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October 24, 2008

I voted today!

I Voted stickerDidn’t want to leave it to chance. What if I get hit by a Prius between now and election day and can’t vote? So I turned in my absentee ballot at the Oakland courthouse on Fallon Street today.

Do you know who you’re voting for? If you’re an absentee voter, why not turn in your ballot now? And if not, you can still vote early in most states and avoid the lines on election day.

Fake Plastic Fish is not a partisan blog. And taking care of the environment is not a partisan issue. Still, I want to tell you that I voted for Barack Obama and got a real lump in my throat as I marked my ballot. This election year has been like no other since I’ve been alive, and I feel privileged to be part of it.

Agree with me or disagree. We all have our opinions. Regardless of who you’re voting for, why not join Ruchi’s Armchair Activists and send letters to both candidates asking them to make environmental protection one of their highest priorities, to participate in the U.N. Climate Meetings in December, and to regulate corporate polluters and hold them accountable.

You could throw in some comments about Extended Producer Responsibility, Green jobs, and how about mentioning the plastic soup in the North Pacific Gyre?

Write to Barack Obama here:

Write to John McCain here:

Almost certainly, one of these guys will be our next president. Let’s make sure our issues are their issues.

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15 years ago

Thanks, Beth! That was helpful. Now I feel wiser. :)

Beth Terry
15 years ago

“What is the difference between recycled and post-consumer?”

Hi Anonymous. That is a great question. “Post-consumer” means that the material has been used before in consumer goods. Could be paper that we’ve used and put into our recycling. Could be a plastic bottle that we’ve used and recycled. Could be a recycled newspaper. Could be recycled plastic grocery bags. The point is that it’s actually been used before and now is going to be used again.

“Recycled” could simply mean discards from manufacturing. Say a company produces reams of paper and they have paper scraps leftover from that process. The leftover scraps would be considered recycled if they are used in another product instead of being thrown away. Or a company that makes plastic grocery bags might have scrap plastic sheeting leftover. Trex lumber might use those scraps and call them recycled.

Post-consumer content is preferable to pre-consumer content because by re-using materials, we are actually reducing the need for new virgin materials. If a label simply says “recycled” content without specifying how much of it is “post-consumer,” we have no idea how much of it was previously used and how much is virgin scrap.

I hope I have explained this well. I should probably write a post about it.


15 years ago

What if I get hit by a Prius between now and election day and can’t vote?

Heh. Do you know, this is almost the same reason my mother and I voted early! Well, she always votes early, but she convinced me to do it too. We were going on vacation last weekend and she told me to vote before we left because, “what if our plane crashed?” I decided she was right, and voted! (The plane didn’t crash by the way)

PS, I really enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work!

15 years ago

Aside from the fact that I love to see you talking about voting, and that your blog is just always so grounding to read, I have a question (I searched your past posts to see if you covered this, but I don’t think so):

What is the difference between recycled and post-consumer? It seems like that label is used for products out of recycled plastic and paper. How can products sometimes be a certain % of one, and a different % of the other? I ask because you are sometimes careful about listing BOTH of those labels when you review products. So, I’m curious to know whether you have already done the research on behalf of your readers. :)

Green Bean
15 years ago

I voted yesterday too! And I too felt a little overwhelmed marking Obama’s name. We are at a turning point in this nation. Let’s be heard. Regardless of candidate. Regardless of political affiliation. We all want a better life, a cleaner planet and a more hopeful future.

15 years ago

Thanks for the link, Beth! I just e-mailed my guy.

The Green Cat
15 years ago

GREAT post, Beth. Thanks for the links. I’ll get my letters out this week!

15 years ago

Thanks for the link, Beth. I just e-mailed my guy. It’s neat to see so much enthusiasm about voting this year, which hasn’t always been there in the past.

15 years ago

Go Obama!

In NZ, our system is quite different. Please don’t ask me to say how, because I couldn’t…I’m a musician, not a politics student :] But yes, here we have the option of voting for a minor party that has environmental issues at the core of it’s policy. I think that their voice is important, because it is getting to the point that legislative change is the only way to get people to reconsider the consumer attitudes drummed into us by focus on the economy. Environmental issues are also the issues of attitude, change and action. The way to make people look outside of their pockets and see that there is something bigger is legislative change.

“Only after the last tree has been cut down, the last river has been poisoned, the last fish caught, only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.” – Cree Indian Prophesy

Sera, NZ

15 years ago

It’s interesting to see how you vote, especially as over here in the UK, there has been heavy coverage of the presidential election for months. And at the moment, we’re almost getting a daily update of goings-on.