My Plastic-free Life - Topic: Worn out plastic stuff Simple:Press Version 5.7.2 Electrofriend2000 on Worn out plastic stuff Miscellaneous What about making a planter out of an old bike helmet? Maybe some herbs. It could hang from the chin strap.

Fri, 21 Sep 2012 13:07:55 -0700
urbanwoodswalker on Worn out plastic stuff Miscellaneous I actually use broken glass frames in my trashion fashions. I only find one or two a year lying on the ground.  I also use other items...old plastic combs, and small bits of discarded plastics. No helmets, or things like that though.  You can contact me if you have a few pairs...any size ok.

See if you have a craft swap near you. They will always take discarded fabrics, and interesting garments with could be cut up to make tote bags and such.  I know this is a plastic free web site, but there are many folks that would make toe bags out of discarded rain coats. Or just donate your used clothing to the thrift shop and let them worry about it. 

You do pose a good quest though...not everyone can afford a non plastic rain coat. gore-tex fabric is expensive.  Many waterproof items are made with synthetics like nylon, and plastics.   

Thu, 20 Sep 2012 07:07:20 -0700
Melody on Worn out plastic stuff Miscellaneous What do I do with old bike helmets, broken sunglasses, worn out swimsuits?  Or rain jackets that aren't water proof?


These are all things we're been replacing recently that don't seem to have plastic free alternatives, but I at least want to find the best disposal solutions.

Fri, 14 Sep 2012 22:38:56 -0700