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September 11, 2009

Bag It!

What’s better than having Oprah show up on your doorstep with Tim Gunn and the ghost of Ed McMahon to inform you that you’ve won a billion dollars, the end of environmental degradation, world peace, and a fabulous new wardrobe made from fair trade organic chocolate that you can actually eat once it goes out of style? Um… probably nothing. But yesterday, I experienced maybe the next best thing.

Jeb and Jim from Reel Thing Productions showed up on my doorstep to spend the day filming and interviewing me about plastic for their new documentary Bag It: Is Your Life Too Plastic?, directed by Suzan Beraza, a film which “chronicles the global production, use, and disposal of plastic bags and other plastics.”

Check out the trailer for the film which is expected to be completed by the end of the year:

I wish I had thought to photograph or record them as they were recording me because the guys were funny and committed and serious with great hair and winning smiles. Jeb is the star of the film, a regular guy who has recently awakened to the issue of disposable plastic and is traveling the world looking for answers to the problem. The guys have interviewed leading scientists, writers, and activists, and the crew has traveled to Midway Island to film the devastating effects of plastic on the Laysan albatross population.

Here in Oakland, I took them on a little tour of my house, dumped out my plastic collection on the floor, modeled my Plastic Sea Monster costume, and introduced them to my eco-friendly dentist who has significantly reduced the amount of plastic used in his practice. We had lunch at Amanda’s in Berkeley where everything is compostable, and tried to go shopping at a major organic foods chain but were told we couldn’t film inside without permission from the corporate office. I wanted to demonstrate how to buy groceries with zero waste, putting produce directly into my reusable bags and shopping from bulk bins with my own containers. I did manage to get my shopping done anyway and to demonstrate my packaging-free purchases afterward in the parking lot.

I’m really excited about Bag It! The issue of plastic pollution needs all the media attention it can get — not only on the problems but also the steps we as individuals can take in our personal lives to reduce our plastic consumption and let companies know we don’t want our foods and other products packaged in plastic.


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13 years ago

I saw this documentary tonight and didn’t realize you were in it, Beth! I got super excited and whisper-yelled, “I READ HER BLOG! IT’S AWESOME!” and got a “SHHH!” from my friend – maybe I was a little too excited :). It was great to see you up there alongside all the other anti-plastic gurus.

Overall, “Bag It!” was a great, informative film. Just reading the description and watching the trailer, I was afraid the film would touch just the surface – focusing mainly on single-use plastic bags, but I was pleasantly surprised to watch Jeb go a lot deeper into the plastic issues. I’ve been pretty plastic-free for a few months, and I even learned a ton from this film. Highly recommended!

14 years ago

Interesting use for your 'extra' plastic bags- :)

14 years ago

Six days without plastic — Star Tribune

Lisa Sharp
14 years ago

How exciting!! I can't wait to see it.

14 years ago

Good luck! I really enjoyed the trailer and look forward to the movie with you in it!
I like his closing line… "Good job bananas…" *wink* Hilarious.

Azura Skye
14 years ago

Me again – Have you heard of a lady called Cecile Andrews? She is the author of the wonderful book – SLOW IS BEAUTIFUL, and she lives in Seattle but used to reside in CA. She and her husband set up Phinney EcoVillage and I'm writing this because I highly recommend her book to you. Here is a link:

14 years ago

Just read in last week's Economist that there is a new way to wash clothes – in tiny plastic beads and very little water. I can't link to it because it is for subscribers only but I sent a copy to you, Beth.

This news just in: I'm trying to do my part for good eating. I've created a website for the local school garden initiative. Lots of photos. Take a gander here. We hope it will get more parents volunteering and kids eating good stuff.

OH NO! The capcha for this post is "edian" that's way to close to Evian for comfort!

Azura Skye
14 years ago

Wow! That is very exciting! I hope you're in the movie, you'd be fantastic, someone people can relate to and admire :) hehe (no pressure, eh?)
Way to go Beth!

John Costigane
14 years ago

Hi Beth,

This should keep the pressure on the plastic bag issue where consumers are just saying no to all the negative outcomes.

The $10 million dollars cannot hide the wrongheaded attitude which blames emotional reactions for the anti-plastic campaigns.

Zero Waste promotes sustainable practices like using reusable bags. Plastic bags are simply without use, sustainably speaking. Time to stop making them.

Citizen Green
14 years ago

What a great trailer and you are such a star!

Martin at Plasticless
14 years ago

I hope the plastic people hire Phil Rozenski to head their pro-plastic social media campaign ;)