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August 4, 2010

Ellen DeGeneres Please Stop Promoting Bottled Water!

I love Ellen, but I want her to dump her bottled water advertising contracts. Please join the new Facebook Group (appropriately named Tell Ellen Degeneres To Dump Bottled Water Advertising!) created by Julie Borst of PlasticlessNYC and tell Ellen that bottled water sucks.  Then, ask all your friends to join the group.

In addition to joining the group, check out Juli’s list of ways to contact Ellen and make your voice heard.

Ellen is not the first celeb to promote bottled water. Jennifer Aniston’s been doing it for years. The Filtered Files, the blog from the air and water filter company Filter Fast, has a list of other celebs with bottled water contracts. But Ellen’s support of Vitaminwater Zero is particularly disappointing to me because of her pro-environment, pro-animal lifestyle.

In fact, Ellen’s reasons for going vegan are the same reasons she should shun bottled water:

1) Living a Cruelty-free Lifestyle

Eating meat is cruel to animals.  Plastic is also harmful to animals. Have you seen the photos of dead albatross chicks with their bellies full of plastic pieces? Do you know what many of those plastic pieces are? Bottle caps.

albatross eats plastic

2) Help the Environment

Farms used for meat and dairy production are sources of waste and air pollution. Plastic pollution is also a huge source of waste and environmental degradation. Plastic waste is filling up our oceans and entering the food chain. Recycling is not the answer as most plastic recycling is actually downcycling and does not stem the production of new virgin plastic. Plastic comes from oil. If we don’t cut our consumption of petroleum-based products, we are in for more catastrophes like the recent oil spill in the gulf. Extraction of water from communities is harmful to ecosystems and transportation of that water is another unnecessary source of greenhouse gas emissions.

3) Save Water

With drought conditions across the country, finding more water efficient ways to feed people are necessary. Meat takes more water to produce than grain. But likewise, in a drought, it’s incredibly irresponsible of the bottled water industry to extract water from communities that are suffering. According to the film Tapped, back in 2007 when Georgia and North Carolina were experiencing terrible droughts and citizens were severely restricted from using water, Coke and Pepsi kept right on extracting and bottling water from those communities. Eugene Brown of the Durham City Council tells Tapped filmmakers that Pepsi was drawing 400,000 gallons of water per day during the height of the drought, and lawmakers could not get them to stop.

What’s more, bottled water is bad for our health. It’s not as stringently regulated as municipal (tap) water, and chemicals from the plastic can leach into the water.

Let’s get Ellen to join the growing list of celebrities saying no to bottled water.  Join the Facebook Group and add your voice.

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12 years ago

The first picture looks awfully inappropriate :)

12 years ago

See my blog about the NY city campaign to use tap water to drink………….great idea.

Sarah B
12 years ago

Ellen Degeneres doesn’t really care about the environment or animals. She shills for the most corrupt animal rights group in the world, the scandal-plagued Humane Society of the United States. She urges her audience to give their hard earned money to the $200 million HSUS, even after learning about their efforts to sabotage No-Kill sheltering and about government investigations for HSUS Hurricane Katrina fundraising fraud. Ellen will do anything for money and publicity. She and celebrity butt-kisser Wayne Pacelle, are a perfect match.

12 years ago

Check out the original posting website, I too questioned whether or not these photos were ‘staged’. I believe not. Check out this link to an article about the 7 plastic bottles found in the dead Oklahoma City Zoo alligator. In addition, they found other alligators at the zoo full of trash. It is all shocking and difficult to fathom that these creatures are consuming this garbage but it’s happening. Beth’s plastic-eating cats are a perfect example.

12 years ago

I was particularly interested in your first point about animal cruelty and the “albatross chicks with their bellies full of plastic pieces.”

For some reason the picture stuck with me so I came back to check it out again. Doesn’t the picture look staged? like why would the pieces of plastic just be neatly lying in the stomach and chest cavity (not saying my observation is empirical evidence or in any way scientific). While I naturally think plastic pollution in the ocean is a horrible thing I have always thought plastic contamination in the food chain happened on a microscopic (nevertheless horrifying) level. Would love to know where you got this pic and anything else you know about the issue of albatross chicks being killed by plastic consumption.

12 years ago

I already did join – and once again, my friends list were “spam-activisted” by me sending them invitations to join the group!

Bottled water just irks me. It’s like, d’uh-umb! I can imagine the conversation the advertising execs had a few years ago:

AD EXEC 1: I bet ten fifty bucks I can sucker people into buying tap water in little individual plastic bottles for three bucks apiece.

AD EXEC 2: Naaah, mate. Nobody would be that dumb.

AD EXEC 1: Just watch. Ever since people got suckered in by the whole electronic diary con job that costs $500, breaks down after a year, and has to be replaced with a newer model, I’ve learned there are no limits to human dumbness.

***three years later…****

AD EXEC 2: (sheepishly) Here’s your fifty bucks.

AD EXEC 1: Thanks. Hey, want another bet? I’ve this great idea for a thing called a “Kindle”.

It’s like a book, except it isn’t as easy to read and costs a few hundred bucks, you have to charge it up all the time, you can’t read it in the bath, and it breaks down easily and has to be replaced with a new model every couple of years…

AD EXEC 2: Nobody would be that dumb…You’re on! Fifty bucks, right?

12 years ago

I think it is great when celebrities go green, because they do whether we like it or not have a big influence on culture.
I remember seeing them carting Evian water bottles back in the day, that really influenced a lot, sadly.
This could be huge if she makes a point of why she won’t be promoting them anymore, my guess is though that she has a contract that would need to run out.

knutty knitter
12 years ago

I’ve never followed celebrity culture so Ellen who?? (actually I have heard of her but I really have no idea what shes up to – hope you lot make an impact though)

viv in nz

Anna@Green Talk
12 years ago

She (or her camp is following me because I am so special-LOL) so I tweeted to her your message. It blows my mind when celebs promote something that seems in odds with their stances. Maybelline? Bottle Water?

It is kind of my issue with Bob Greene and bottle water and Brooke Shields with her eyelash extender medicine which can turn your irises a different color.

12 years ago

Not to be a downer here, but you all realize Ellen is probably paid a gazillion dollars for promoting Vitamin-zero bottled water. Just like she is paid another gazillion to promote cosmetics Maybelline. Funny how a nice animal loving celeb can turn her back on causes they promote when paid a gazillion dollars!
I am sorry. I love Ellen, but I smell hypocrisy.

12 years ago

I hope that the campaign is successful. When you have the platform that Ellen has, you need to carefully consider how you use it.

12 years ago

Great post Beth! I’m certain that Ellen just isn’t thinking about how far reaching the damage is to our environment, animals and people from plastic. That is the beauty of educating Ellen and all the rest of us on this critical subject. And that my dear is where you are the Queen! Thank you, thank you!

12 years ago

Hear! Hear!

I respect Ellen on several accounts, but I am disappointed by this as well as her promoting Cover Girl. Cover Girl not only tests on animals, they (like many companies that are even labelled “cruelty-free”) also use animal products in their formulas. Promoting such makeup is definitely not consistent with veganism and I hope that she will see the contradiction in the values she professes and the things she promotes.