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March 1, 2012

Plastic-free Mascara and Other Cosmetics from T.W.I.N.K. Beauty

Mascara. It’s been the downfall of many a plastic-free blogger. For Envirowoman, the very first plastic-free blogger who inspired me back in 2007, mascara was the one thing that made her break her plastic-free pledge. Taina Uitto of Plastic Manners, on the other hand, discovered the joy of going without mascara. Personally, I have never been a big fan of mascara in the first place, but I know that many women (and some men) won’t leave the house without it. So I was psyched to learn (via several readers of this blog) about the lash tint from T.W.I.N.K. Beauty, a cake mascara that comes in a metal tin.

03/28/2012 UPDATE:  Special Offer from T.W.I.N.K. Beauty to readers: If you are ordering for the first time, use coupon code “noplastic” to get 10% off your first order.  If you have already ordered from T.W.I.N.K. Beauty in the past, use coupon code “noplasticagain” to get 15% off your next order!

T.W.I.N.K. Beauty lash paint

As you can see, the only plastic involved is the reusable mascara brush.  After you receive the first one, you can request “no brush” for future orders. And if you already have a round mascara wand from a previous tube of mascara, you can use that instead and skip buying a new plastic lash brush.

Here are the ingredients: purified water, aloe vera, candelilla wax, acacia gum, iron oxides, vitamin e, vitamin c, grapefruit seed extract, and potassium sorbate. Plugging the ingredients into the Skindeep Cosmetics Database returns a preliminary low hazard rating of 2. And T.W.I.N.K. Beauty says that the product is vegan and not tested on anyone but themselves.

Now, cake mascara does take a little practice to apply. Or maybe it doesn’t. Maybe I wear mascara so rarely that I need practice to apply any form of the stuff. But for the benefit of humanity, I did try it out this morning. Here are my lashes before:

T.W.I.N.K. Beauty lash paint

Applying the mascara:

T.W.I.N.K. Beauty lash paint

And after:

T.W.I.N.K. Beauty lash paint

I’ve been wearing the mascara all day today, and it has not flaked or smeared. It did rub off on my droopy lid when I first put it on this morning, and I realized I needed to let it dry. Once it dries, it doesn’t smudge. And it will wash off with gentle soap.

(By the way, that is my right eye. My nose is on the right side of the photo. The more I stare at these eye photos, the weirder they look.)

T.W.I.N.K. Beauty also makes lovely lip,  eye, cheek, and face colors in metal tins. I adore the “mauvelous” cream lip color:

T.W.I.N.K. lip tint

If you decide to order products from T.W.I.N.K. Beauty, be sure and specify that you don’t want any plastic packaging. They will be happy to comply with your request.

Do you have a favorite plastic-free cosmetics company or Etsy shop?  Please share.  I’ve discovered several more cool ones that I’ll review in the next few weeks.

Disclosure:  T.W.I.N.K. Beauty sent me samples of mascara and lip color to review for this post.  I did not receive any other compensation.

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skincare thailand
10 years ago

Thank you for sharing your stuff on blog.

11 years ago

(The etsy shop is on vacation atm) but raw and gentil, ingredients are all cold pressed, organic, and CO2 derived opposed to distilled, so more potency. Her skincare line is lovely. There are others but by far this is as green as I’ve seen. They have a recycling program. Phoenix Botanicals (also on etsy) has gorgeous lip balms packaged in biodegradable paper tubes! :)Those are all I can think of for nowHope you like

Beth Terry
11 years ago
Reply to  oliviarg098

I just checked and it seems the T.W.I.N.K. Beauty Etsy shop is up and running, so maybe it was a short vacation.

11 years ago
Reply to  Beth Terry

I was referring to the Raw and Gentil Etsy shop. But it’s good to know T.W.I.N.K. is open, I need a cake mascara..
I wonder if there’s a carbon black version available, like a very very black one

11 years ago

I am using this one:

I really like it so far!

11 years ago

I’m a fan of T.W.I.N.K. Beauty from way back! I actually sought them out because I was inspired by you, Beth. So, I guess it all comes full circle. :)

EmFox from Becoming Green
11 years ago

Man, I really need new mascara…this is SO tempting!

11 years ago

Bought Twink cake mascara a year ago. I dont often wear it so I wanted something dry. It doestake some practice but I like how it doesnt go on gloppy like the tube kind. Would buy it again.

Danger Kayutak
11 years ago

This is awesome! Mascara is the one thing I rarely leave the house without and although I have seen non-plastic alternatives for lipstick and other cosmetics this is the first for mascara that I have personally encountered. Can’t wait to try it!

