My Plastic-free Life - Topic: Breastmilk storage Simple:Press Version 5.7.2 Hana on Breastmilk storage Plastic-free Alternatives Hi there, I stored my breastmilk in the glass jars that were originally used for a sterile water. they use them in hospitals (NICU) for IV fluids. hospitals throw them out. They were awesome. Easy to wash in diswasher (glass jar and metal lids). the only thing is make use don't fill them up all the way up as they may crack on you. Milk explands in volume when frozen.

Also do some research on vitamin A in breastmilk stored in glass, I read somewhere that it adhers to the glass sides....


they were great for blended food as well. I made big batches and then froze some...Glass canning jars will do the job too.


And of course remember that fresh is the best! 






Wed, 20 Feb 2013 04:28:27 -0800