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June 12, 2010

Homemade Chocolate Soda

Plastic-Free groceries

It’s 90°F here in Oakland. The kitties are lolling around and so are we. Time to break out the soda maker and have ourselves a little treat. And by “ourselves,” I mean me.   Kitties don’t get to have chocolate (tough life) and Michael wasn’t particularly interested.  Freak.


1) Carbonated water (via Soda Club soda maker)
2) Homemade chocolate syrup (recipe posted on My Plastic-free Life)
3) Ice (from stainless steel ice cube tray)
4) Glass drinking straw (via Glass Dharma)

Mix it all up and suck. Awesome, vegan, and plastic-free.

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Beth Terry
13 years ago

Hi Boots. If you follow the link in the post, you can read all about the soda maker I use.

13 years ago

Where can I buy carbonated water?
Nope, not in any grocery I’ve been in.

The Lazy Organizer
13 years ago

Thank you for all the great ideas! I need to stop thinking about it and get a lot of cloth bags for shopping. I guess my main problem with the veggies is that I’m feeding a family of six and I only go to town once a week so I don’t have room in my fridge for everything I need to store. In the winter I keep things in a cooler in a garage but that obviously doesn’t work in the summer. I have been thinking about getting a second fridge but I really don’t want to spend the money to buy it or run it.

I guess I just need my own year round green house!!

Laura aka Simply Green
13 years ago

Beth, you are fantastic. A true inspiration.

The Lazy Organizer
13 years ago

I’m trying to use less plastic. I have a question for you. When you buy out of the bulk bins what do you put the food in? Not the plastic bags they provide I’m guessing? And what about produce? I don’t know what to store my produce in to keep it fresh besides the plastic bags from the store.

Beth Terry
13 years ago

Ooh, Lazy Organizer, you have questions and I have answers!

About storing produce, I have a whole post on it:

And I also have a whole list of solutions for how to go plastic-free here: #5 on that list explains how to use bulk bins, but read the section above about produce because there is a list of types of bulk/produce bags you can get.