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November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Dinner with Less Plastic


What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Michael and I are going to a potluck feast at the home of our friends David and Nancy. Our contributions will be baked yams, mashed potatoes, and a persimmon orange pomegranate salad. And nearly all of the ingredients will be plastic-free:

Salad greens, orange, pomegranate, persimmon, lemon, yams, and potatoes are from the farmers market.



Other ingredients like pecans, brown sugar, olive oil, and vinegar are from bulk bins in our own containers.


The only ingredients with plastic are the milk and butter for the potatoes; however, they’ll be nearly plastic-free. St. Benoit local, organic milk, which comes in a returnable glass bottle with a metal cap (a little plastic inside the cap and small plastic seal around the bottle neck) and Straus local, organic butter (I’m actually not sure what the paper wrapper is coated with… I need to ask them.)

We’ll prepare and transport the food using non-plastic, reusable containers… I’m thinking a big metal bowl covered with a plate for the salad and glass casserole dishes with lids for the yams and potatoes… and then bring our dishes home when we’re done.

Tomorrow I’m going to try out a new/old non-plastic salad spinner I purchased second or thirdhand from someone on Etsy. I’ll take pictures and blog about it afterwards.

There won’t be any need to bring reusable utensils or dishes or glasses because Nancy and David are not the type to use disposables at their party. But if I were going somewhere I wasn’t sure of, I’d bring them along just in case.

I realize there are lots of other foods that make up a Thanksgiving dinner.  Michael and I are just bringing three dishes.

I also realize that not everyone has access to a farmer’s market in November.

What are you guys having for dinner? And what will you do to reduce the amount of plastic waste you produce?

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9 years ago

I like it
thanks for giving it

Nicole Z
9 years ago

I made dinner rolls from scratch using eggs from a cardboard carton and flour that came in a paper carton. I purchased no new plastic to make the rolls. My family used reusable plates and utensils. Overall, I believe it was a pretty low-plastic Thanksgiving! My goal is to make Christmas the same way.