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May 1, 2014

Plastic-Free Vegan Lip Balm from Juniperseed Mercantile


Tiffany Norton of Juniperseed Mercantile tried different kinds of packaging for her delicious lip balms until she found the right one.  She sent me one to try in its brand new cardboard tube, and I love it.


Here’s what Tiffany has to say:

Now packaged without plastic and made without beeswax!! I am super excited to share my new paper tube lip balms! They are more than three times the size of a typical little plastic tube, so they will last you quite a long time. And since there is no plastic involved in the packaging (even the label is made of recycled paper), you can recycle or compost the tube after use, and feel good about reducing your plastic impact on the earth. This is absolutely, without a doubt, the greenest way to purchase lip balm. We will even ship your package without plastic tape!  

I make and sell breakfast burritos sometimes at school. I just make them the way I like them. Turns out, everyone else likes them just like I do. I’m always surprised, but people tell me all the time my breakfast burritos are the best they’ve ever had. Same thing with my lip balm. You might think lip balm is just lip balm. Who really knows the difference between brands? But I have been told over and over again, this lip balm is the best my customers have ever tried. I didn’t really set out to make the world’s best lip balm. I just tweaked my recipe again and again until it came out just the way I like it. Turns our everyone else likes it just that way too!

This vanilla tangerine vegan lip balm is creamy and yummy.  The ingredients are:  coconut oil, hemp seed oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, candelila wax, cocoa butter, vitamin E, tangerine essential oil, vanilla, and stevia.


Not only are the lip balms packaged in cardboard tubes, but Tiffany doesn’t use any plastic shipping materials either.



Enter the Drawing

The drawing is over. The winner is Laura. Congratulations!

Tiffany will give away one tube of plastic-free vegan lip balm to a random U.S. resident entrant.  To enter:

1)  Visit the Juniperseed Mercantile site and look around.

2) Come back to this blog and leave a comment with your name, a way to contact you, and one thing you learned from the Juniperseed website.

I’ll choose a winner in two weeks, so there’s plenty of time to let your friends know about this giveaway!

Get a Discount

Use Discount Code PLASTICFREE15 for 15% off all US and Canadian orders placed through the website.  Every order over $50 gets free shipping.  (Coupon expires July 1.)

International (besides Canada) orders can be ordered and shipped via the Etsy Shop.


Classic stainless steel bento boxes and cotton lunch bags.

I only post ads for products I use myself. Your support helps to fund my plastic-free mission.

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[…] /2014/05/plastic-free-vegan-lip-balm-from-juniperseed-mercantile/ Just use glass or stainless steel […]

every time I try to buy lip balm it’s the plastic packaging that makes me put it back on the shelf.
finally finally a cardboard tube! and the flavors look fantastic (there is Turkish Delight as well!!).
thank you for sharing this!tbn

every time I try to buy lip balm it’s the plastic packaging that makes me put it back on the shelf.
finally finally a cardboard tube! and the flavors look fantastic (there is Turkish Delight as well!!).
thank you for sharing this!

I can hardly wait to have some time to really read through some of your posts. I’ve tried a couple of times to rid my life of plastic and have failed pretty miserably. I clicked on your website through a facebook post and the first thing that popped up was this post about Juniper lip balm. That almost blew me away as some kind of sign because the name of my business is Juniper!!! How crazy is that???!!!

I  am not use this balm ,but i think that this balm is very effective   –>  I learned that it can be extremely rewarding when companies put out the effort to provide healthy, environmentally friendly products at a reasonable price to consumers.  That’s how consumerism SHOULD be :)  I especially admire the fact that they do not use any plastic in their shipping.  I would love to try a Juniperseed Mercantile product!

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I like that she is helping a young boy pay his own way to camp by selling his photographs on her site.

I love the Juniperseed Mercantile site.  So many great products.  Would love to try them all.  I knew that paper facial tissues are made from wood pulp.  I never thought about them scratching the skin.  I think the Soothe Your Sniffer gift set would be great for my little guy.  He always has a box of tissues by his bead.

