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November 25, 2013

New Plastic-Free AudioBook is out now with updated content


Do you ever feel like you have a little Beth Terry sitting on your shoulder whispering into your ear things like, “Remember your reusable bags.  Do you really want raw, organic cashews packaged in plastic?  See if you can find them in bulk.  Does that water bottle have BPA in it?”  Well, now you can listen to my voice for real.  (I think you’ll find my actual voice may be kinder and gentler than the one in your head.)



This summer, I spent many hours in a recording studio in Berkeley, CA, reading my book, Plastic-Free, into a microphone and trying really hard not to stumble, slur, cough, or make any other unseemly noises that would require me to start over. Reading aloud is not as easy as you might think — even when it’s your own book!

What’s even better than getting to record my own book is that Audible.com allowed me to read UPDATES into this version.  So there’s lots of new information as well!

How to decide if the audio version of Plastic-Free is right for you

1) Do you enjoy listening to stories on the radio while driving, exercising, knitting, or doing some other activity that requires you to have your hands and eyes free?

2) Are you an NPR podcast junkie like I am?

3) Have you been unable to make it to one of my live presentations and would like a chance to hear me tell my story in my own voice?

4) Have you been to one of my talks and loved it so much you want to hear more? Or want to share it with a friend?

5) Have you wanted to give Plastic-Free as a gift but hesitated because the intended recipient only listens to audiobooks?

6) Are you sight-impaired or know someone who is?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Plastic-Free Audio Version could be right for you — either for yourself or as a gift.  The holidays are coming up, after all.

Plastic-Free Holiday Gift Pack

plastic-free-gift-pack-01[1]And speaking of the holidays, I am once again offering holiday gift packs, which include:

Read the details about each of the gift pack items here.  Or go right to the order page.





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