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August 27, 2012

Made-On Hard Lotion & Hair Product Review

A few nights ago, while cleaning out the pile of stuff that has collected once again by my desk, I found a box of MadeOn Lotion products that the owner, Renee Harris, sent me to review in the beginning of this year and which sadly ended up at the bottom of the giant pile of stuff by my desk, unopened and unappreciated.

I have to apologize to Renee because she emphasizes the freshness of her products and is probably horrified to know that they’ve been sitting here for so long.  But I have to say that even after waiting unopened for 6 months, these products are still wonderful and smell great.

Packaging:  All of the products in this review come in recyclable/reusable metal tins with no plastic.  And they were shipped to me with only tissue paper and cardboard and without plastic shipping tape.  Make sure you specify zero plastic packaging when placing an order, and Renee will be happy to comply with your request.

Lotion Products

MadeOn Bee Silk hard lotion contains only 3 ingredients:  beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil.  It’s a solid lotion bar wrapped in wax paper inside its metal tin.  You rub the bar on your skin, and it softens with your body temperature.

MadeOn Bee Silk Junior lotion contains less beeswax than the hard lotion, so it’s softer and is better for babies and those with extra sensitive skin.

MadeOn Diaper Rash Cream contains coconut oil, beeswax, and zinc oxide (the active ingredient in Desitin), and it can be used on any rashes, not just babies’.

Hair Product

The product I’m particularly excited about is the Second Life Hair Butter.   For years, I have been sparingly using up a glass container of Product hair styling aid, which I love, as it works really well to tame my frizzies, contains only 5 ingredients (shea butter, beeswax, aloe vera gel, vitamin E, and tangerine essential oil), and comes in glass.  The problem is that it also has a thick plastic lid, so it’s not entirely plastic-free.  Second Life Hair Butter, on the other hand, comes in a metal tin with no plastic, and it only contains 4 ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, and orange essential oil.  It works just as well as Product and makes my hair smell great.



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10 years ago

Hi again,

Since no one has posted after me yet and since I can’t figure out a way to edit my comment, I am posting again so that I can add a question and a comment:

Are the lotions packaged in aluminum, or in steel? (I test with a magnet if I’m not sure). I don’t use products packaged in aluminum, so if they are packaged that way, then I withdraw my submission.

Otherwise, the lotions sound great for my hands, which crack and bleed if I do not keep them constantly moisturized. Sorry if that is TMI but these lotions sounds great and I will look into them further (okay, enough pleading. I’ve stated my case). In any case, thanks for bringing them to my attention.


10 years ago


I am thinking about donating to the Aimee Copeland Fund. My husband and I have been talking about donating to a charity but have not decided on which one yet, and I am going to run that by him and see what he thinks. Normally he prefers to help kids, like Make A Wish, but I keep thinking about Aimee’s situation.

Also, I will be mailing some lotions to my sister that did not work out for me — great lotions, but the scents triggered migraines for me even though the scents were natural. (My sister doesn’t have the problem with migraines).

If I win a lotion here, I would be happy with any of the three — I have mild eczema and live in the desert to boot, so my hands get very dry. I would love any of the three. I see that the lotions do not contain any added scents; plus I already use the ingredients that are contained in those lotions (i.e., in other products that I use), so I know that I do not have a problem with the natural scents of any of those ingredients…. and it sounds like a wonderful combination to moisturize and heal dry skin.

Thanks! :-)

11 years ago

I am cleaning out a closet and am giving stuff that does not fit to the AKF.
The junior lotion sounds good to me;
Thank you!

11 years ago

This week I’ll be giving away fresh eggs my wonderful chickens have laid as well as some extra produce from my garden! I LOVE lotion and also think the hair butter sounds great….I’d love to get to Burning Man someday….hope you have a great time.

weft hair weave
11 years ago

I would like the body bar:-)

Barbara Bitondo
11 years ago

This looks really nice! I have been making my own lotions and salves from infused (not essential) oils and beeswax for several years. I use the glass jars and metal pots again and again. Less trash in My Plastic-free Life !!!

11 years ago

1. I will donate clothing I no longer wear to goodwill so others who need it can get it.

2. I would like the body bar:-)

11 years ago

Thumbs up on the burning man adventure, I have always wanted to attend.

I am an artist and this week I am giving away my graphic design skills in an ad I am creating for a friend that is looking for electrical work since loosing his job. The minute I told him I would do his ad for free, he sent me a potential customer for house cleaning, which I do some of now as I am also looking for work. I will also be giving away my time and creativity taking pics and measurements of items my friend, who is a hair dresser and lost her shop, wants to sell on craigslist, and posting them for her. I would love any poison free plastic free product and I also have naturally curly/frizzy hair so I might check out the hair butter myself at a later date.

