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April 22, 2008

Earth Day 2008 – Pieces of a World that I Love

Earth Day. I have nothing deep to add to the discussion except these photos that I took today during a walk through my semi-urban neighborhood. I was trying to look at the materials of my world: plastic, wood, cement, glass, cotton, leather, steel, plant, flesh, without judgment or dismay, but simply appreciation. I wish you could smell the coffee at Peaberry’s or hear the rush of the traffic from the BART platform. Earth is not just a beautiful blue and green planet in space or some elusive wilderness. It’s everything, mundane and profound. And it’s every single day, isn’t it?

Click to see photos larger. Enjoy.

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Michael T
13 years ago

erikka said it all. well, i mean, you did too, beth, know.

everything around here is part of the earth. the divide between nature and humankind is a false one, and we need to be careful what we do.

i loved the picture of the newspaper vending machines. don’t know why.

nice job!

Urban (r)Evolutionary
13 years ago

Great blog.
And great pics of your hometown, it looks lovely..

I’ve only just become really aware about the Plastic Problem.. and whilst I’m not sure I could quite match you for your dedication to elimination.. I am definitely starting out on trying to be really conscious of what and how I do what I do.. and therefore how to change..

13 years ago

o we rememberz now we sawz sum uv dose things wen u put us in box and tooked us to vet doctor do dat agen soon kthxbai.

Blue Collar Crunch
13 years ago

Your photos are beautiful! Makes me nostalgic remembering visits to family members who live out your way.

13 years ago

wut iz dis “urf” u tok about? u mean dere iz wurld outside living rum bedrum kichen gross rum & 2 forbidden rums? y u nevver letz us c it?

Anarres Natural Health
13 years ago

Thanks for sharing your world.
I always tried to imagine it, and REALLY enjoyed this post.

13 years ago

ironically, i think your post was more deep than some of the other “deep thoughts” out there for earth day.

thank you for reminding people of some simple concepts often over looked –

1. every day is earth day

2. every thing we see out there every day is part of earth

3. every time we see every thing as part of earth, we get one step closer to understanding why every little action we do affects the whole planet somehow.

13 years ago

Beautiful pictures! I love them. They’re also making me homesick for the Bay Area. :)

Happy Earth Day, Beth!

Green Bean
13 years ago

I love the mix of photos. Thank you.

heather t
13 years ago

Very nice photo essay. The good and the bad all together.

13 years ago


You’re quite the writer! Thank you for sharing. This was beautiful.


13 years ago

That was fun. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your world in pictures.

Happy Earth Day, everyday!

13 years ago

Happy Earth Day!

Thank you so much for sharing your simple gratitude of the world!
It would be wonderful if we could all slow down sometimes and appreciate the world for what it is.

I’m inspired by your blog work!

Thanks for all you do!