July 16, 2009

Basilbias-Week Number Four


Produce Tape

Netting Scraps
From some produce bags I made for my friend.

Seal & Pull Tab Thing from Tamari Lid

Tamari Lid

Fruit Sticker

Toothpaste Cap

Two Jar Seals
I’ve forgotten what these are from now.

Laundry Detergent Bottle
I buy detergent in powder form, but my roommate bought the liquid stuff this time because she read on the machine that that’s what you’re supposed to use. I gave her some flak about the bottle it came in, but not before she’d already bought another one (she’s much more on top of things than I could ever hope to be…)

Rice Milk Container

Items: 11
Total Weight: 6.5 oz

During week number four, I planned a little better and avoiding most plastic wasn’t too bad. I made seitan and vegan mayonnaise from scratch. The mayo was really easy, the seitan was a lot of work (usually I only make it for special occasions) but they were both delicious in my seitan salad. I also graduated from reusing plastic bags for bulk foods to bringing my own jars. The bulk counter people at the Berkeley Bowl had to do a little extra work because I had the weights written on the jars in ounces and I guess their scales only understand pounds. But I went home and did the conversions, so now all my jars are set to go.

Fake Plastic Fish
Fake Plastic Fish

Darn those pesky efficient roommates!There was some discussion on my Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/beth.terry1) yesterday about whether or not Aveda would take back toothpaste caps. I think the consensus is that they will. I would link to the discussion but I can't figure out how.