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November 30, 2007

Quest for Questions

I got an e-mail today from a new reader who wanted the answers to some basic questions: What’s the goal of Fake Plastic Fish? Why am I doing this? When does the project end? What’s been the most difficult lifestyle change I’ve had to make so far?

I realize that unlike EnviroWoman’s plastic-free blog, Fake Plastic Fish’s goals have been less clearly defined, mainly because as I stated at the outset, this is a place for me to learn and to share what I learn with others. In the beginning, I really had no idea how much plastic I was consuming or how much I’d be able or willing to give up.

Anyway, it just so happens that I was thinking of writing up a FAQ for people who are new to this blog, so the reader’s questions came at a perfect time. As I mentioned a few days ago, Blogger’s capabilities don’t allow me to make the site as easy to navigate as I’d like, so I think a page answering basic questions would be helpful.

Please help me come up with the questions for the FAQ. If you are new here, what are you wondering? If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, what questions do you have that are still unanswered? Any and all questions are welcome. (I may not know the answers, but having the questions might motivate me to find them!)

Oh, and Michael’s and my 3-year wedding anniversary is coming up on Monday, but we’ll be celebrating this Sunday at The Mint karaoke lounge where we had our wedding reception. Come out and get your sing on with us! (I did not just write that.)

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15 years ago

I’ve recently started reading your blog and I’d love to know if you’ve done any research on the types of plastics used and why some are worse than others (like #3 plastic…) Keep on blogging, you’re an inspiration!

terrible person
15 years ago

Here is an NPR story about a study showing that most — in fact, 99.9% — of product environmental claims are false!

15 years ago

I agree that I’d LOVE to see a summary of some of your research. Like a nice big list of “crap you didn’t know had plastic in it”. You’re the one who taught me about canned goods and tetrapaks, and I’m sure you’ve got lots more you could add to the list. Would make a great reference!

terrible person
15 years ago

By the way, the Mint switched over a year ago from using CDs of the karaoke songs to having them all on the computer. Sooo … less plastic!

har mar
15 years ago

OMIGOD you DID just write that. haha. and i’m not coming out unless you and michael do the dance from the video i sent you yesterday!

heather t
15 years ago

I came over here from a link on No Impact Man, looking for other thought-provoking “extreme” environmental blogs. Not “chain yourself to a bulldozer” extreme, but normal people doing the most they can to help the environment. My assumption of your goal was that you were trying to get your plastic use down as little as possible. At least once a week you amaze me with one more way to cut down on plastic.

I used to think that if plastic was recyclable in my community, then it was ok to use it. You’ve made me rethink that. And while I’m not as far down the enviro-path as I’d like to be, it’s bloggers like you who help me keep going.

So questions? I was thinking of things like who are you and what led you down this path, but I like Rosa’s ideas for a plastic FAQ. I agree that one of your strengths is your depth of research – things I don’t have time or a spare brain cell for! If you could somehow condense some of your research entries into Q&A form, that would be great.

15 years ago

I like the concrete stuff you research – does my recycling *reallY* get recycled? Where can I buy plastic-free toilet paper? What is tyvek? How can I avoid plastic at the grocery store? Why can’t I put grocery bags in the recycling bin?

It’s stuff I wonder about and then don’t do my research and just buy whatever is at the store when I need it. Having you do the research is really, really helpful.