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June 10, 2011

Airtight Glass Food Storage Containers from Life Without Plastic


Life Without Plastic sent me a few of their new airtight glass containers with stainless lids to review a few months ago, and the containers have been sitting in the pile beside my desk along with other cool plastic-free products that companies have sent me to test. So today, I finally unpacked them from their plastic-free mailing box (Jay doesn’t use plastic packaging materials or plastic tape) and gave them a try. My verdict: they are very, very cool.

(Disclosure:  If you purchase products via links in this post, My Plastic-Free Life earns a small percentage to support my plastic-free mission.)

airtight glass food storage container

Now, before I get into my review, I have to say that you don’t have to buy new glass containers to store food without plastic. Repurposed jars from foods like spaghetti sauce or pickles or peanut butter work well. And you can sometimes find secondhand glass containers at thrift stores, yard sales, etc. We do all of that. Our refrigerator is glass jar heaven. But glass jars are not always the right size; they waste refrigerator space since they are not stackable; and sometimes, as much as we try to reduce our impact by buying less new stuff, it’s just nice to spring for well-made, durable, useful, and frankly beautiful things.

Here’s what I love…

The lids. Unlike other glass containers with plastic lids that inevitably crack over time…

cracked plastic container lid

these containers have unbreakable stainless steel lids. Inside the stainless steel is a ring of silicone, which creates the airtight seal, and a silicone button in the middle which adjusts the pressure, allowing the lid to seal and unseal easily. Silicone, while still a polymer, is more resilient than plastic.

airtight glass food storage containerairtight glass food storage container

I love that the container fits well in my freezer. As you may recall, we use Anchor glass refrigerator containers for our homemade cat food because they are the right size, stack well, and both container and lid are made from only glass with no other materials. But those containers are not airtight and not appropriate for storing foods long-term.

I also use Life Without Plastic’s airtight stainless steel containers in the freezer, but it will be nice to be able to identify the contents through the glass. I’m thinking they will work well for storing my garden veggies if and when that time comes.

Note about freezing: Yes, you can freeze glass containers.  BUT allow the contents to thaw gently.  I wouldn’t put them directly from the freezer into the microwave.  And leave some room at the top for expansion.

airtight glass food storage container

Airtight glass containers are also useful for transporting lunch to work since the container can go directly in the microwave, sans metal lid, of course. And oh! Ice cream! I’m going to take one of these with me the next time I pick up ice cream at Tara’s!

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I am still freaked out by the darkness behind doors. But only late at night when I’m alone!

You can kill ants in your home without pesticides by laying out corn meal or grits for them to eat which is fatally too much for them to digest.

The historic range of Jaguars included the south of the United States, and in the south extended much farther to cover most of the South American continent .
including part of the Patagonia. In total, its northern range has receded 1,000 kilometers southward and its southern range 2,000 km northward. It is now extinct in El Salvador and Uruguay.

I like the containers! I have stainless steel containers with crappy plastic lids that break easily, but I’ ok with them for now.

So I only read the first twenty or so – hoping this isn’t a repeat. Before modern condoms, we had condoms made from natural rubber (made by taking what amounts to a dildo and dipping it in a vat of rubber). Before that people made condoms out of natural intestine, tied off on one end. But before those come the really interesting birth control methods. In the Renaissance they sewed condoms out of linen or silk (complete with an irritating chafing seam). In ancient Greece they used half a hollowed out pomegranate (how it fit is beyond me). In ancient… Read more »

Xan, keep reading. You don’t want to miss the part about female hyenas giving birth through a pseudo-penis.

Vinegar can be used as a fabric softener. It works really well, is a LOT cheaper, and leaves your towels way more absorbant than when you use other fabric softeners.

History does not always repeat itself.

— John W. Campbell

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vegetables seeds from produce which is not organic rarely, if ever, will reproduce.

Female Spotted Hyenas have a pseudopenis. And they give birth through it.

“Female Spotted Hyenas have a pseudopenis. And they give birth through it.”

Never ceases to amaze me how weird and seemingly random nature can be. I mean, I know there must be some evolutionary reason for that, but come on. Birth through an organ similar to a penis? I have to send this to my husband just to see the expression on his face.

