questions. I do ship internationally, but I stopped offering giveaways outside the US when the shipping rates went up this year. Sorry! Our products are not tested on animals. I am not able to certify our products as gluten free because we do not have a gluten free facility. The lavender set contains oatmeal that is not certified gluten free. We use Non-GMO soy based Vitamin E, it is also not certified gluten free.

I don’t have a favorite plastic free personal tip as I just recently found this website.  However I’m so excited to get started on my plastic free life.  I don’t think people realize how much plastic surrounds us.  Looking forward to learning all the alternatives that are out there!

My fav plastic free personal care tip is to make your own face scrub. The ones you buy at the store have tiny little plastic beads in them! In a spice grinder or blender or food processor (use your fav) grind about a 1/2 cup whole almonds (or buy almond meal), then grind 1/4 cup sunflower seeds, then grind a 1/4 cup oats, add a little dried peppermint (or your favorite mint), and a dash of cinnamon. Smells divine and is so good for your face!

On of the things I do that drops my plastic use is to wash my hair less.  Most people shower and wash hair daily.  I do so weekly, so I use 1/7 of the water and products. We also love our hand crafted soaps.
Sarah Williams

Wowww. Plastic free goodies. I am so proud of you Beth. I perfected my plastic free chemical free tooth paste and will post it soon on my blog (the green minimalist) . I can send you the reciepe if you want me too. Thank you for everything and doing a wonderful job at creating a beautiful movement.
Parastoo Parsa DDS.

Your site is the best resource I’ve found, and I wish I could be even more plastic free. It’s challenging with kids (and sensitive skin!). My favorite personal care tip is washing my hair with baking soda and rinsing with cider vinegar. (And it’s my birthday today, so that must count for something). Keep fighting the good fight, Beth!

I’m also tweeting about this!

I’m totally going to try this! Why dump so much single use plastic from packaging and whatnot when there’s such a great alternative!
My name is Brie Myre, and I’ve included my email.
I’ve been buying soap and solid shampoos from farmer’s markets in my area – it supports local businesses and artists while keeping some plastic out of the environment!

I love your plastic free guide and tips! My favorite tip is using baking soda and vinegar for household cleaning. I’ve learned so much reading your book, thanks!

So sad the contest is open to U.S residents only:-( Is the product available in Canada to order? It looks wonderful:-)

The biggest thing I found to eliminate plastics was when I stopped using my microwave. No more prepackaged lunches or dinners, no more single serve snacks or desserts, etc. While this isn’t a personal care tip, it does lead to better food choices which starts healing your body from the inside and reduces the amount of food consumed that has toxic plastic leaching into it.

been using baking soda (bought in bulk) as deodorant and it’s been
great. The baking soda is in a jar that used to house vanilla beans –
the baking soda took on the delicious smell of vanilla!
I’m very interested in the mint tooth powder shown above. After my tooth paste runs out I’m not buying another tube.
Great giveaway!
– See more at:

Thanks for confirming. It is understandable though. Feel free to let them know I think their stuff looks amazing! :)

Love learning new plastic free options.  Thanks!

Candice Eberhart 

Loved the idea of freezing kale for smoothies.  I gave up plastic containers a year ago and have gone strickly to glass.  Keeps things fresher, longer. 
I’m heading to twitter right now.  Those products are beautiful!

Two of my favorite personal care plastic free tips are in order of favorites, 
1. is to get an old fashioned straight razor with strap so you never need to replace razors again, plus you will feel like a total bad ass. 
2. buy unpackaged soaps in bulk, but make sure to bring a bag or container to carry them home in or else the cashier will try to sneak them into a plastic produce bag.

Beth, you are such an inspiration in trying to lead a more thoughtful plastic free life!  These products look amazing!  I would love to give them a try.

This looks heavenly! I would love to get a package and share it with everyone I know! =) My favorite tip from my plastic free life so far has been the zero waste morning green smoothie– freezing the kale is something I never thought of– thank you!!  We use to buy smoothies in the morning on the way to school and now we do it at home. Fresh, preservative free and no plastic!

I love to use home made soap. I have started felting my soaps to make them last longer.

I am so glad to see plastic make its graceful exit I could scream!  It doesn’t even last or keep its beauty.  I am glad I found your website, and have it on Facebook

I’ll ask Cory to answer the rest of the questions here.

Hi Tracey. I’m sorry this one is only for US residents because it’s a small business and international shipping is cost prohibitive.

My tip is that 90% of the personal care items that commercials tell us we “need” are not necessary. I gave up nail polish several years ago, no nail polish remover, don’t use lotion. mostly i just use soap to wash my face and occasionally wear some make up.

Would love to try!

One of my plastic-free personal care tips is making my own sugar scrub.  I love the feeling of exfoliated hands and feet, but don’t like the plastic containers, and frankly, I don’t like having unused toiletries lying around, so this way I can just make up a small batch with what I need to use right then and there and have nothing left to take up storage space.

Awesome prize!  I currently am using Lush solid shampoo and conditioner (plastic reduction tip #1!), but I’m very interested in trying other products out there.  As another tip, I used to use specific face wash (liquid, in a plastic bottle), but switched over a year ago to Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap (bar form).  I use it on my face/body, and my face has never been clearer.  (Tried it on my hair, but it just doesn’t do it for me… also tried the no ‘poo method, and I couldn’t hack it.  So, solid shampoo it is!)

