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August 12, 2008

Dear Music Today Feedback Department…

August 11, 2008

Music Today
Feedback Department
5391 Three Notched Road
Crozet, VA 22932

Dear Music Today:

I am returning to you this plastic padded mailer in which I received my ticket for the Outside Lands concert. I am trying very hard to reduce my plastic consumption and overall waste, and while I appreciate your wanting to get my ticket to me safely, I do believe that this package is a bit too much protection. My paper ticket is certainly not going to break during shipment.

I feel very strongly that care for our environment depends upon both sellers to reduce the amount of packaging and shipping materials they use and consumers to choose products with the least packaging. While shopping, I bring my own reusable bags to avoid taking disposables. I also carry tap water in a reusable bottle to avoid plastic bottle waste and bring my own containers for take-out food.

Plastic, as I’m sure you know, is made from fossil fuels and is not biodegradable. The manufacture of new plastic is fraught with environmental hazards, as is plastic recycling. Therefore, I urge you to rethink the type of mailers in which you send your tickets. A simple recycled paper envelope would suffice.


Elizabeth G. Terry

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13 years ago

oh yeh… at least you got them.
freaking musictoday is making me go nuts… i have a show next week and im still waiting for them.
and since my brother paid them (outside the city) i cant go pick them up, its crazy… i hope they arrived even if this crazy huge plastic bag.

14 years ago

You could also just have printed your ticket at home or at work on a piece of recycled paper.

Gruppie Girl
14 years ago

Very well written. Congrats on educating yet another company.

Wouldn’t sending your tickets in a simple paper envelope be more cost effective than that large padded envelope? Maybe switching to smaller, paper envelopes would be a win-win situation.

Christy B.
14 years ago

Today my Mom got a package – with the whole shebang – the only thing inside was a tiny sample of perfume!

14 years ago

What’s the “G” stand for?


14 years ago

That is just *INSANE*!

I’ve seen some crazy things in my time (toothpaste tubes in boxes wrapped in plastic spring to mind here), but that takes the cake!

For today.

I’m sure I’ll see something even more stupid tomorrow.

Well done to you for returning it, and shame on them for being a) so dumb b) so wasteful and c) so fricking stupid to their bottom line. Their shareholders must HATE them!

In fact, why not write to their board while you’re at it? Hehe.

14 years ago

I can’t believe they sent you a padded envelope for tickets!

14 years ago

If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny…..

14 years ago

Amen! Talk about some ridiculous packaging…

14 years ago

Great letter!

Christy B.
14 years ago

Do they not offer will call where nothing needs to be mailed?

Have fun at the concert!