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March 10, 2011

Does Jon Stewart Follow This Blog?

Over a year ago, we ranted here about the idiocy of plastic-wrapped bananas and then posted them to the Plastic Crap Wall of Shame. Now, it seems, Stewart’s got a Pantry of Shame, and guess what’s in there? Plastic-wrapped bananas, which, he says, “are for people who love bananas but hate their biodegradability.”

I love this man and am wondering if I was too quick to cancel my cable. Nah. I can watch The Daily Show online:—pantry-of-shame

In other news, I gave a 30 minute interview on Heather Lounsbury’s Live Well Live Natural radio program yesterday, during which I made a few confessions.  Click above link to listen.


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12 years ago

Ha ha!!! Good on him. It is such a joke it truly is laughable.

12 years ago

love it! and if he doesn’t follow, he SHOULD!

12 years ago

Thanks for sharing…I laughed out loud at “people who love bananas but hate their biodegradability.” So funny. I ate a whole bunch of exotic fruit last month, and started becoming more and more uncomfortable at how much packaging was involved – the kicker? Wax apples, individually wrapped in plastic wrap, protected by rubbery foam things, packaged on a styrofoam tray – that was also wrapped in plastic. I’m ashamed that I bought it…I honestly shouldn’t have let my urge to blog about a new fruit trump the importance of being environmentally aware.

Anyway, I’m new to your blog, and I commend you for what you’re doing. You inspire me and I can’t wait to learn more.

12 years ago

Love it! Thanks for sharing, I had a good laugh. A great way to get people thinking

Reenie R
12 years ago

Love the brilliant Stewart. I hope you don’t mind me asking a question. I was asked recently by the grandmother of a granddaughter who is 14 weeks pregnat if there was some information for her on plastics. She doesn’t want her grandaughter and the baby exposed to BPA and risky ingredients in plastics. Is there a spot on your website that is more like a “primer” on plastics for moms and moms-to-be? The granddaughter is still drinking water in plastic bottles and using lots of other plastic containers. Or maybe some of your readers could suggest a website for moms that she might click with? Any suggests are greatly appreciated. It’s kind of strange but I know a lot of grandmothers who are green…but their children and grandchildren are not. THANKS SO MUCH!

12 years ago

Hah! Jon Stewart was the one reason my husband and I considered keeping cable. We ultimately decided that while we LOVE him, he’s not worth the $40 per month. And when our tv broke, we just just started watching everything online including the Daily Show.

Green Bean
12 years ago

Jon Stewart does it again!! Let plastic everywhere shake in fear. ;-)

Heather Clisby
12 years ago

God, that’s a vile idea. I’m so glad that both you and Stewart have called out Del Monte on this.

Remember that The Daily Show has a team of writers that spend large amounts of time on the Internet so it is quite possible that your site in on their list.

Has anyone contacted Del Monte? it’d be worth sending both links to get their reaction, even if it is silence.

12 years ago

Awesome! I mean, not the plastic wrapped banana, but that it was ridiculed on national television. I was just in Florida last week and saw plastic wrapped apples a few times at the airport and some grab-and-go type places… just as unnecessary as the plastic wrapped banana.

Julia's Child
12 years ago

I too swoon for Mr. Stewart. Before we moved away from NYC I took myself to a taping of his show. (I couldn’t find anyone who could get away at 3pm on a random week day to go with me.)
He is the best, and I hope he DOES follow your blog!