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Natalie on Styrofoam/Polystyrene NYC Ban Plastic News The ban on polystyrene has gone through in NYC.  I think this is very exciting news!  It doesn't go through immediately; if the opponents of the ban can find a way for NYC to recycle styrofoam in the next year, then it won't go into effect.  This still doesn't get rid of the problem of single-use containers, and the alternatives might not be ideal.  My understanding is that, in addition to being slower to degrade, it is worse for your health.  According to this guide that I got from this blog (, 

"Styrene can leach from polystyrene plastic.

Styrene is toxic to the brain and nervous system, among workers with longer-term exposures,15,16 but also has been found to adversely affect red blood cells, liver, kid- neys and stomach in animal studies.17 Aside from exposure from food containers, children can be exposed to styrene from secondhand cigarette smoke, off-gassing of building materials, auto exhaust fumes and drinking water. "

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