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February 6, 2009

Love the Ocean, Use Less Plastic

My friend Eli Saddler from wants you to make this a plastic-free Valentine’s Day in 2009. Here are some tips from The FaceBook event he created:

Show your love for that special someone in your life and the ocean on this Valentine’s Day.

Love the Ocean, Use Less Plastic:

1. Bring your reusable bag when you go shopping and/or say “no” when offered a plastic bag.

2. Pick a non-plastic gift to show your love. Really, is plastic the way to say, “I love you”?

3. How about wrapping your gift in a reusable shopping bag?

4. If you live near the ocean, take the time to visit and have a romantic walk on the beach, go surfing, go wildlife watching, or just to watch the sun set. Maybe even take a couple of minutes to pick up some marine debris while you’re there or to even join a beach cleanup that weekend (check your local Surfrider for info:

5. If you go out to dinner, remember to order only sustainable seafood (if you order it at all) and bring your own container for leftovers.

6. Consider donating on behalf of your love to the ocean charity of your choice.

7. Share this event with your friends all over the world to spread the word.

The ocean thanks you and loves you back. ;-)

Feel free to R.S.V.P. on the FaceBook page to show your support for this event. And then forward the invite.

Oh, and Fake Plastic Fish wants to add one more thing to the Valentine’s list: Please use birth control when showing your love. It doesn’t help to save a plastic bag and then bring an unwanted child into the world.

Okay, end of lecture.

P.S. The beautiful tattoo flash was designed by Karen Roze at Sacred Rose Tattoo in Berkeley. I’m thinking I might need to take a little trip over there and add some more ink to my own skin. For the ocean, of course!

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14 years ago

Speaking of babies/life/birth etc, one day a plastic bag could save your life. Pandemic Flu? Solution:

14 years ago

Thank you for mentioning birth control. I keep wondering how bad the climate crisis will have to get before we move past this taboo about commenting on adding to
the population. Even a wanted child is an extravagance when the planet is in crisis (and there are unwanted children already looking for families).

knutty knitter
14 years ago

One of our local shops (bakery) now offers incentives for not using plastic bags. Now, if we could stop them using plastic produce bags….

viv in nz

14 years ago

dude – the safe sex comment – priceless.

A gift cert FOR a tattoo might make a nice valentine’s pressie. (though they sure do use plastic – to keep you safe!) or a massage?

see you next friday! xojen

Beth Terry
14 years ago

Stacey, please don’t read anything into my statement that isn’t there. No such implication. Those who are trying to conceive obviously don’t need birth control. But those who aren’t should use it. My opinion. Yours may differ. People have a huge impact on the planet, so their creation ought to be well-planned. I’ve said it before in more detail here:

Hayley — I had sex ed in school when I was your age, so I’m not worried about freaking you out by mentioning the fact that birth control exists. Glad I could make you laugh!

Green Bean
14 years ago

What a great way to celebrate!

14 years ago

Another way to use no plastic this valentines is furoshiki to wrap presents in scarves, cloth or whatever. Life less plastic shows how onher blog. Really cool!

14 years ago

"Oh, and Fake Plastic Fish wants to add one more thing to the Valentine's list: Please use birth control when showing your love"
-chuckles insanely-
Sorry, I just had to lol at that one ^^

By the way, I was looking at your list on the side and going through all the various product sections and finally came to the "feminine hygiene & adult products"
….totally missed the end part and promptly clicked…
Anyways I resent the "We're all adults here, right?" comment. :D
I'm here, and reading, and I'm no adult ^^
But I'm not actually complaining. Just rambling.
Anyways, nice post x)

EcoLabel Fundraising
14 years ago

Great suggestions. We will take up the walk on the ocean suggestion..

14 years ago

The last time I checked, children weren’t made of plastic and could be raised plasticless if parents so chose. The implication is that all children are unwanted. I beg to differ.

14 years ago

This is inspirational :)

14 years ago

Paper, Plastic, or Canvas?