Goat Milk Castile sounds divine!

Herb-infused apple cider vinegar rinse can work for people with long, dry, tangly hair?! I’m so glad I visited Tiffany’s website. What beautiful, thoughtful products, I am so heartened.

Small grind on sugar makes a good exfoliant! No wonder the face wash I use now feels like chunks of concrete AND I’m not really sure what those chunks really are – gosh, could they be plastic? It’s much more reassuring to know that Juniperseed’s face cleansers are using a small grind of sugar as the exfoliant. I also liked that the shea butters are offered in glass bottles as opposed to nothing but plastic.

I also learned that shea butter production for beauty/health products is mostly a women owned industry.  Interesting fact.

Those bamboo cloths look amazing! Definitely saving up!

My kind of company!  Vegan and uses organic and pronounceable/identifiable natural ingredients.  Love the cardboard packaging.  I’m intrigued by the crown chakra balm…what an interesting product.  Fingers crossed I’m the lucky one.

I learned that there are free samples with every order! that’s pretty cool.

Some fabulous products there! So great to see so many alternatives which are healthy, eco, and yummy sounding. 
I did not know that shea butter is so important in Africa, both as a skin-care product,, and for the women:  “In Africa, Shea Butter is considered the number one most important product to keep in your personal apothecary, for everything that ails the skin. Shea butter production is mostly a women’s industry, so purchasing it supports small businesses in an important way. “

So exciting! Been looking for plastic free lip balm that was also vegan. Going through this site, I see a lot of great stuff but I am especially drawn to their Alternatives to Disposables category. What a great idea! I like the idea of an eco-friendly alternatives to the disposable Swiffer pads. Will definitely look into getting those.
(Jamie Smith –

Sniffle Stick looks really nice, it’s stinks having a sore nose after being sick.  Would really like to try this product!

One thing I was uncertain about from the website was whether or not the ingredients in the vegan lip balms were organic?  I sent Juniperseed a message to find out.  (Psst, these tubes look identical to the Avasol sunblock cardboard tubes!)

You had me at decadent! I especially love the casing used for the lip balm. I was always curious what happens to the millions and millions of chapstick tubes after disposal. My other fave category is Alternatives to Disposables! We all need to use the eco alternatives to products that are not healthy for the planet.

I learned that there’a an alternative to the lemon oil furniture oil. I definitely need to follow up on this alternative!

What a wonderful, eco-friendly business! It was fun to explore the site. I learned that commercial “chest rubs” have lots of yucky ingredients! Love the Soothe Your Sniffer Gift Set–complete with a get-well card! Also love the Mother and Baby Mega Gift Set–waiting for someone to give that to! So nice to see vegan-friendly items, especially lip balms, which so often contain beeswax. I’ve been using hankies for years, and have been looking for some replacements, and here they are! Love the minimalist packaging, too. Looking forward to not throwing away any more plastic lip balm tubes! Plan to place… Read more »  The facial care products look delicious!  Plus, I love how they are packaged in a glass bottle with metal cap.

Wow! What amazing products! And unpaper towels–those look amazing!

@Sarah S  Thanks for being honest.  I have been using cut up rags to blow my nose and I love them.  A lot softer than paper tissue.  :-)

@Susan  Hi.  If you’re interested in the Swiffer pads, here’s my review of them from a few years back when I first tried them.  The company used to be called Picnic Basket Crafts.  /2009/08/picnic-basket-crafts-interview-give/

I love the reusable cotton rounds!  So much fun stuff to look at on the site!  I can be reached at jamieann96 at hotmail.  Thank you!

Love that the packaging for this is biodegradable and I love that she offers so many vegan products!

didn’t know there was cleaning spray for a baby’s bottom!  My mom always used a warm wash rag that was color coded to be washed with the diapers. 
Lip balm seems really appealing.  I work outside and use a lot of balm.