I subscribe to your inspiration on facebook. Your site is a world of info.

Thank you,

11 years ago

1) I will give away a set of dishes
2) I would like the hair butter.

11 years ago

I will be giving away baby clothes and stuff. It’s just constant as the little guy grows! I think there’s a great culture of giving in the world of small babies.
I would like that junior lotion.

11 years ago

I hadn’t heard of Burning Man, though I’m looking into it now. I was also directed to a friend’s adventure in non-attachment when she did a 365 release ( ), where she gave something away every day for a year. It was beautiful to read her thoughts and struggles with attachment to objects and I try to do something similar as often as I can.

I would love any of the products (except the diaper cream – baby is out of diapers now). And in the next week, I plan to give away a most cherished book to a friend in need of inspiration (and as an exercise in my own non-attachment).

Bronx, NY

11 years ago

I would love all 3 products, or any of the three. Though very keen on the diaper cream, as I do have a 16 month old in cloth diapers.

As for giving away, we are giving away lots this week. Have been cleaning the basement and so far have to give away:
– 4 snowsuits for the snowsuit fund
– electrical bits and bobs for a computer re-use it store
– clothes and shoes for a clothing exchange on thursday ( this is technically a swap, I suppose)
– lots of stuff on the curb for passers-by to look at

curious to hear about your experiences at burning man!

Ashley Myers
11 years ago

I am giving away a bottle of OraWellness Brushing Blend to a friend at work who has never been able to find a toothpaste to suit her needs.

I wish I could attend burning man, I’ve always wanted to go, but can’t ever afford the tickets or to take the time off of work.

I would be really happy with either the junior lotion or the diaper rash cream.

Susan White
11 years ago

I’m giving away some hats and mitts that I knit to a local shelter. With fall soon upon us the shelters will be looking for items like this. Thanks for the chance to win. I’ve just discovered your blog after watching “Bag It”.

Susan White
11 years ago

I’m giving away hats and mitts which I knit to a local shelter. With fall soon upon us, the shelters will be looking for items like this. I’m also giving my sister help as she moves to a new house this Tuesday. Thanks for the chance to win. I’ve just discovered your blog after watching “Bag It”.

11 years ago

I am giving away a bunch of sheets to a thrift store. Actually, that’s just this month’s pile. I usually have a pile of stuff to re-home going. The trick is finding the group that will take this month’s pile.

The lotions, both regular and junior, sound fabulous. I’m allergic to just about everything commercially made so I’m always looking for a better lotion.

11 years ago

In the spirit of Burning Man, (since I sadly cannot attend this year) I have been giving away gifts to my friends and coworkers. I work at a health food market and have provided honey from the apiary at my house to the bakers. My father gifted me the honey in exchange for all my help with extracting it and working on the bees. I have been making buttons and giving them to the crafty, sweet, older ladies that come into the store. I also have been sewing purses (which is quite time-consuming so I don’t give them away as frequently as other gifts) but I have given them to a couple of my friends who are celebrating birthdays. I have also given ample time and love to a dear friend who is going through a divorce.

Whether I win or not, thank you for your generosity here and to the Burning Man community.

I would love to own either one of the lotions.

11 years ago

I’m giving away some stuff from my mother-in-law’s estate. It’s been a slow process, sorting through all her things, but I’m approaching another round of purging — either by donating to goodwill or giving items to people I know.

The products all sound wonderful. I’d be happy with any.

11 years ago

Am giving my daughters’ outgrown clothes away before school starts. For the first time, the clothes are not sitting in a plastic garbage bag, waiting to be dropped off at Goodwill. We went fabric this year, and I’ll bring them home. Hmmm, maybe to encourage people to use them, I should donate them. I’d love the Second Life Hair Butter or the Bee Silk hard lotion.

Stef R
11 years ago

I have been giving away my advice to people on using less plastic and watching the chemicals in any products bought. My 6-year-old and I also have been cleaning out our house and giving stuff to donation for those that don’t have what they need and ridding our lives of excess. She loves to donate her things thinking of another child that may not have many toys or clothes. My choice would be the MadeOn Bee Silk Junior lotion for my 6-year-old’s terribly sensitive skin. Thank you!

As a side note we are going to be going to Ted’ Bar & Grill (owned by Ted Turner) in Bozeman, MT this weekend and they state their restaurant is 99% plastic free!!! My daughter & I are so excited!

