Beth TerryWelcome. I'm Beth Terry, an accountant from Oakland, Calif. In 2007, I unexpectedly found myself an activist, author, and public speaker after learning about the devastating effects of plastic pollution and my own plastic footprint. flourishThis site has evolved from a simple blog (formerly known as "Fake Plastic Fish") to a comprehensive resource on plastic-free living. Please explore, join a challenge, ask questions, subscribe. Together, we can change the world.

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Get Started

Here are my top 99 steps to get started on a plastic-free journey. Choose a few to begin with. Don't try to do it all at once!

1. Carry reusable shopping bags.

2. Give up bottled water.

3. Shop your local farmers market.

4. Say no to plastic produce bags.

5. Buy from bulk bins as often as possible.

6. Cut out sodas, juices, and all other plastic-bottled beverages.

7. Buy fresh bread that comes in either paper bags or no bags.

8. Return containers for berries, cherry tomatoes, etc. to the farmer’s market to be reused.

9. Bring your own container for meat and prepared foods.

10. Choose milk in returnable glass bottles.

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I've spent many nights this past month (August 2014) updating the look and feel of this site to highlight the many resources available for plastic-free living. If you have thoughts or suggestions, please leave them in a comment below. I'd love to know what else you would like to see here and what would make the site easier to navigate. ~ Beth

In Denver
In Denver

Thank you for your site. The home page is a cornucopia.- very helpful.

I always link through your site when buying  plastic free products which are generally easy to find.  It would be nice to have a specific site to send business to for plastic free ideas.  Not suggesting you create something new - just a place on the home page that a business would be attracted to if I gave them this website address. 


Hello! Let's get in touch via phone. We have quite a lot in common and may even be able to share research!


I like the site so much - easy to navigate, attractive to view - thanks!

Rettavayal S Krishnasamy
Rettavayal S Krishnasamy

Plastic has made this earth sick. Some suggestions. Make the manufacturing companies take back the packaging materials after delivery or installations. It may be a refrigerator or a computer. Use milk/oil vending machines instead of pockets.  Krishna

For more :


Hey Beth, I wanted to share this music video with you since it is directly approaching the topic of our "plastic world". It seems hard to get a hold of you, so I'll just post it here! Hope you see it and enjoy:


What do you do about your computer and cellphone? and your TV + remote? and all your cables and so on...? Is your fridge plastic free? oh, so manny questions.. But I am truly curios. 


Thanks. Lots of good ideas, mostly for homeowners, but it's always encouraging to know so many are making the effort. But what is happening in big cities? Before plastic we had incineration and widespread use of paper bags. It's just too bad that an enormous world-wide industry of producing plastics has flourished in the wake of closing incinerators at the behest of improving air quality, which has helped on that score.

Not using plastic bags will keep some of us busy and feeling good, but...

The average consumer is not in a position to field all the obstacles created by self-serving corporate interests. Consumers only have their vote and their dollar to make themselves heard.

We have an election coming up. I hope not voting is no longer seen as a meaningful protest. Not voting in elections is one way we have ended up with corporate representatives in Congress who stonewall the things we think are important. In some elections we are faced with the lesser of two evils, but that is where we must start if we have to. We need to send the strongest message we can to Congress, by voting in hard working people who show up ready to do the best for us all, who will get out of our personal lives and back into running a country that works.  


Single-use plastic bag bans in shops is an important step in reducing some of the issues we face environmentally, and is worth our support. That being said, as consumers who thought we were recycling these "free" plastic bags for trash/garbage disposal, are we now faced with having to purchase new plastic garbage bags for our trash? Any suggestions for collecting and disposing household trash/garbage? I am an apartment dweller and don't have the options homeowners often do. We put our garbage in large bins in the building, or we bring them directly to our dumpster. We're not supposed to place loose garbage in the bins or garbage. I have many shopping bags and am happy to use them. I do not want to spend my limited income to purchase plastic garbage bags.

Stephen Fawcett
Stephen Fawcett


Thanks for your hard work. A lot. We are screening "plastic Paradise at CSUN this Tuesday evening. Sure could use a shout out from you. would you please?

Students are free, public admission is $10 (ONLINE ONLY)


Thx so much. I will give you a summary after Tuesday.


Stephen Fawcett



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International travel: for some countries where it's recommended that people buy drinking water in plastic bottles to avoid water-borne diseases such as typhoid, cholera, and Hepatitis A, an alternative is to use a SteriPen which uses ultra-violet light to destroy pathogens.  They are also great for campers and backpackers anywhere where good, fresh, clean drinking water may not be available.   I've just bought a Steripen, intending to use it along with a stainless steel Kleen Kanteen, for purifying our drinking water when we travel to Peru.  I also just discovered the Travelers Against Plastic campaign.  For information see Travelers can take the TAP pledge at


I'm wondering if you have researched dehydrators. I've been able to find some all stainless ones, but they require a liner to accommodate things like granola, or nuts. Without that they fall through. The most popular of these is the new Excaliber and they told me yes, those foods would fall through! I can line with waxed paper, but that melts and sticks to the food and parchment --a popular suggestion--also contains plastic. Any thoughts?

Thank you for all the information on your site! It is so helpful. Jennifer

BethTerry moderator

@Redbird46 Hi.  It's interesting that you feel most of the ideas here seem to be geared towards homeowners, because I am not a homeowner and all of the ideas here are things that I do myself.  In fact, reducing my plastic consumption was one thing I felt I could do since I don't own my home and am not in a position to make changes to the actual structure of the building.  I agree with you about voting.  I agree that personal changes are not enough.  However they are important.  Here's why:


@BethTerry @AzraelBCollin Okey, thanx for the answer.. but.. not what I was looking for. Your blog headline is "plastic free". Såo for me that means NO plastic what so ever. That's why I was curios.. Recycling is something quite normal in Sweden, so no news sadly. It was the "plastic free life" I was interested in. ;)