Happy Birthday is also a copyrighted song, which is why most restaurants have other silly birthday songs — so they don’t have to pay royalties.

one more thing- a sheep’s wiener is called a pizzle and they have the largest scrotum proportionally of all domesticated stock

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Coffee was discovered by an Ethiopian goat herder who noticed that his goats would “dance” after eating the fruit from a certain kind of tree.

The caffiene in coffee beans is meant to be a defense mechanism for the plant, but humans have grown to enjoy the effects.

Beth & Carla, I was thinking about this a lot recently. Several states in the US have these types of laws regarding manufacture and sale of electronics. That is the main reason that Best Buy started it’s recycling program because as an electronics manufacturer they are required in some states to recycle a certain percentage of what they manufacture/sell. Since they’re a national company it was easy for them to roll out their recycling program in all states, even those that don’t require them to. It makes business sense for them because they can actually sell their recycling (kind of… Read more »

We take way less time preparing meals these day. In fact, in 1860 ‘Godey’s Lady’s Book’ advised US women to cook tomatoes for at least 3 hours. I guess with their men out to war they had plenty of time to properly make tomatoes!

The word nerd comes from “ne’er-do-well.” :)

Gut bacteria influence brain chemistry and behavior, and, in many cases, are the root of mental illness.

I remember this from 7th grade biology.

The human eye blinks more than 4 millions times a year.

My nine year old son would like you all to know that more men are struck by lightning than women. So we’ve got that going for us…. ;)

Thanks for the chance to win–those containers look wonderful!

Melissa Hunter-Kilmer
Did you know that there is a special kind of earthworm that is sold for gardening purposes? It’s called the red wiggler, and it’s bred to breed really fast. Of course once it’s turned loose in your garden, it will breed with what my dad (an earthworm farmer) used to call “wild worms” and the offspring won’t breed as fast as the red wiggler parent. Also, red wigglers are kind of pretty. They come in colors from yellow to orange to pink to red to brown, sometimes all on the same worm, and their stripes are more noticeable than those… Read more »

I was told by an Agriculture major in college that the average circumference of a bull’s scrotum is 32 centimeters.

I’ve never been able to forget it. *shudder*

It takes 3.4 billion gallons of crude oil to manufacture the 18 billion disposable diapers that are used in the just the US alone EVERY YEAR!

Did you know that fresh raw coconut water has the same blood constituency as our plasma? So identical it is, that it has been used to transfuse into our soldiers through IVs during world war II when there was a lack of medical blood fluid. The body readily accepts it! So for most of you out there who think coconut water IS a health food – you’re right, its great for us but even better if its raw. The stuff you get in cans and cartons is all pasteurised.

Did you know that, when clean, rats actually smell sweet? (I have pet rats. It’s really true!)

Random fact since you were talking about room to expand. Due to heat in flight the SR-71 grows about a foot compared to when it is on the ground and due to that heat the aircrews would have to stay in the aircraft an hour after landing before getting out of the aircraft.

A sad and strange fact, The US uses the most toilet paper in the world over 50LBS per person a year!!

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Here is something interesting that I found out from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution…. it grossed me and the kids out… Hard candies with a shiny surface have shellac applied to them (confectioners glaze). This shellac is made from resin secreted from Lac bugs. Yummy! Imagine eating bug secretions! They also use it for time release pills according to Wikipedia. I could have swore that Jamie said the bugs were crushed but Wikipedia says it is their secretions… either way… VERY gross. I have snaplocks that are supposed to be made out of silicone on top but I like the idea… Read more »

Did you know the sole of a horse’s hoof is called a frog?

Beth, re: Ottawa and recycling. I had the same thought too, that all plastics would be accepted in order to get more people to sort their waste even if not all plastics would be recycled. But, I looked into it and the City has found markets for those plastics, and it will cost the city ($46,000 estimate) Still, I don’t think this provides license to buy more single use plastic. Mostly I was appalled that the target is so low (60%). re: GST. This was a Canadian tax, now replaced by the HST (harmonised sales tax) which brings together the… Read more »
Carla, that is very interesting. Apparently Ontario has Product Stewardship laws in place that require importers, distributors, and manufacturers to help fund the recycling system. I want to look into this further. I would, of course, like to know what all that plastic is being recycled into. Also, as far as the 60% diversion rate, I don’t think it’s just household waste. I could be wrong, but it sounds like that’s the target diversion rate for all waste generated in the city of Ottawa, which would include businesses — think restaurants, construction, manufacturing, etc. That’s just my guess. Let me… Read more »

I’m drawing a blank. Most of the world co-sleeps with babies/young children and nurses past 2. How’s that?

