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May 11, 2010

Holy chocolate covered almonds, Batman!

bulk dark chocolate covered almondsThey’re plastic-free (Whole Foods bulk bin), meat-free, and at the rate I’m eating them, I should be three sizes bigger by this summer. (That jar was full a week ago.)

This is the opposite of conscious eating, I think.

Not beating myself up. My addictions are doing a good enough job of that already.

Just need to breathe.  And maybe have a good cry today, before I do anything else.

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11 years ago

One of the main reasons for the show’s success was its use of soap opera-style cliffhangers. This meant that viewers had to tune in each week to see how the previous week’s cliffhanger would be resolved. This also meant that each episode was not self-contained, but the plot unfolded as the series progressed. This was very unusual for a comedy at the time, but has been used to great effect by comedies since, for example in the NBC sitcom Friends.

11 years ago

How useful information! You make our life better and more beautiful. Thank you. See you again.

13 years ago

I’ve read that nuts in the shell are a good way to go, because we are less likely to overeat with the shells slowing us down. But what I do with shelled nuts is I serve myself a shotglass of them. That’s not to say I never go back and refill, but usually, I am satisfied with that serving size, given how much protein and fat they contain, and I don’t find myself eating mindlessly.

Happy Herbivore
13 years ago

I just discovered dark chocolate covered jumbo raisins (at $6 a pop for like, 15 of them) and I’m totally obsessed and addicted. When i went vegan I thought chocolate-covered anything was out of my future; but apparently i just have to look for it! Ugh… if I find dark chocolate covered almonds I’m in REAL trouble.

13 years ago

Life’s a journey. Sometimes you need snacks for the trip.

13 years ago

YUM! I love chocolate almonds!!