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May 27, 2008

Junk floating in the ocean

By now, most readers of this blog have read about the swirling plastic soup in the North Pacific Gyre and learned about the harm to marine life as well as the bioaccumulation of toxic chemicals that are attracted to these tiny plastic pieces. This coming Sunday, June 1, a couple of intrepid adventurers will sail their own Junk out into the Pacific carrying a large plastic bottle filled with messages from students and individuals across the nation. The bottle of messages will eventually be delivered to state and federal legislators.

The Junk is actually a raft made with 15,000 plastic bottles. The journey is part of an educational effort called Message in a Bottle, and the adventurers are some of the same members of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation (AMRF) who made the trip out to the North Pacific Gyre this past winter and brought back samples of the plastic foating out there.

If you enjoyed following the blog of the Alguita on its voyage this winter, you might want to subscribe to the Junk’s blog this time around. And also consider making a donation to support the work of the AMRF and including your own message in the bottle.

I feel very privileged this week to be able to support the campaigns of No Impact Man yesterday and AMRF today because it was through information from these two sources that my own awareness of the problems of plastic came into being and Fake Plastic Fish was born nearly a year ago. We’ve come so far, and yet there is still so far to go.

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14 years ago

Why wouldn’t work? Plastic bottles are just mini-pontoons

14 years ago

Using an old airplane fuselage as the cabin? What a neat idea as it would not be bothered by wind or water and is ready-made for the trip.

14 years ago

I recently saw a PBS special on the plastic contaminents in our ocean and the albatros- narrarated by Edward Norton. OMG- life is just not the same since watching that!

I was a bit green before- but now I am trying very hard to make a difference. It’s not always EASY- I applaud your efforts, your honesty and your committment. Your blog and the information you provide inspires me to try harder everyday and to educate those around me.

Thank you!

terrible person
14 years ago

Wow. It’s like Thor Heyerdahl’s “Ra” expeditions. It will prove that ancient peoples could have sailed all over on boats made of bottles. Or that future peoples will be able to.

I’m so glad now that that plastic bottle with the message announcing our impending marriage, the one we tried to throw off the bridge in North Carolina in 2004, didn’t actually make it into the water!

14 years ago

Thanks for the information about The Junk. I wonder if they have the statistics on how many schools have learned about the trip and the general information on the Gyre. While this type of information is really critical, it needs to reach much broader audience for greater number of people to take notice. It seems that people also need to see how the gyre impacts their own lives before taking any actions.

14 years ago

Hey that’s pretty cool! Is the Bon Voyage open to the public? Maybe I will drag a friend of mine to the Long Beach Aquarium ….