Kimberly P
11 years ago

I’m giving away my time. We just moved from California to Long Island. It’s been a hard move, and I’m not able to teach this year. I miss it so much, and I decided instead of feeling sorry for myself and keeping all of my teaching materials in boxes, I’m going to volunteer at a local elementary school. I know the teachers always need the extra help, and I can’t wait to be with the kids again.
I’d love to try either lotion. Thanks!

Beth DeSombre
11 years ago

I’m giving away vegan boots that are just a little too small (and making sure they go to someone who actually wants them for their animal-free nature — any small-footed vegans out there want to send me a holler? (boots are size 6). Plus I always return books I’ve read to the book give-and-take section of our (amazing) town dump; next set going back there tomorrrow.

My first choice would be the junior lotion; second choice the other lotion, and third choice the rash cream.

11 years ago

I am giving away fabric to a group of women “Canada Comforts” who make clothing and quilts for children in war-torn countries. I would prefer to win lotions. I think you are amazing to become plastic free, it is not an easy accomplishment. I am trying.

11 years ago

I gave away clothes and a pair of barely worn shoes to a local place similar to Goodwill. Just commenting, don’t need the giveaways!

11 years ago

Am giving away purses, shoes, jeans and sweaters to Goodwll this week, and books to our library, also recycle used paperbacks to our local used bookstore and they off me the same price in different books. Its a win win for everyone I would love to win the lotions as I perfer to use only natural products and these sound amazing and earth friendly. Thanks for the opportunity. I do not use social media at all so will not link to social media. I enjoy your blog and follow you by email.

Jamie B
11 years ago

Just linked-linked-linked to your blog from…somewhere, and I’m quite enjoying my tour of it.

We’re in the process of cleaning up and clearing out, so I have a few things I plan to Freecycle in the next week or two–clothes, some baby stuff, etc.

I’d love to try the hard lotion, the baby lotion, or the hair butter.

Thrifty Household
11 years ago

Have fun at ‘Burning Man’- I’ve heard that it’s great!

11 years ago

I am a teacher, and we went back to school this week. I have a few students who do not have enough money for school supplies, so I will be buying them some supplies to get them started for the year.
I really appreciate your time and effort in getting the word out about being plastic free. I recently read the book, and I have been very excited to find areas where I can reduce my plastic use. Getting back into the school year has been a real eye-opener about how much plastic we use (and waste) in our classrooms… yikes!!!
The junior lotion sounds great! Hope you had a great time this week!

11 years ago

The junior lotion or hair butter sound wonderful! I love to cook and give out homemade breads and goodies. Have some ripe bananas that are begging to become banana bread! Thinking I’ll bake some up and give a loaf to an unsuspecting neighbor. :) Thanks for all you do, love the website.

11 years ago

I have a whole bag of goodies that are either going to Goodwill or to the local garage sale. I really don’t know how I collect so many needless things!

I would love to try any of them! I love the idea of chemical free hair care but I also LOVE lotion bars! No baby though…so save that for a little one ;) Have a good time!

11 years ago

I am giving away clothes to goodwill this week. I like either lotions. omg, my sister is going to BM this year too!

11 years ago

I’m volunteering at my local community college’s pottery class starting tomorrow. I had a great teacher and want to make beginning wheel throwing less frustrating for this new crop of students. I hope they’ll love pottery as much as I do!

Pottery is really hard on my hands, which are sometimes so dry they crack afterwards. I’d love the hard lotion bar.

Lindsay N
11 years ago

Love the blog– I’m always looking for more practical ways to reduce my footprint & reduce plastic use.

1. I ‘m giving away several things this week, including some clothing items from my closet and a book to a good friend who wants it.

2. Of the products, I’d most like to try both of the hard lotions and the hair butter (although I know you’re keeping that one– it must be amazing!). I have wavy/curly hair and keep trying to find a product that will help me walk that fine line between frizziness and stiff curls. :)

Thanks for a lovely giveaway!

11 years ago

fabric–a roomful of what i have never gotten around to sewing–to friends and then the thrift store. plus several large plant-pots to my granny, because she’s better at watering than i. helped one friend give a concert ticket to another friend.
junior bee lotion, please!

11 years ago

Hi Beth. I just discovered your blog through living green magazine and can’t wait to read your book. I am a single mother of 2 young boys and we are in the process of switching over to a plastic-free household. We are giving away 2 reusable bags of clothes, shoes, toys and books– to friends who have younger children. We do this every season. We shop at goodwill and focus on reduce/reuse/recycle all the time. We would love to win the give-away, because the products sound great and we can use them and re-use the containers at our house. Thanks so much for raising awareness about plastics and how to end the addiction. My boys loved your funny plastic “costume” in your video. It is empowering for my boys to know we can change our habits and help change the world for the better. Thanks!! And keep up the good work! :)

11 years ago

I’m a poet, and I’ll be “giving” my words to my community this weekend as I participate in a reading at a local pub, featuring writers from my university. Hopefully my audience will receive as much from my work as I’ll receive through their support (oops–does that count as compensation?). I’m also giving up a full day of work on Friday to go fishing with my boyfriend – something he loves – which is the least I can give him, considering he’s just given me the ultimate gift of moving across the country to end our long-distance relationship! And I’d be happy to try any of the lotions. Thanks!

