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July 14, 2007

Tina, eat the plastic food!


knitfish02Another sleepless night. Another wacky “art” project. Meet Tina. Tina’s tummy is full of plastic bags. And that’s okay, because she’s a fake plastic fish. In fact, her whole body is knitted from plastic bags… from the plastic bag “yarn” ball I made the other night. Click on images to see larger.

And remember, plastic bags are not evil. How can they be? They’re just plastic bags. It’s the overproduction of and disposal of them by humans that causes harm to other living things. So here are a few plastic bags that, for the time being, are just hanging out being a fish called Tina.

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needle felted dogs
15 years ago

Great way recycle / reuse plastic bags :)

Shaun M
15 years ago

Loved the fish! This is skill! It totally looks fishy and scalley! Terrific!

I’ll bet there are hundreds of us out there somewhere with a ball of plastic “yarn”, just waiting for an inspirational moment!

Thank you!
Shaun M.

heather t
15 years ago

Awesome fish!

Nicole – I think if you already have a bazillion plastic bags, then it’s ok to do something crafty with them. But don’t go out and get more to use them for crafts. (Email me and I’ll send you mine, lol!)

Stretch Mark Mama
15 years ago


15 years ago

I have a plastic yarn ball waiting to be crocheted into a grocery bag. I can’t decide if that’s good or not…to take a bazillion plastic grocery bags and make them into one. hmm…

Beth Terry
15 years ago

You’re not crazy! They have a song called “Flake Plastic Trees.”

Michelle Verges
15 years ago


This is a GREAT fish!!! I love it. I really do! :0)

And for some reason, your blog reminds me of Radiohead. Either I’m going crazy or Radiohead has similar title to one of their songs. (I’m probably going crazy.)

Anyway, kudos for creating such a beautiful plastic fish!!