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Mountain Rose Herbs
February 9, 2014 - 3:30 pm

I don’t know if anyone here orders from them, but I have heard nothing but good things about Mountain Rose Herbs, so decided to purchase some beeswax (in bar form) from them, as well as some small glass jars to make hand salve.  The company also sells a variety of herbs and essential oils.  Much to my disappointment, my order included a large amount of plastic packaging.  I sent them an email to express my concern, and they replied.  I am including both letters, but am unsure of where to go from here.  I really did receive an inordinate amount of plastic packaging (each beeswax bar was wrapped in a plastic wrapper, tons of plastic peanuts, etc), but they seem to downplay it…




I purchased beeswax and some small glass jars from your company in December in order to make hand salve and lip balm. I (as well as the recipients of the salve) were incredibly impressed with the quality of your products.  Your company does such a great job of providing high quality, organic ingredients.

I was disappointed, however, when I received my package by the large amount of plastic packaging that was included. I thought that by ordering a solid bar of beeswax I would avoid any plastic packaging that might be present in the pastilles, but each bar was wrapped in its own individual plastic bag. There was also an abundance of plastic wrap encasing the box of glass jars.

Plastic pollution is a significant problem facing our planet, and I, as I’m sure others who are ordering from your company, am trying to reduce the amount of disposable plastic waste I generate. As your company presents itself as one that is Earth-minded, I would hope that you would be a leader in finding alternative packaging solutions.  Recycled packing paper seems like it would be just as good of an option as a packing material.

I appreciate your time and attention to this matter, and hope that you are able to seek more sustainable packaging practices. Until then, I will no longer be able to order from your company.

Thank you,





Hello Elizabeth,

Thank you for contacting us and for sharing your concerns regarding the
packaging of your order! 

I did want to take a moment and touch base with you regarding the plastic
pouches used in our packaging. The “air pillows” we are using are both
bio-degradable and fully recyclable; in addition we have a very compact, low
energy machine that fills the pillows as needed right here in our shipping
department! This eliminates the need to have them trucked to us and requires
no storage space at all. 

These air pillows weigh considerably less than the green paper we pack with,
which also helps in our efforts to try to keep shipping costs down, whilst
working within our sustainability beliefs.  We are also in the process of
starting to use the bubble wrap pouches (bags) with self sealing tops which
eliminate the need for extra packing tape; these are made from the same
completely biodegradable bubble wrap we have always used. Our highly trained
shipping staff packages all materials in the most efficient way to ensure
that your package arrives to your door in pristine condition.  

Unfortunately, It is not easy to predict what conditions the package will
need to travel through as we ship all over the country so it is more
efficient for us, as well as our customers, to take this extra step  with
the packaging our products, to eliminate returned items due to damage. While
some of the choices may not seem sustainable on the surface, our
environmental impact is of top priority to us through every step of our
business and all of these options have been carefully considered by our
operations managers, department heads, owners, and staff combined.  We are
constantly striving to find new ways to ensure that we are meeting our
sustainability goals while meeting our customers’ expectations. 

All of our packaging and shipping material is tediously screened by other
green businesses who work within the same paradigm as Mountain Rose Herbs.
We use recycled post-consumer newsprint to fill the voids of your parcel,
the boxes we use for shipping your order are made from 100% post-consumer
corrugation material, the plastic bubble wrap we use to cushion merchandise
during transit is manufactured from 100% post-consumer plastic resin, and
for our larger customers that order pallet quantities, you will notice that
the stretch film for your shipment is a green hue and this is because it is
manufactured from a plant based resin and is 100% bio-compostable

I am more than happy to pass your concerns along to our product managers and
shipping managers for consideration in our practices. 

I hope that this helps explain our packaging a little and please let us know
if you have any further questions or concerns. 

Have a fantastic day!    

Anna | Customer Service

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