11 years ago

Definitely want to enter this giveaway – the lotions sound awesome and I’d love either or both of them. This week I’ll be giving my sister boxes to use in an upcoming move. The boxes are all from Freecycle or rescued from a cardboard recycling dumpster. It’s nice to save resources and money at the same time!

11 years ago

As I try to to every week, I’ll be giving away part of my wardrobe. A pair of walking shoes and 4 or 5 tops and some skirts. If I bring something new into the house I have to get rid of 2-3 things. I think I’d like to try the Bee Silk. Thanks!

11 years ago

I’m giving away some homemade soup to my neighbors and giving my time to assist with a community art project.

11 years ago
Reply to  SusanK

Oops….to add – I’d like to try the Bee Silk Hard Lotion and the Hair Butter. Thanks!

11 years ago

I am giving away my time and care as I will be taking care of a friend’s dog for three days. This dog wakes up at 6:30. So, I suppose I am giving up something too: my love for sleeping in.
I would like the Bee silk hard lotion. Thanks!

11 years ago

This week I’m going to keep giving away any extra food that I cook to my new housemates! I know full well that they’ll do the same for me if they’re making something tasty. But my ingredients, of course, are all bought at good ol’ Berkeley Bowl in reusable totes and reusable mesh produce bags.I’d like the hard lotion, myself. I’ll probably pass it on to one of the many ladies I live with and then ask for the tin back afterwards. I’d love to use it to hold baking soda, which I recently started using instead of deodorant as-per your suggestion!

11 years ago

This week I’m going to keep giving away any extra food that I cook to my new housemates! I know full well that they’ll do the same for me if they’re making something tasty. But my ingredients, of course, are all bought at good ol’ Berkeley Bowl in reusable totes and reusable mesh produce bags. : )

11 years ago

I just cleaned my kids closet, and I have 3 bags of clothes to give. I will give each bag to a different friend. I found this blog 2 weeks ago, and I’m straggling with this plastic free life idea.

I have 2 kids and a small baby, and plastic is everywhere, I still have a long way to go. I would be happy to get the diaper rush cream for may baby. and may it symbolize the beginning of a new way.

11 years ago

This week I will continue to give “time” to a friend, upset about a big decrease in her Social Security income. This can take hours, as she thinks through how she will reduce her expenses, something she is unaccustomed to. I don’t have the resources to assist her financially, but can gently impart my frugal life style.

With occasional rashes, perhaps from radiation for cancer, I would be interested in the baby salve (for me – no longer a baby).

Eco novice
11 years ago

I have a huge box of pears I bought from a farm and I’ll be giving away pears all week to everyone I know because there is no way we can eat them all ourselves. All three products sound great to me! I’ll have to check and see if Madeon has a conditioner of some sort. I really like the idea of a lotion bar — will definitely be checking these out.

Jamie B
11 years ago

This week I am giving my friend Marian emotional support as she goes through a tough time in her marriage. (I’m also giving everyone 30% off on Etsy, if that counts.)
That Silk Junior lotion sounds amazing; I am definitely going to check out her shop!

11 years ago

This week I am giving my boyfriend massages as he’s back at another year of grad school and is very stressed out about teaching.
I would be thrilled to win the hard lotion or junior lotion (and try to get the boyfriend to use it as he uses Vaseline on his skin *shudders*).

11 years ago

I actually just gave a paper bag full of newborn baby clothes away to a young couple that my brother knows. I would be happy with any one of the products you’re giving away :)

11 years ago

Ditto, Emz – I’m going to be travelling for 3 months and while weaning down what I will take for clothes, I will finally be donating all of that stuff I haven’t worn in sooooo long. Finally also making a small monetary contribution to our city’s animal services department whose staff has been reduced to 3 people for a city of 3 million residents!!! Would love to try the MadeOn Bee Silk hard lotion.

11 years ago

I like to cycle through clothes a LOT, it’s sort of a shopping addiction. But I give away a pile of clothes once every 2 months or so in addition to only shopping thrift, so I can give my monetary support as well as donations of gently used clothes. I know its not much, but as a student with low-income, I consider this doing my part the best way I can.