I have two! One is buying soaps that don’t have any kind of packaging whatsoever, not just plastic-free. I’m trying to reduce all kinds of waste. The other may be TMI, but…I wash my hair a lot less. I do rinse it with water at least once a day, but only use shampoo a once or twice of times a week, when I used to use it almost every day. My hair dresser has been recommending it for ages and she’s right–it is easier to style!

Homemade facial products – baking soda to exfoliate, apple cider vinegar to tone, etc. – are a good way to avoid excess packaging.

My favorite plastic-free personal care tip is using solid shampoo and soap instead of body wash. 
Also tweeted: 

I like to use the wide mouth 1/2 pint mason jars to make my own coconut oil moisturizer, to keep in the bathroom for after a shower. The size and wide mouth are perfect for easy application.

I’ve been making homemade toothpowder and love the way my teeth feel after I brush AND the money I save…

bella1234  Hi Bella,
 Would like to start making my own soap. Any favorite sites you could steer me toward, for beginners?

Tip:  I save glass bottles and fill them with my homemade fragrances made from essential oils, witch hazel, and vodka

What a great giveaway,  I love so many things I have discovered on my plastic free journey. My favorite personal thing is learning how to make soap and enjoying the end product. The one other thing that this journey has given me is a sense of pride in learning new skills and a great sense of achievement.

Beth, Love all of your idea’s, you are an inspiration to us all! I have started making my own cleaning products, buying as many items in glass as possible! This year I will be making all my own soups. Also never use plastic grocery bags. I try to share you with as many people as possible, also Bag-IT the movie is a must see, everyone!!

i like using the crystal for deodorant and then just a dab of lavendar/cucumber scented oil under each arm to keep me feeling fresh without having an overpowering perfume smell.

Thanks for your “Plastic Free: How I Kicked . . . ” And I thought I was doing great because of all the plastic I recycled. I’m put to shame. I wish you were closer to New Albany, Indiana. Our Floyd Action Network ( will deliver FAN FAIR, an exposition on sustainable living, February 1, 2014. You’d be a wonderful contributor and a great influence on our community. We have no money, of course. We’re seeking funds and involving generous, local resources who will share their knowledge and expertise for the good of the cause.

I love to use my Dr. Bronner’s bar soap for both my hair and my skin. So clean and I know what I’m putting on my body! :)

Holistic Hormonal Health

That looks beautiful :)

I love reusable mesh produce bags for fruits and veggies- other shoppers often ask where I got them, so I must not be the only one concerned about plastic bag waste.

Is it gluten free?

Thanks for this wonderful giveaway! My family has come along way to becoming plastic free. I make all my own cleaning supplies and store them in glass jars. Also, my family uses stainless steel water bottles and we fill them from our well.

My name is Sarah Martin, and I have been looking at completely changing my lifestyle. So far I have discovered bamboo toothbrushes, new life time razors and steam cream for face cream. I think I’m pretty much plastic free on my cosmetics. Will say that my favourite is the steam cream, as I love the tins, and the smell is great. Hard choices as all my new products are so great. Now the challenge is getting rid of plastic surrounding my food.

Thanks for the giveaway, I would love to try the shampoo bar!  I love that that products are plastic free, they have my favorite scents (lavender and eucalyptus), and the prices are decent!  My favorite tip is just that once you start paying attention to what you buy and making the effort to buy less packaging and plastic, it is rewarding in so many ways!  I tweeted the giveaway here 

Congratulations on getting your message out there. You are truly an inspiration! My plastic free personal care tip is to save al your old soap pieces in a glass jar with a little water and sugar Give it a shake keep it by your laundry tub or outside tap and hey presto you have a gardeners hand scrub!

Is it open internationally? I know the US have a lot of rules about “competitions” being US only and that sucks coz there are so many amazing people doing so many amazing things in the US! :P

Favorite plastic free personal care tip is using solid shampoo and plastic free bars of home made soap! So, this giveaway makes me very happy.

Using homemade toothpaste powder and oil pulling, rather than store bought toothpaste and mouthwash, has not only saved me money but is healthier as well.

Baking soda in place of toothpaste has worked great for me

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Hello Beth, you made tons of great suggestions in your book. I love using baking soda in my arm pits! I use the tiffin for my kids lunches. They think it is very cool. And of course just spreading the word how much I hate plastic helps a lot educating all of my friends. They learn quickly. Thanks for all your work. Hana

Hi Beth, I too, am inspired by your earnest attempt to live a plastic-free life. While I try, I must admit to failing miserably a lot of the time as some of the food my son wants to eat has some kind of plastic wrapper on it. I do buy in bulk whenever possible & reuse all my bags (mostly compostable ones these days). We cook our own meals at home & very rarely eat out (we could never afford to). I like to buy pure essential oils to make our own room sprays, deodorants, natural perfumes, pest & flea… Read more »

1. Craig from Milwaukee, WI
My fav tip I’ve learned from this site is to avoid most chewing gum. After I realizing that I was nomming on plastic all day, while avoiding it in other aspects of my life, I felt silly.
But now I am closer to being 100% plastic free! Woohoo!

Love the idea of more natural products!!

My favorite plastic free tip is to save old jars and clean them out really well and reuse them to make salves from comfrey!

My best plastic-free personal care tip so far is stop using disposable products!  Make your own, or buy reusable personal care items.

No animal testing right?

What a great lunch time surprise…I am intrigued by your attempts to live plastic free and VERY inspired…Thank You!