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July 30, 2008

Calling Californians – Please take a minute to support plastic bag legislation!

Hi all. Last week, I got an email from Californians Against Waste urging me to send a letter in support of AB 2058, the California bill to protect the environment from plastic bag pollution. I wrote and faxed my letter last week and didn’t even think of forwarding the request here. Duh! Here’s a copy of the letter I sent, which is partially copied from the sample that CAW sent me.

This afternoon, I received an email from my friend Benn at Chicobags urging bloggers to spread the word. So this is me doing just that! Here’s the letter from Benn. Please follow the links to either send your own letter or use the form on the Heal The Bay web site provided. It will only take a few minutes. This is important legislation and necessary, since the plastic bag industry has taken legal action against towns like Oakland and Fairfax that have tried to pass their own bag bans.

Action Alert: Please consider sharing this important plastic bag news with others via blogs, email, etc.

Big oil and plastic bag manufacturers are digging into their deep pockets to fund a campaign against AB 2058. They bought radio spots on stations in LA, and probably beyond. They’re spreading misleading information about the bill and plastic bags.

We’re in the home stretch for AB 2058, a California bill that will protect the environment from paper and plastic bags! Bills must be out of the legislature by August 22. Click here to get your representative’s contact info and let them know you support AB 2058. It doesn’t take much, just write “I support AB 2058 and urge you to vote yes,” and you’ve done your part for the environment!

Please post and distribute this message on blogs, websites, list serves, etc. We need letters and support to get the bill passed!

It’s easy to support AB 2058!

Under AB 2058, large grocery stores and pharmacies would be required to charge a 25 cent fee for paper and plastic grocery bags, the proceeds of which would be used for local litter reduction, cleanup and prevention programs. This fee-based approach has encouraged shoppers to bring their own reusable bags and has reduced plastic bag consumption in Ireland by over 90%.

Can I count on you Californians to do it?

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I don’t want to stir people up, but shouldn’t we be addressing why people get the disposable bags? Why is there no discussion on teaching people what they should do with them instead of just charging everyone a fee and assuming the individual will just let the bag float away in the wind? It wasn’t even announced here in LA when all the stores starting putting the bag recycling containers in front of the stores. Why aren’t the recycling habits and streams being addressed instead of just plastic bags? Why don’t stores have something as simple as a bag “rental”… Read more »

Green Bean

I sent the letter and forwarded this to my mothers’ club and book club. Important to note, though, that if you don’t have time for a letter, a phone call is pretty persuasive to our representatives too. Calling your rep about an issue literally takes less then one minute. Usually, the staffer answering the phone only wants to know what the bill is, your position, and the city you live in. Sometimes, they will also ask you your name. Super easy and these personal contacts to reps make a HUGE impact because most people never bother. As to Homeschoolmom, I… Read more »


I sent the letter and am thrilled by this idea—I hope it’s passed, but the utter contempt and eye-rolling I get at a regular grocery store (like Vons) when I bring my reusable bags makes me less hopeful. People seem really defensive about their plastic bags! Thanks for the heads-up, cuz I hadn’t heard even a whisper of this here in San Diego.


The Minimalist

Our new mayor Sam Adams, is proposing a 10 cents a bag tax on plastic bags which is so great!

I was recently in a supermarket and when asked if plastic was okay, I said I had my own bag. The woman in front of me turned around as she was leaving and said I suppose I’ll be turned into the Green Police now! Taken aback, I replied, there are other advantages like not having them clog up my cupboards. We have a long way to go with this fight!

Small Change

Ok, I know I already commented, and I also know this doesn’t count for your challenge but…after thinking on this subject more today, and your call to contact the California Assembly I thought that I should contact my Seattle City Council and let them know how happy I was on their announcement yesterday. So, I did. While I can’t help in the California dept. I think it’s important we let our governments know when they do something we like too…so thanks FPF…for putting the thought in my head! :)


Fantastic incentive! I don’t live in CA although I wish I did, but have also been hearing about Seattle effort to ban plastic bags by charging for them. I think we are finally headed in the right direction!


I would just like to brag that Los Angeles passed a plastic bag ban. Go LA! I will send letters to my California Assembly later today. But in the mean time w00t LA!! Holla!!!


I may not live in California, but I support ya! I’m going to send a similar letter to my representatives from Kentucky. Our family stopped using disposable bags almost 2 years ago, but we seem to be the exception to the rule in my area.


Woops, please delete that previous comment. I submitted it in the midst of an edit.

I plan to move to California at some point in the next 5 years. I wish I lived there now so I could participate.

Nimic @ The Green Routine

I wish I lived in California and could participate.

Small Change


I don’t live in Cali, but Seattle just passed a bag tax that goes into effect January 1 and I did a post about it yesterday! I’ve been a reader of your blog for a few months, but first time poster! I admire what you’ve done/are doing. I think I’ll link on over to your site today in hopes some of my (very few) readers will head on over and take action! Thanks for all the info!