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March 3, 2009

A Jedi is always prepared…

… with her/his reusable travel mug or water bottle. And this post is just an excuse to show off the depths of our geekitude last Saturday at San Francisco’s WonderCon comic book convention.

Really, it was a wonderland of plastic… plastic action figures, plastic-wrapped posters, plastic bags, plastic boobs (I think). We only went for the opportunity to dress up in costumes left over from the short film Reservoir Jedi, made by Michael and his friend Andy several years ago, and for the chance to see what Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher look like up close these days.

But even at a fantasy convention, the rules of Fake Plastic Fish apply. Michael had his Klean Kanteen, I had my travel mug, and we both refused the plastic swag bag offered at the entrance to the fest.

We walked around looking fabulous (I would so totally dress like this every day if I could get away with it) but did not buy anything but coffee. On the way to the convention center, we passed a firehouse, where one of SF’s finest declared, “Hey, that’s not a light saber. That’s a coffee mug. You can’t fool me!”

Little does he know, therein lies my secret power. Where do you store yours?


And now, some words from a real hero: Captain Charles Moore’s talk at the most recent TED conference. I’ve been waiting anxiously for this to video to finally be posted.

Video Link:

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Star Wars, as you must know, was shot in Tunisia. The first time that I saw a regular guy on the street wearing a burnous I was taken aback but as it got colder it seemed that about half the men of all ages from all walks of life liked to wear them. They are avalable in every price range too, a guy in Douz thought I would pay 800 tnd for a camel hair model while machine sewn ones made of ‘polar fleece'(that’s plastic, right?) could be had in Gabes for 20 tnd. I don’t have one.

These are not the driods you are looking for…they are made of metal – not plastic.

Sorry Beth, I just couldn’t help myself. :)

At least your metal coffee mug looks sci-fi. When I performed at Renaissance Festivals my water/coffee mug was made from wood.

It wasn’t so long ago that we switched from buying juices in litre bottles to buying frozen juice concentrates for the very reason that while the bottles MAY be recyclable, the lids aren’t.

I much prefer the cardboard package with the metal ends.

I’ll be putting this TED piece on my blog, as well. I love TED. Thanks, Beth.

Hi Beth-

Love the costumes! You both look so cute! :)

O M G. I am equally horrified and delighted. PS, I keep mine in my boobies.

Lara, you are freaking out. Don’t freak out. These are just things to ponder, not to freak out about. I agree with you about aluminum bottles. They are coated with plastic inside. I would not use one. SIGG says their bottles do not leach BPA, but they will not reveal what is in the lining. I was going to suggest just a plain mason jar for water. But you are afraid of breaking glass. Can you ask a merchant to order and stock Klean Kanteens or some other stainless steel bottle? Sometimes the key is to ask for what we… Read more »

Use the force young jedi—
so the convention you two did go?

May the force be with you.

no you didn’t! OMG – I can’t believe you guys went in costume – that’s hilarious!

WAY to dress.

Hehe you’re just so cute!!
Beth, please read my comment in your antimony post and see if you can come up with an answer that soothes my mind a bit? Pleeeaaase? (I’m begging!)

Hey Beth!

Did you and Michael get to meet Kynt and Vyxsin (from the Amazing Race 12)?
I saw that they were at the convention hawking something. They are a coupleof Goth kids- he’s skinny and wears goth glam makeup and she has bright pink hair.

Beth, do you mind if I post that Ted Talk at my blog as well?

You look great in a brown robe, btw!

Just to make sure credit is given where credit is due: Costumes by Kari Holmquist. (Well, the cloaks and Beth’s tunic. Most of the rest is Michael.)

Love it.