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My Favorite Airtight Stainless Steel Kitchen Container

Posted By Beth Terry On December 21, 2013 @ 3:15 pm In bread,Contests and Giveaways,cutlery & containers,kitchenware | 111 Comments

Life-Without-Plastic-restangular-gallon-container-01 [1](01/12/2014 Update: Life Without Plastic is offering a New Year’s discount code until January 15! Read to the bottom of this post to find the code.  The giveaway is over.  The winner is BeckyL [2].  Congratulations!)

Three years ago, when Jay and Chantal from the online store Life Without Plastic [3] sent me a sample of their new HUGE rectangular airtight stainless steel freezer container [4] to review on this blog, I couldn’t think of anything I would use it for.  They touted the container as useful for freezing large quantities of produce prior to canning because the silicone seal will keep veggies and fruits from getting freezer burn.

Life-Without-Plastic-restangular-gallon-container-02 [5]

The thing holds over a GALLON (over 4 litres), but since we have year-round farmers markets in the SF Bay Area (reducing the need to preserve large quantities of produce for the winter), I didn’t have (or didn’t think I had) a gallon of anything to put in it.

So the container sat in my never-ending “to do” pile [6] for probably about a year… just staring at me… unused and unloved.  Until  I discovered one perfect use for it.

Storing Bread Without Plastic

Now, I wrote about how to buy and store bread without plastic [7] around the same time as this container was sitting in the pile.  At that time, I suggested using a secondhand popcorn or cookie tin because I’m all about not buying new stuff if you don’t have to.

byo_bread03[1] [8]

What I didn’t realize at the time is that those tins are not rust-proof like stainless steel is.  If subjected to moisture, they will corrode, which is what happened after I forgot about the bread for a couple of weeks.  Mold and water condensation caused massive rust inside the tin and pretty much ruined it.  So I finally dug out my airtight stainless steel container and started using it instead.

Nowadays, when I buy bread (which is less and less because I’m trying to limit my wheat consumption), I put the bread in a cloth produce bag inside the container and store it in the refrigerator.  Kept this way, the bread can last weeks without drying out or growing mold.

Life-Without-Plastic-restangular-gallon-container-04 [9]


Life-Without-Plastic-restangular-gallon-container-03 [10]


Life-Without-Plastic-restangular-gallon-container-05 [11]



Other Uses

After I added the container to my regular kitchenware, I started finding other uses for it:

  • Storing whole wheels of plastic-free cheese [12] (I wrap the cheese in a towel and place it in the container in the refrigerator.  If condensation forms inside the container, I just wipe it out every few days.  Mold prefers a moist environment.  So far, I have kept the mold at bay using this method.)
  • Storing fresh produce
  • Storing massive amounts of pretzels (to take to a party) and keeping them crisp for a very, very long time

Suddenly, I was in love with this container.

Other Sizes

Life Without Plastic has since added other sizes to their rectangular container offerings.  Here are all the choices:

Airtight Rectangular Stainless Steel Storage Container – 2 L / 0.53 gal [13]
Airtight Rectangular Stainless Steel Storage Container – 4 L / 1 gal [4]
Airtight Rectangular Stainless Steel Storage Container – 7 L / 1.85 gal [14]
Airtight Rectangular Stainless Steel Storage Container – 10 L / 2.6 gal [15]

Enter the Giveaway

Life Without Plastic is giving away your choice of either the smaller 2 Litre container OR the larger 7 Litre container.  To enter the drawing, please leave one comment here with:

1) Your name

2) A way for me to contact you (such as your email address written out like name [at] domain [dot] com OR a website with contact information or your Twitter handle or some other way I can notify you if you’ve won.)

3) One or more uses for these large, rectangular, airtight containers.  I’m sure you guys can think of way more uses for them than I have.  What would you do with it?

I’ll choose a winner by New Year’s Eve.

Life Without Plastic Discount Code

Life Without Plastic is also offering a coupon code for 10% off any of the four sizes of these containers until January 15, 2014:


Feel free to forward this post to anyone else you think would appreciate a discount at this time of year.  I generally don’t promote buying a bunch of new stuff unless I really think the new stuff is great.  And in this case, I do.  These containers were developed by Jay and Chantal to last a lifetime.  They are manufactured in Korea in an ethical facility with which Jay and Chantal have a long-term relationship.  They are a bit pricey, which is why a discount is nice.  But in the long run, they will last longer than cheap plastic crap or certain products manufactured in China.  If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.  If you do, now’s the time.

(Disclosure: Life Without Plastic advertises on the sidebar of this blog, but they did not ask me to write this post or give me any compensation whatsoever for doing it.  I don’t get anything if you click on the links in this post.   As always, these are my honest opinions.)





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