Love that the packaging for lip balm is compostable!! The styling of the packaging is both old world looking and modern at the same time.

Name: Madeline

What I Learned From The Site: I learned that some are sweetened with Stevia AND that there are unscented options, which would b nice when I want moisture and not necessarily a flavor.

I’d never heard of this company before! I appreciate their eco-mindedness and vegan options. I also like that they send free samples with every order. :)

I learned that there are alternatives to swiffer cloths, which have become expensive, and worse yet, are treated with Febreeze, which is a disaster!
I was just about to go out and buy lip balm because the tube on mine stopped working and it is almost gone. So it is good timing for me to try a different brand.

This looks like a great little shop. I learned about the beneficial uses of calendula and chamomile for your skin.

I learned there are a lot of people who care what they use on their skin and not fall for big companies promises.

I learned that I still balk at non-disposable tissues and that I need to keep my mind open on that front.

I purchase from these ladies often!  Love, Love, there lotions and cream as well as unpaper towels.  Best bonus ever, they send a free sample with every order!

I like how you list ingredients in case people are allergic, the fact you give info about yourself, and that you give the FDA warning and tell people to research the information to verify on the sunscreen. Very good advice you have given. Great site and good products. I understand you not wanting plastic but many places recycle now so why not use recyclable plastic? People are going to throw glass bottles in trash as quick as they would plastic (sunscreen bottles). Just wondering? Beverly

I like Juniper Seed’s use of un-paper towels and how their products are organic.  I had no idea organic baby burp cloths even existed.  Now I hope someone I know has a baby.

What a great site! I learned once again that you absolutelly don’t need plastic in your life!! And I love the fact that there is more and more places where we can shop ecofriendly products to live toxinfree and  without polluting our homes and our world.

Love that they value using ecologically responsible materials!!


No regional retailers yet! We are a mother-daughter small time shop. Hope to expand soon though! :-)


Sorry about the glitch -it is fixed now!

. I learned that they use organic products and make each of their products in small batches.

I learned that each order comes with a free sample! Love the giveaway. Tami Lewis

Ummm… honestly, I learned that I want to order too many things.  :P
Seriously, though the foot care items sound divine (my feet are in desperate need of a pedicure after our camping trip!)… and the foot soak and whipped shea mousse both come in glass!! (clap clap clap!)

:) Danielle

Little Love and Big Daddy-O are both lip balm junkies so it’ll be great not to toss more plastic junk into the recycle bin. Many thanks for making such a big difference a little bit at a time. 
And now I see a few things at Juniperseed Mercantile I want hanging about the house, especially those Flannel UnPaper Towels for drying dishes. Unbleached, organic 100% cotton!

Wow, I want everything on that site now… I already use apple cider vinegar as a conditioner, but I’m excited by the info on the product page of the herbal-infused ACV that eventually I may be able to use it without any shampoo bar or baking soda at all. Also, I’m excited to try her herbal ACV because I bet the smell is much nicer! 
I can be reached at hughlaura at gmail

This is a very timely post, as I’m almost out of lip balm and need to stock up..  I had NO IDEA it could be packaged in cardboard, and would love to see how it works.

“Down To Earth Decadence” I love it!

Hi! My name is Emillie and you can contact me at ; I learned on their website that they sell bamboo baby wipes! I didn’t know that they carried baby-safe products. Good to know for the future! Their Facebook page is quite informative as well.

Thanks for the giveaway and showing this great company.  I use lip balms all time time, but just recently became concerned about the ingredients and the packaging.  I will certainly make the switch to these.

the vanilla papaya scrub looks (and i bet it smells) awesome! i can be reached at utsiesharma at gmail dot com.  thanks!

I love this website!  I learned that there are many, many products there that I want to try.  Also, I didn’t know that you couldn’t use alcohol-based products to clean yoga mats.  Thanks for sharing.

