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Letter writing help
Giving it a go
January 26, 2013 - 3:09 pm



I was just wondering if someone can cast a quick eye over a letter before I send it.  Often if I send a letter after I´m always thinking: Did that sound ok?  Should I of said this or not said that?! Was it the wrong time of the month & does it show?! Was my spelling so bad even spell check didn´t find it!  That kind of thing! So any thoughts or corrections so this one makes an impact would be much appreciated. 

Thank you.

I writing to congratulate you on the recent series of Strictly Come Dancing for a couple of reasons.  1. Because as usual it was a great show!  But this year it had an extra dimension with Darcy on the panel.  There were many things that were brilliant, Denise’s show dance being a personal favourite. 

But there was another thing and this is the reason I am writing:   This year when the dancers finished their dances they were not waving their packaged water in the air like in seasons previous.   
I wrote to you on a number of occasions about this last year and was wondering if it was a coincidence?  I´m not sure.  But I do know that one less appearance of packaged water being portrayed as normal on the BBC is brilliant.  As I discussed in my e-mails last year, single use plastic is a huge – one of the biggest – problems our Oceans are currently facing.  So to have taken it away from a prime time slot is a great move by the BBC.  I understand backstage they are still being used, but at least they are not being advertised. 
Maybe for the 2013 series the BBC could go one step further…. With providing the dancers, even the crew with stainless steel bottles with lids, that they could easily refill.  For both back stage and the training rooms?
But for now, I just wanted to write to say thank you.  Every Sunday we were surprised when yet again packaged water didn´t show up, brilliant! 
Giving it a go
January 26, 2013 - 3:10 pm

Sorry about the interesting fonts going on!  I won´t do that!

Beth Terry
409 Posts
January 27, 2013 - 10:31 pm

I think it’s great. We sometimes forget to thank companies that do the right thing. It’s great that you thanked them and then asked them to go further.

Giving it a go
January 28, 2013 - 12:05 pm


Thank you Beth.  I´ll send it as it is. 

Yes it´s the BBC.  The biggest TV channel in the UK and it doesn´t advertise, people pay for it. But as bottle water has become so “normal” it was being shown all the time.  Waved about in the air like a trophy.  They explained that it didn´t have a name on, but I said that wasn´t the point. Packaged water is a product and they were advertising it – constantly. Quite a few letters went back & forth… 


But not this year!  No trophies after the dances. Yeahhhh!  Made my viewing much more enjoyable I have to say!  Now for the training room coverage….

I´ll let you know the response to the above letter when I get it. 

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