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January 7, 2010

Plastic-Free Birthday

It’s my birthday! So how will I celebrate?

Mixt Greens RestaurantWell, first with a birthday lunch at work. Group lunches at the office are always challenging because of the packaging associated with take-out food. But fortunately, there’s a new lunch place in San Francisco I’ve been dying to try: Mixt Greens.

Mixt Greens is certified green under the Bay Area Green Business program. Their food is organic. Their packaging is compostable. And even the restaurant itself is constructed to green standards.

Next? We’ll see . Karaoke this weekend? A movie? A walk on the beach? I haven’t decided yet. Hoping to get together with Ruchi, aka Arduous, and hang out some.

I think I probably won’t blog again until next week. So cheers. Thanks for all your support. And keep away from plastic this weekend. :-)

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Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday and here’s to a great year ahead! Celebrate the inspiration you provide all year long…. You get us all thinking….. my vote: karaoke :) – and be sure to make a video!

Lara S.

Happy birthday Beth! I hope you have a great time :-)


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday, Beth! I hope you have a plastic free special day!

Let us know what you think of Mixt Greens.

Many more….


Happy Birthday (yeah, bit late)! Keep up the good work! Bumping into your blog was an inspiring thing – I hope to get some speed on my own attempts in reaching a life with less plastic.


Happy Birthday! May you have many, many more happy ones to come :D


Amazing! I’ll give that a try :-)


Happy Birthday Beth, hope you’ve had a lovely time. Enjoy the blogging break :-) xxx

Condo Blues

Happy Birthday Beth! I raise my ceramic mug of plastic free home grown mint tea and salute you!

Lisa@ Retro Housewife Goes Green

Sounds fun. Have a wonderful Birthday!!!

Greg Koski -

Happy Birthday Beth! Hey please let me know what you think of this:


Oh, Beth…you are sooooo old. But, have a happy one anyway.


Happy Birthday Beth! :) I love Mixt Greens! Good choice!


Happy Birthday Beth! I toast to you with a bottle (Glass) of Soda!


Happy birthday! I always get so excited by your progress and experiences. You are just so real and smart about the letting the whole world know about green living. Keep posting!

Kathy G

Hope you have a great birthday. Mine’s Monday.

Pam Wheelock

Happy Birthday Beth! When ever I get discouraged about what I see on the shelves in pet stores I try to channel your hopeful dedicated energy! Pam



Love & RRRevolution to you!


The Raven

Happy birthday! Enjoy your celebrations!


Happy birthday, Beth! I hope you have a great weekend. :)


happy birthday! =)

Kathryn McGrath

Happy birthday, Beth! Thanks for being so inspiring and remaining so committed to a plastic-free ocean! Soon I will try another week without plastic and blog about it again.
I hope you’ll blog about Wear Blue for Oceans Day next week, January 13th. NRDC and a host of other conservation orgs are encouraging people to wear blue, share their photos and change their profile pics on January 13.
Thanks and enjoy a wonderful birthday!

Heather Clisby

Happy Birthday, Beth! Whatever you do – celebrate yourself.


Happy Birthday! Today I tossed a bin full of plastic water bottles, cups and sippy cups. It’s just the beginning of my journey, but the purge feels so good!! =)


Happy Birthday from another green Capricorn! Thanks for all the great posts.

Christine Fiske

Happy birthday! Mixt Greens sounds great – do report back after you go! Just got back from SF a few weeks ago, looking forward to coming back in the spring for a sales trip for my bags. Enjoy your day+weekend!

Kellie @ Greenhab

Happy Birthday Beth!


Happy Birthday Beth! Hope you continue inspiring others as you have inspired me.

surviving and thriving on pennies

Your my guru. Thank you for inspiring me all the time. Happy Birthday!