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October 26, 2009

Year 3, Month 4 Results: 4.7 oz of Plastic Waste

This weekend in L.A., helping to launch the Plastic Pollution Coalition and joining in events, was amazing. I have so much to share with you! But first, something that is long overdue:  my monthly plastic tally for the month ending 10/15/09. The total plastic is down.  Way down. Although there are a few missing items which I will share at the end of the tally.

This month, it’s all new plastic waste:

Plastic Packing tape. From delivery of stainless steel ice cube trays. I have written to Ramin at and shared with him links to recycled paper tape he could switch to. He has agreed to check it out. Other than the tape, there was no other plastic packaging in the box. 1 plastic tear strip from a Jiffy padded envelope. This was from delivery of the Tapped DVD screener, which I need to remember to return to the Mill Valley Film Festival! I’ll reuse the same envelope. Jiffy padded mailers are made from Kraft paper with inner paper… Read the rest
September 16, 2009

Year 3, Month 3 Results: 8.6 oz of plastic waste

It’s been another month already. Life is just flying by. And I haven’t had a drink in two days. Now, before getting into this month’s tally, I just want to clarify something I wrote on Monday. Many readers took exception to this statement:

Alcohol helps to quell the fear of unpunctuated silence, the endless possibilities of what could be if I sat with my feelings instead of trying to push them aside. Wine especially is so damned tasty and enjoyable and helps me forget what a loser I am.

Contrary to MonkeyJen’s assertion that I am clever because by writing that I am a loser, I got all of you to write and tell me I’m not, I wasn’t fishing for compliments or even reassurance. The fact is that I have an addiction problem. There, I said it. And part of addiction is feeling like crap. Feeling like you are nothing without your crutch and then feeling like you are even worse because of your crutch. And then fearing that if people … Read the rest

August 25, 2009

Year 3, Month 2 Results: 3.4 oz of plastic waste

Oh hai. Once again it’s time for another monthly plastic tally. This month was tough, what with all the traveling. And there are several items not even shown in the photo for various reasons which I will list below. My sister suggested I take a break from plastic collecting/tallying during my visit with family in Hawaii, but that feels like it could be a slippery slope. And since this tally has nothing to do with blame and everything to do with education, it’s valuable to see what kinds of situations lead to more plastic waste. That said, here’s the tally.

Plastic used up this week but purchased before the plastic project began: 1 bottle of Hunt’s ketchup & cap. This shows you how rarely we eat ketchup in our home. This bottle has been around for over two years! We finally used it up this month.I have replaced it with a glass bottle of Westbrae Naturals fruit sweetened ketchup. The funny thing is, I bought the Westbrae ketchup… Read the rest

July 14, 2009

Year 3, Month 1 Results: 8.8 oz of plastic waste

Well, it’s been a month since the Two-Year Anniversary of Fake Plastic Fish, and as mentioned, I’m going to be posting my tallies once a month from now on rather than weekly. So, while this may look like a lot of plastic, please remember that it was collected in over four weeks. Still, it’s more than I’d like it to be, so let’s look at the tally and descriptions to see what was inevitable and what could have been avoided.

Plastic used up this week but purchased before the plastic project began: 1 mini microphone. Chewed through by Miss Arya. I have to be so careful about leaving cords lying around within kitty reach. Don’t know if I can figure out how to fix this.

1 Kaiser Permanente Membership card. For some reason, Kaiser felt the need to send everyone a new improved card, even though the old ones still worked.

Plastic coating from Disney pencil. I found another Disney pencil in my home (must have been given to me by a friend)… Read the rest

June 15, 2009

FPF Anniversary! Year 2, Week 51 & 52 Results: 6.9 oz of plastic waste

It’s Fake Plastic Fish’s 2-Year anniversary of collecting trash. Plastic trash. I’m planning to change things up a little after today, but here is the tally for the last two weeks.

Plastic used up this week but purchased before the plastic project began: 1 bottle Woolite plus cap. We’ve had this bottle for over two years and finally used it up. It will not be replaced. I’ve got info on plastic-free laundry products coming up in a blog post this week.

1 bottle of Shout stain remover plus sprayer. Just like above, we’ve had this stuff for over two years and finally used it up. Will write about plastic-free stain removal this week as well. And I plan to reuse this bottle for the homemade air freshener I’m going to make when our current bottle of natural citrus air freshener runs out. (That bottle unfortunately can’t be refilled.)

1 nasty chewed up synthetic sponge. We are using up a few more synthetic sponges… Read the rest

June 1, 2009

Year 2, Week 48, 49, & 50 Results: 4.1 oz of plastic waste

Well, here is three week’s worth of plastic waste. I’m back on track. And your tallies (Show Us Your Plastic Trash Challenge) have been coming in so fast, that I have created a special new place for them. More on that tomorrow.