Here are a few cool and random facts to put me in the running for those containers – I’ve been wanting to try them!

Cattle are the only mammals that pee backwards.

Humans are born with 300 bones in their body, but once they become adults, they only have 206.

Can openers were invented almost 50 years after the can was invented.

Ants never sleep.

Ears of corn always have an even number of rows of kernels.

They look great!

Fact: colored glass usually contains lead.

Natalie, what about green or brown wine bottle glass? Or the blue or amber glass that essential oils come in?

The requirement that the fact be interesting is stumping me a little, I’ll be honest. I have countless numbers of uninteresting facts, but interesting is another story.

OK – how about this one:

My 2-year-old can fit out our front window. And I know this, because I found him on my lawn, wearing his boots and holding his hands in the air triumphantly, after he jumped OUT of said window.

Amber, your story reminds me of the Radiolab story I just listened to last night:

Did you know that Reno, Nevada is further west than San Diego, California.

I already posted, but this is a fun fact.

The veins in dogwood leaves have natural latex in them. Gently pull the leaf in half (between tip and stem) and you will see the strands of latex

Hydrogen Peroxide will get blood out of cloth.

Children often enjoy fruits and vegetables when they have a hand in growing and/or harvesting them.

The local honey worked for me and my seasonal allergies!!!

By buying locally-produced honey, your body gets small doses of the same pollen that can trigger your allergies. In the same fashion that a vaccine works, by giving your body the honey, allergies may be dramatically reduced! So the closer you live to the beekeeper, the better off you are! (via

Want to win! So here’s a random fact I just learned…. Did you know that in 1934 in Detroit ( where I’m from) there were over 20 potato chip companies? Only one remains today ….

Ohh, those look lovely. Here’s my fact:

Chia seeds, the now-fashionable omega-3-rich seed you can find at health stores, are the same as the seeds used to make Chia Pets back in the day. Who knew in the 80s that those little guys were keeping such a secret :)

The geographers cone snail is the most venemous animal in the world.

one thing which stuck me was the fact that the packaging is plastic free…that itself scores 100 on my ranking!!

absolutely love the dialogue you’ve started here. If ever you need to be reminded of the value of your blog, Beth, look to these comments and know that your site remains a source for thoughtful discourse on needed information and delightful pick-me-up info! and tho’ I can’t think of a bloomin’ worthwhile thing to add, I’m thrilled to know of an alternative to my coveted Pyrex, and I vote for the tornado info left by Jen (I think)!

Did you know that regularly eating locally produced honey (and it does need to be local — check out your local farmer’s market) can help keep seasonal allergies in check? I prefer to use honey when I make jam (using Pomona’s Pectin) to cut down on sugar intake and enjoy the benefits of honey in a variety of forms. I love to preserve and put up food by freezing as well and have been looking for an alternative to the re-purposed plastic containers I’ve been using. These containers definitely sound like a great alternative. Thanks for the tips of freezing… Read more »

I think that the glass storage is the best way to go as it it non reactive and won’t impart any flavors of plastic odors to the foods kept in them. I currently use canning jars for most of my chores, but I think I will have to purchase some of these containers. A bit expensive on the get go but worth it in the end!

Did you know that GST(I have no idea if this is just a canadian tax) is a goods a service tax, which means that you pay tax on things that are either, considered unnecessary for life, or products that someone has to prepare or make for you. For example, if you bought cake at a store you would pay GST on a single piece of cake, but would not on a whole cake. The reason behind this(They say) is because you are obviously not buying this cake to feed a family if it is just one slice, and someone had… Read more »

people who avoid doctors live longer.
would love to win that. joe

Hmmmm…I am having a hard time coming up with a FACT that others may not know. I tend to deal on emotion and passion rather than fact. I also think most facts can be disputed with other equally valid facts. Hey, perhaps that is my fact…that most stats and facts can be argued to be untrue based on other stats and facts. So lets just try to look at what seems to make the most sense with love. I want people to treat me the same way they want to be treated, therefor I treat them well and this also… Read more »