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September 5, 2013

I wish I’d known about EcoJarz when I wrote my book


Okay, speaking of brewing coffee in a mason jar, there are a couple of companies that want to make it easier for you to drink your coffee from a mason jar as well. Back in 2011 when I was writing my book Plastic-Free, I heard about a product called Cuppow that lets you add a reusable drink lid to a mason jar to reduce the need to buy a whole travel mug. I thought it was a cool idea to reduce consumption of brand new stuff, so I mentioned it in the book. But I wasn’t thrilled that it was made from plastic, which is probably why I never reviewed it on this blog… that and the fact that it was shipped to me in plastic bubble packaging.


Plus, I already have a travel mug with a plastic lid. I’m looking for something better.


So I was really happy a few months ago to stumble across a stainless steel alternative at Berkeley’s Ecology Center Store: EcoJarz lids.


EcoJarz come in two sizes to fit different sizes of canning jars. Neither will fit the ubiquitous spaghetti sauce jars we have in our house, but I did find a couple of jars in the cupboard that will work.


I’ll have to wait until this one is empty.


You also have to provide the ring to hold the lid in place, but if you do a lot of canning, you will have them on hand.

You know how you hear about something and then suddenly you see it everywhere? Only a few days after discovering this product at the Ecology Center, I noticed my local cafe, Highwire Coffee, was using them for pouring sugar. Pretty clever.


There are other stainless steel products for sale on the EcoJarz site, as well as mason jars with handles. Check them out.

(I received nothing for writing this post, by the way, in case you were wondering.)

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5 years ago

How do you know what band size with which cap and does the metal get hot with hot coffee?

9 years ago

After many months of trying to find the perfect travel mug, I recently had an epiphany: I don’t need one! I enjoy my hot beverages at home or patronize the coffee shop that offers ceramic coffee mugs. Problem solved.

Plastic-Free Ericka Moderator
10 years ago

These look pretty snazzy!

10 years ago

I just asked Ramin of if he would carry EcoJarz. If not, I will. Thanks for posting that photo of me! And thanks for letting me be an Earth Guardians groupie. You know you’re an eco nerd when your best times at Burning Man are hanging out…

Beth Terry
10 years ago

Hi Moop Monster! I’ll email you soon. And don’t be surprised if you see a picture of yourself in my next blog post. By any chance are you on Facebook?

Eco novice
10 years ago

A lovely little accessory for the amazing mason jar. So cool that they make a metal one.

Tyler H
10 years ago

Greetings from the Moop Monster!
Hi Beth,
Glad you are back safe from Burning Man. I hope you had good company for Exodus.
My offer on the playa was serious: I will make an appropriate “plastic” outfit for you. However, we need to talk a bit more about your objective, as other designs may be better suited to your needs than the “garbage ghillie” I was wearing on the playa.
Please contact me — you have my email in your notes.

Tophat aka “The Moop Monster”

here is a slightly scrambled version of one of my emails to jog your memory

bizmail dot public at geeemail

10 years ago

@jp They do sell stainless straws that fit the lids if the glass ones don’t, I would check with them. Personally I hate the taste of metal in my mouth so would have to stick to glass or sliicone.

10 years ago

Putting a hot beverage in a glass jar isn’t going to feel good on the hands nor is it going to keep it hot for long . . . I’ll stick with my insulated Kleen Kanteen that is AMAZING! My arborist husband has dropped in non-insulated Kleen Kanteen from as high as 75 feet and although it’s plenty dented, it’s still in use after several years!

10 years ago

I’m so glad to see you mention the Cuppow. I personally HATE that product (I mean, I know it’s better than other options–but it’s still an argument about the lesser of two evils–which I don’t believe leads to truly sustainable decision making). I exclusively drink coffee from glass. I usually drink coffee a mason jar, but recently I have been drinking from an old spaghetti sauce jar, since the mouth opening is smaller. However, now that I see there is this EcoJarz cap, I may switch back.
By the way, have you SEEN the “How it all Began” video about the Cuppow. Hilarious! If only I actually thought it was cool.

10 years ago

Thanks so much for sharing, this is definitely something I can use! Question – I use the glass dharma glass straws (which are thicker than plastic) to drink both hot and cold beverages, do you think they’d fit through the opening in this lid? I think the straws measure 9.5mm on the outside.

10 years ago

Good idea. Am wondering though if the lid gets hot if you are drinking coffee.

10 years ago

Oh yay! They ship internationally! Great find. Thanks for sharing.

Beth Terry
10 years ago

You’re welcome!!!

10 years ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you!