11 years ago

The no-plastic is great but what I LOVE even more is that it doesn’t have all that crap that you can’t even pronounce in it!

Sarah Alys
11 years ago

Thanks for this! I’ve ordered a tin to see how I like it.

11 years ago

The one question that comes to mind is, how do you wipe the brush off so that it’s not clumpy? And afterwards, do you just wash the brush with water?

Sharyn Dimmick
11 years ago

I don’t wear make-up at all, Beth, but this post is a great service to those who do. Thanks.

11 years ago

Wow!!! This is BRILLIANT!! I still wear it, only when I go out now days though. Using it till it’s totally manky or someone gives me an old one. I think it’s good to try not look to rough, (I can look pretty rough!) or people will think going plastic free involves looking a mess. But here we go, looking lovely the plastic free way!!

Good Girl Gone Green
11 years ago

Thanks, Beth! I am so looking into this!

11 years ago

I tried TWINK’s mascara a couple months ago, and you’re not alone in it being difficult to apply! I don’t think I’ll purchase it again, just because I’m blonde, which means super light, thin, short eye lashes, and I’m used to using very black mascara to make them look very thick and long. That’s not possible with this. But if you’re just going for a milder enhancement and color, I’d definitely recommend trying it. I also do like their lip gloss.

Sarah – Honeybee Gardens does that for their foundation (and all their stuff is natural and no-animal-testing) (and it’s great foundation for my skin type!). You can buy a compact and power puff separately, and the foundation comes in a metal base that you pop into the compact, which has a magnet to hold it in. It is packaged in plastic, but just a large enough container to hold it, no extra wrapping or anything, WAY less plastic than buying a new compact every time. I also remember in high school when my mom bought Mary Kay makeup that their eye shadows worked like that. I doubt their makeup is as friendly though.

11 years ago

Wow. I have to try this. I wonder if it is tear proof?

11 years ago

Another option may be the lash tint and/or curl. Most likely there is some plastic involved and perhaps some not so good chemicals ( I haven’t done a thorough investigation) but the good thing is you only need to get it done every 8 weeks or so. Personally I LOVE it! You have bedroom eyes whether you just stepped out of the shower, took a dip in the pool, or cried during that sappy movie. No smearing. No smudging. Just curly black eyelashes. Plus it saves you a bit of time in the morning as no mascara is needed.

11 years ago

FABULOUS Beth! I know this dates me but I remember my mom using cake mascara.

I all but stopped using mascara because of the chemicals. It made my eyes burn, itch and red. T.I.N.K. is a great alternative.

Several months ago I began using Maia’s Minerals mineral mascara and I really like it but it does come in a plastic tube : ( I’ve not had trouble with Maia’s running or smearing even on my daily beach walks. No truly mineral mascara is waterproof so no cryin’ in your beer with this stuff. Bringing your tin with you for touch ups makes the most sense.

BTW, the mascara really does make your eyes “pop” . . .

Suzanne Meyer
11 years ago

Beth, Thanks for the great post, I also do not wear much makeup, but I am glad to know there are options out there if I should want to wear mascara. Will RT.

Sarah Johnson
11 years ago

Everything old is new again….

This is how my grandmother wore mascara. My mom told me stories of Grandma sitting at her vanity, putting on her cake mascara and rouge before going out. Back when cosmetics companies sold refills that you popped into your personal compact or lipstick tube (which is a great way to reduce packaging waste, why don’t they do it these days??). I have a couple of gorgeous vintage compact sets that sit empty and unused, but they are just so pretty to look at! Sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong decade….

Kanna Jones
11 years ago

This is wonderful! My most awaiting products are “Plastic-free, Vegan” cosmetics! I have been buying vegan cosmetics in glass jars, but most of lids are plastic. One products come in metal cans have honey, which is not vegan. My dilemma will be solved with this! Thank you for sharing this!

11 years ago

Here is another source for cake mascara in a tin. The brush that comes with it is different, but probably has a plastic handle and plastic-based bristles, but I’m not sure. I haven’t asked the seller about plastic-free packaging, but she was INCREDIBLY responsive to other requests, and has some of the best customer service I’ve ever encountered anywhere. Here’s the link:

11 years ago

Back where I started, LOL! Think I still have a nostalgia-collected Maybelline mascara brush. The big improvement in mascara post-Maybelline was waterproof–or at least resistant–product. Has TWINK anything to say about whether we can expect their mascara to run on a hot & sweaty day in a summer climate warmer than Berkeley?