Plastic used up this week but purchased before the plastic project began: 1 bandaid. I cut my finger with a sharp knife while making my Plastic Sea Monster costume. I really don’t have the energy to explain how this happened. :-)

Expired Credit Union debit card. I have cancelled this account, mainly because I never use it.

New plastic waste: 8 plastic envelope windows. From Financial West Group, ING Direct, Comcast, PG&E Solar, USE Credit Union, Bay to Breakers, Green Sangha, & a payment from a bookkeeping client. As I’ve mentioned before, I am working to be removed from as many mailing lists as possible. Most of these envelopes were unavoidable. Since I’m on the board of Green Sangha,… Read the rest

May 11, 2009

Year 2, Week 47 Results: .05 oz of plastic waste

Here’s this week’s tally with a few announcements at the bottom of the post. And a request!

All new plastic waste: 1 plastic envelope window. From Financial West Group. They still do not offer online only statements.

1 plastic drinking straw. Doh! I’m usually so diligent about requesting no plastic straw when ordering drinks. But last night, at Herbivore Restaurant in Berkeley, I threw caution and diligence to the wind, impulsively ordering a mai tai and suffering the plastic consequences. Oh, I had my GlassDharma straw with me. But my drink arrived with the unwrapped plastic straw already in it, so I couldn’t send it back to be reused.

That’s it for the week.Announcement: Oakland rocks. I love my city, and next week even more, as the City Council has decided to publicly commend Oakland company Brita, Oakland store Whole Foods, and Oakland resident Beth Terry, for our joint roles in support of Brita water filter … Read the rest

May 4, 2009

Year 2, Week 46 Results: 1.8 oz of plastic waste PLUS Earth Day Winner!

I’m back from my meditation retreat, where I slept many, many hours. Felt like I was straddling the line between flu and health. Maybe it was just ordinary tiredness. In any case, the takeaway was a profound lesson: “Don’t push the river.” I know what the phrase means to me. What does it say to you?

Before I get on with the week’s plastic tally, the random winner of the 2009 Earth Day Less Plastic Pledge Giveaway is: Sharonus. Please contact me with your mailing address. You will receive two beautiful GlassDharma drinking straws as well as two ChicoBags kindly donated for this contest by Alline of Milkweed Mercantile who blogs at A Passion For Green Business. You won’t forget and leave your ChicoBags in the car if you carry them in your purse or backpack!

And now, here is this week’s tally. Plastic acquired before the plastic project began:

1 PET plastic jar of Masala Chai instant spiced tea blend plus lid.… Read the rest
April 27, 2009

Year 2, Week 45 Results: .2 oz of plastic waste

I’m crunched for time today. Working on computer issues at work (remotely) and computer issues at home. So here’s the quick tally for the week. I worked on something special this weekend. Some of my Facebook and Twitter friends have already seen it. I’ll post it here tomorrow.

Oh, and Mrs. Bell … you are a LaundryTree winner. I posted a comment on your blog. I need you to email me your mailing address.

Here’s the tally. Plastic acquired before the plastic project began:

Plastic baggie around an old obsolete instruction manual. Found while organizing my bookshelf.

And here’s the new plastic waste:

Plastic cling wrap. Oh, this stuff is the worst! I was in downtown San Francisco and ordered a sandwich at a deli I’d never been to before. I handed them my stainless steel LunchBot container and asked for my sandwich to be placed inside it. Then, I stopped paying attention. Of course, when I got the sandwich back,… Read the rest
April 20, 2009

Year 2, Week 44 Results: 1.2 oz of plastic waste & LaundryTree Winners!

Well, it was a plastic-filled week, as you can see. Please read through to the bottom of this post to find out the winners of the LaundryTree soapnuts giveaway!

The tally for last week included all new plastic waste:

6 plastic baggies from purchase of new Canon PowerShot SD780 IS camera. I had to replace the camera that was swiped on Wednesday. Normally, if I lose or break a plastic item, I’ll wait and try to find it used or ask myself if I really need it in the first place. But with no camera, I can’t do this blog. It’s that simple. I replaced my camera the same day I lost it.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t care about the plastic. First of all, I chose the smallest camera I could find. Check it out. This thing is the size of a credit card and will easily fit in my pocket. (I took this photo with my cell phone and had to doctor it in Photoshop to make it as sharp as it is.)

The camera comes in a small cardboard box with molded paper dividers. No Styrofoam… Read the rest