Juniperseed Mercantile looks like a great place to shop for responsibly made and packaged products. I’m thrilled to see they have skin care and cleaning products available at reasonable prices. Thanks for sharing about them! –Kirsten, username at gmail

I learned I need to win the lottery so I can afford everything off that site that I want! It all looks amazing! But I think I want to try the Study Putty and the Crown Chakra Balm first!

What a great site!  I love the look of those dinner napkins!
I can be reached at tunyosmond at yahoo dot ca
Thanks for this giveaway :)

I tend not to wear sunscreen (bad, I know) because most of it – even the “good” stuff – feels awful on my skin.  But I see that Juniperseed has some.  I like their whole approach so I’ll give it a try.  My contact info is  Enjoy your meditation weekend!

I learned that they don’t sell toothbrushes. (I really want that lip balm!)

I am Puck and you can contact me at I am loving all the alternatives to disposable items on the Juniperseed Mercantile website! I did not know you could make cloth out of bamboo, so this is really exciting to find out. :)
I definitely want to try out the unscented and mint lip balms–plastic-free packaging makes me so happy (especially since my lips chap a LOT and I feel terrible to be constantly buying plastic-encased lip balms).

I discovered they have a “folky crown chakra temple salve balm for groovy head feelings” that I would totally love to try. The name and product sound awesome! and my contact info is: patricialbf

Wow! The plastic-free fight is so rewarding–to see these changes!

I just tried to purchase lip balm through the Juniper Mercantile site (I never win giveaways so I figured, might as well!), and the discount code doesn’t work. Could it not be coded in yet?

So awesome! I’m a grad student at MIT. In my free time, I try to get fellow students to think about reducing plastic packaging in their lives as consumers. I’d love to purchase these lipbalms for future giveaways on campus! cherrythescientist (at)

I didn’t know you could fleece bamboo fabric.  The lip balm looks wonderful! Also the papaya vanilla scrub.  Bookmarked!  Wonder if she’ll package in a glass jar if requested.  I notice some things come with that option, but not all.  Either way, once I run through my current chunk of cocoa butter, I’ll give some of her stuff a try!  My email is “stephaniehamar” at gmail.

Juniperseed Mercantile has a home run. I see on their site that if you order $50 of goods, shipping is free. I may order lots of lip balm to give away as gifts

My name is Emily, you can contact me through the email address I recorded with livefyre, and I learned that you can put flower powder in soap!

I like that there is a whole section on “alternatives to disposables.” The lip balm flavors sound yummy! Sarah Lecus: sarahlecus (at) gmail (dot) com

I am interested in some of the face scrubs, but especially those lip balms. None of the ingredients are on my known “i hate that” list. I am a HUGE fan of lip balm and have a million tubes all over my house/car/office. I’m also kind of picky so I am always as bit shy about trying new brands

Love this…and will try the lip balm. I looked on their site to see if they have regional retailers. Does not look like it. Love learning about Juniperseed Mercantile and all that they offer!

Sunny of Stone Dragon

I do believe I will be ordering a few of the Juniperseed Mercantile products!  I love some of the ideas & products I found on the website, and I’ve bookmarked it for a return to it!

Thanks for posting this giveaway! I love how Juniperseed Mercantile has a section devoted to alternatives for paper towels, napkins and baby wipes etc. Over the years I have cut back dramatically on the amount of paper towel I use and for a while thought I was doing a good thing by stocking up on micro fibre cloths, until I learned what microfibres are made from…hmmm.
I am motivated to pick up some of those cotton chenille cloths to finally rid my home of paper towels.
youasamachine (at) gmail (dot) com

Awesome unscented lip balm options — rare and delightful to come across. I am reachable at barbaraellenbtiondo@gmaildotcom

What a great giveaway! I just checked out this site, as it is new to me. I really like that they offer organic cotton facial poufs as a disposable alternative to the cotton rounds for sale by the hundreds in stores!