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November 9, 2011

Don’t Let American Idol’s Sponsors Shut Down the Plastic Pollution Coalition’s Youtube Channel

The Plastic Pollution Coalition scored a win two weeks ago when they were donated a cute PSA video by the top 11 finalists of last year’s American Idol that contained messaging against single-use disposable plastics.  You can watch it here, along with Haley’s Wish (as long as it remains up):

Now, 19 Entertainment, the company that produces American Idol, is demanding that PPC remove the video from its Youtube channel and web site immediately. Why? Because the sponsors didn’t like it. The company wouldn’t say which sponsor complained, but I’m guessing it’s the one that provides the big red plastic cups that sit beside the judges each week. (Read: Coca Cola.)

American Idol judges with red plastic Coke cups

Forbes ran a story yesterday asking whether the pressure to take down the video will backfire and bring more attention to the cause. Daniella Russo, the executive director of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, says she has no intention of removing the video, since 19 Entertainment worked with PPC for 8 months to create the video and was supportive all the way. Russo says 19 Entertainment gave PPC permission to show it, and that’s what the organization intends to do.

Folks all over the country are occupying the streets to reject corporate control of our lives.  How about, as PPC co-founder Lisa Boyle wrote at the Huffington Post two weeks ago, we look at how corporations control our environment — you know, that thing that keeps us all alive.

Whatever you think of American Idol these days, why not help spread this video as far as possible — post it to Facebook, email it to friends, Tweet it, Google + it, embed it in your blog, or do whatever else you can to help tell corporate America that it doesn’t own our voices and it can’t shut us up.

Thank you. This has been my PSA for the day.

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11 years ago

It is great that this video was posted. Coca-Cola must realize that they should be the one who is promoting the campaign against the using of plastics. Coca-Cola is a big company and can influence people to support the said campaign. They should set aside their business in this scenario instead they should think for the welfare of all people. In this case, maybe, many will appreciate their actions and effort.

11 years ago

It is sad to know that they wanted to remove just because a sponsor doesn’t like it. The video is for us humans to live and that sponsor only wants is business. I will share this to my friends and hopefully everyone will realize that we should do our part in saving this planet.

Eve Stavros
11 years ago

Thanks for posting this! I’m passing it along to a few of my Idol fan friends who raise their eyebrows at me for refusing plastic & styrofoam, in the hope that maybe their idols will inspire them if I can’t!

11 years ago

wish corporations would use more of their extensive resources toward creating a sustainable society, rather than fighting to preserve our disposable-crazy present culture!!

Peter H
11 years ago

this is really awful………I feel sure it will backfire on the sponsors, or maybe the old adage that any publicity is good publicity, is applying here.

It happens to a lesser degree in Australia where beverage companies have been trying to prevent a container deposit scheme to commence in the NT. Although they seem to now have backed off.

Good luck and i hope you succeed in leaving it there.

David Leonhardt
11 years ago

I’ve sent this to our webmaster. I’m hoping he can get this up today!!

Yah!! Occupy the internet!!

11 years ago

These large corporate sponsors think they can throw their bottom line obsessed weight around and control the message. Impossible these days. This may actually be the best possible PR for the PPC message and American Idol video.

11 years ago

Great topic Beth! Loved AI since the beginning, but after the changed in the judges, haven’t watched it since.

11 years ago

Thank you Beth, I wouldn’t have known about this, I will forward it on and hope trying to censor it works against the corporte sponsor. g

Jay Sinha
11 years ago

Thanks for getting this news out there so quickly, Beth. What craziness. These large corporate sponsors think they can throw their bottom line obsessed weight around and control the message. Impossible these days. This may actually be the best possible PR for the PPC message and American Idol video. We’ve posted your post on FB and Tweeted it. And will put it in our next newsletter.

11 years ago

There’s a tune by Muse springing to mind… I’ve shared it, though not in America.

A few weeks ago I wrote to the BBC complaining about packaged water on Strictly Come Dancing, when the couples finish the dance. I can’t believe that there they have Coke on the table!!! The BBC have contacted me, to say they are reviewing my complaint (after their first reply which was a bit lame) so the fact they are taking there time & considering it is good. We’ll see…. I’ll keep writing!

Carmen Melton
11 years ago

“you know, that thing that keeps us alive.”

– I really think people don’t realize this obvious sentiment sometimes, and it drives me crazy! Ignorance seems to be the dominant feature of those who think only of their immediate desires and conveniences. Something corporate america seems to work hard at keeping that way. Greed rules, sheep drool:(

11 years ago

Great video. I’m going to repost the story on my website. Thanks.

Dani @ ONNO Organic Clothing

11 years ago

Way to go, Beth! Thanks for spreading the message.