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September 28, 2009

BillieRyder – Plastic Trash Eating Challenge – Month 4

Another month has gone by. It goes by so quickly. Weight Loss: 3lbs (all in the last week) Items: 58 Weight of plastic: 10.25 oz 21 hot chocolate pots tortilla bag candy wrapper peanut butter jar +lid – recycled Bavaria Blue cheese plastic wrap 3 milk lid 3 milk zipper 3lb beef tray chocolate chip […]

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September 1, 2009

BillieRyder – Plastic Trash Eating Challenge – Week #12

No weight loss to report. It is hard to believe that I have spent 1/4 of my year involved in this challenge. I have lost 7 lbs to date. And on to the weekly statistics: Weight: 1.75oz + chicken tray Items: 17 Styrofoam chicken tray plastic from cheese “Sole Gran Queso” plastic from Parmesan cheese […]

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