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April 17, 2008

Announcement – Phone meeting with Clorox tomorrow!

Take Back the Filter badgeI haven’t posted in a few days. Have been feeling under the weather (as opposed to over the weather? Over the rainbow?) and in between coughs, sending emails to folks to sign the Take Back The Filter campaign petition.

Good news: Just got an email from a representative from Clorox and scheduled a phone meeting for tomorrow at 8:30 Pacific Time. As I write this, we’ve collected 184 signatures on our petition. It’s a great start, but I just know we can do better. If you haven’t signed yet, now’s the time. Can we get 500 by tomorrow morning???

I don’t care if you are not a current Brita customer. You could be in the future if they would take care of their waste, right? And I’m not requiring your email address or even home address (although those are helpful to us to have.) Just name, city, state, zip code.

Sorry to hound you. By next week, I’ll be back to my regular plastic-blogging self. And tomorrow I plan to announce the winners of the two children’s books. But for now, please help by signing the petition and forwarding it to everyone you know!

Thanks. You guys rock. Now stop rocking for a second and go sign!

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Where have I been? I’m sorry I signed so late!

terrible person

Here is a story from Public Radio’s “Marketplace”, with our old friend Tess Vigeland, about replacements for bottles made with BPA. “Marketplace” also has a cool blog, called “The Greenwash Brigade” that investigates companies’ claims of viridity.

Maybe soon they’ll do something on Brita filters!


I’m glad you hounded too. I kept telling myself to remember to do it and I finally got it done :)

Blue Collar Crunch

377 signers so far!


we wantz to syn PETishun but cant holdz pen in pawz! sum hoomin plz syn 4 us kthxbai.

Blue Collar Crunch

Tracey – already done, but thanks for the suggestion:


Create a Facebook Group for this and pass the petition around that way.


I’m so glad you hounded because I was so intent on forwarding the petition to people that I forgot to sign it.