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January 15, 2008

Questions and requests for Brita users in U.K. and Central Europe

04/14/2008 Update: If you’ve reached this page because you want to know how to recycle Brita filter cartridges in North America, please visit for more information about the campaign to urge Clorox (owner of Brita in North America) to develop a take-back recycling program for these cartridges!

I’m still trying to find out why the North American Brita Corporation will not take back and recycle their used filter cartridges like the European company does. The North American Brita corporation claims that the cartridges themselves use a different technology. That may be true of the On Tap filters, but from photos online, the classic pitcher filters look just the same as ours. Would any reader in the U.K. be willing to send me a classic pitcher filter so I can compare it with the U.S. version? Sending the box and instructions would be really helpful, too. I will pay for the cost of the filter and the shipping. We can do it via PayPal or any other way you’d like.

It does, however, appear that the OnTap faucet cartridges, which I believe are only sold in Central Europe and Asia, are different from ours. In fact, this looks like a better design to me, as the entire housing is not part of the disposable filter. I gather these are not available in the U.K., right? Would someone in a European country that uses these types of filters be willing to send me one of them with the box? Same as above. I will reimburse.

And I’d love to hear from anyone living in Europe who recycles their Brita cartridges. Can you please let me know what country you’re in, what type of filter you use (faucet or pitcher and what model), where you take it to recycle, and just what your experience has been using these where you live. I’m trying to gather as much information as I can to present to the North American company.

I’m not planning on having too many more posts about this issue on Fake Plastic Fish. As I mentioned before, I created a Yahoo Group for anyone who wants to look into it further. But I thought tonight this would be a way to gather some info from folks in Europe who are not part of that group.

Thanks! You can contact me directly via email if you don’t want to comment.

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I wrote to them asking about a recycling program in the states. Hopefully they’ll respond soon with some solutions because I hate throwing crap like that away. I know it’s never going to decompose.


Hi I am also in London and as of now Brita UK will no longer accept used cartridges directly. Bins are being set-up in retail outlets to throw spent cartridges, however there are only two retail outlets participating at the moment, no major supermarkets!

mutual information

Tristanbinns: It looks like the natural collection filter uses that polycarbonate jug. Very bad plastic for many reasons. If they could sell it with a glass one, that would great. Thanks for the info.


Hi – I’m in London, and use the Brita Classic filters. We can’t take them to our recycling centres, but can send them in the post to Brita, who recycle them. I believe they are required to by European Law, which makes the producer take back items when their useful life is over, and recycle them. I’d be happy to send you a used filter and box, if that helps. Do you know about the filter sold by Natural Collection, which is a packet of filter bits, to refill a reuseable plastic housing?


CANADA: I recall that our food coop stopped stocking Brita products after they stopped recycling the filtre catrtidges. I believe it was because Brita changed hands to Clorox or something evil like that. Regardless, they are in complete control of their design, what plastics go into it, and if and how these can be recycled. They are just being greedy.