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Why I Love My Blender

Posted By Beth Terry On September 3, 2013 @ 7:30 am In kitchenware | 24 Comments

I’m back home from Burning Man and so glad to be able to have my morning green smoothie [1] again. When I wrote that post, I promised a follow up about my blender. Well, here it is.

Back in 2011, I wrote about hanging out with my friend Mark and watching him make homemade ketchup [2]. What I didn’t mention was how impressed I was with his blender.

image [3]

It’s a Waring Pro MBB518 stainless steel blender [4]. Mark said that even though it only has two speeds, it’s the sturdiest and best blender he’s ever had. But what caught my eye was that there is no plastic at all inside the glass pitcher to come into contact with the food.

See, my current blender, a Kenmore that I’d had for years and that also had a glass pitcher had plastic at the bottom that twisted on and off for cleaning.

image [5]

image [6]

image [7]

I wasn’t crazy about that plastic inside the pitcher, but it wasn’t enough to make me chuck the machine for a new one. And then the bottom started to leak. And the leak got worse and worse every time I used it. Green smoothie pouring out all over the kitchen counter. I tried to think of how I could fix it, and then I made the same decision I made in the case of the aluminum rice cooker [8] back in July. I opted to recycle it at Green Citizen [9] and order the kind of blender Mark has to avoid the plastic in the bottom.

After my experience with the Lotus Foods rice cooker packaging plastic and styrofoam, I was interested to see how the Waring would be packaged.

image [10]

So, I opened the box and found… cardboard! The glass pitcher is wrapped only in cardboard.

image [11]

image [12]

I knew there had to be some plastic in the box, and I was right. But compared to the way most things are packaged these days, I’d say it’s less.

image [13]

So… about the construction of the blender itself… this sucker is heavy. The base is stainless steel, and when you set it down, you can be sure it’s not going anywhere. There is a plastic section at the top of the base that holds the pitcher in place…

image [14]

But there is no plastic inside the pitcher itself. And no removable parts. The blade assembly is attached to the pitcher.

image [15]

image [16]

Well, when I say it’s not removable, I mean you don’t remove it to clean it. You can remove the blade to replace it if it wears out. Amazon sells replacement kits [17],which is awesome, so you don’t have to replace the whole pitcher.

Compare my old blender and new blender. The old one has a lot of plastic and a lot of buttons, most of which I never used. The New one has much less plastic (only the middle ring assembly, power cord, and pitcher top) and only two speeds controlled by a simple metal switch.

image [18]

And compare the bottoms. The Waring looks like it could easily be opened up for repair.

image [19]

image [20]

Made in the USA

image [21]

I was also happy to purchase a Waring instead of any other brand because the machines are assembled in the United States, rather than in China like most brands. They do, however, contain some foreign parts. I don’t think there’s any getting around that these days.

And as I mentioned in my green smoothie post… or should have if I didn’t… The machine works great for its intended purpose. I don’t need to liquify anything. Not trying to turn veggies into soup in 10 seconds. All blenders these days that are powerful enough to do that (Vitamix, Blendtec, etc.) come with plastic pitchers. They say it’s because glass can break at such high speeds, but that doesn’t explain why they don’t offer a stainless steel pitcher option for those who want to avoid plastic.

Anyway, my blender is solid and beautiful and makes me happy every morning when I use it.

Disclosure: I did not receive anything from Waring for writing this post (although if they wanted to send me something now I wouldn’t turn it down.) But the above links are Amazon affiliate links, so if you order through clicking links on this page, My Plastic-Free Life receives a little bit of commission to support this work.

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